13 March 2019

Exclusive – Leader of the Confederation of Scottish Friends of Israel, Nigel Goodrich is a member of a Secret Fascist Facebook Group, the Jewish Defence Forces

Are the SWP/Stand up to Racism seriously going to welcome a racist organisation, headed by a Christian Fascist, onto an ‘anti-racist’ march this Saturday?

This video is about the Admin of Jewish Defence Forces FB Group, Mordechai Kedar, an ex Colonel in the IDF and a lecturer at Bar Ilan University - Kedar believes that it is right to rape Palestinian mothers and sisters of 'terrorists' to deter attacks. His views are widely supported in the Friends of Israel groups

Nigel Goodrich - Convenor of Confederation of Scottish Friends of Israel and member of fascist Facebook group

Mark Haringman and Paul Besser of Britain First

Less than a month ago I posted an article ‘Why is Stand Up To Racism and the SWP Welcoming Racist Zionist Groups onto an anti-racist march?’ The article detailed how known fascists such as Max Dunbar, ex-Treasurer of the BNP and now Treasurer of another fascist group, Britannica and Jimmy Robertson, former security chief of the BNP in the Highlands had been helping to run the Glasgow Friends of Israel (GFI) stall. When exposed COFIS purportedly distanced themselves from them.
Group Rules for the fascist JDF site

According to GFI Labour is a Nazi party!
Glasgow Friends of Israel congratulate the SWP/SUTR on making them feel welcome

Tommy Robinson and COFIS supporters even wear the same tee shirts
The BNP's Max Dunbar on left and Sammy Stein of GFI

The article also explained in copious detail how both Confederation of Friends of Israel in Scotland (COFIS) and GFI were extremely racist and reactionary. From promoting Katie Hopkins, the columnist who even the Daily Mail fired, having described refugees as ‘vermin’ to joking about rape and alleging that Razan al-Najar, the 21 year old victims of Israeli gunfire in Gaza had been a rape victim murdered by her own side.

COFIS boast how much Katie Hopkins loves Israel

GFI has previously called the Labour Party a Nazi party, Jeremy Corbyn anti-Semitic, ‘evil’, a Nazi and so on.

None of this however has deterred Scottish SUTR and the SWP from welcoming these Zionist organisations onto their march.  It is as if the SWP is incapable of making the connections between Zionism and racism against the Palestinians and racism in Britain. This despite the false anti-Semitism campaign of the Zionists to demonise and deligitimise Palestinians. Despite claiming to be Marxist the SWP do not understand that those who support the vilest anti-Palestinian racism might not be the best anti-racist allies in Britain.

GFI boast  how welcome the SWP have made them

The march is nearly upon us, this Saturday and the SWP/SUTR, is still sticking by COFIS and GFI and making them welcome on their march. If the past is anything to go by then the SWP are unlikely to change their minds.  When the SWP’s leadership dig their heels in then virtually nothing, moves them.

Paul Besser in rear with Paul Golding, leader of Britain 1st is member of Jewish Defence Forces FB page alongside Nigel Goodrich of COFIS

6 years ago, when the SWP were in the middle of a crisis over the rape and sexual harassment of women in the SWP (a woman who alleged she was raped and then traumatised by the SWP was unable to even speak in her own defence at a special conference called around the issue) the SWP leadership around Alex Callinicos circled the wagons.  At that time they preferred to defend a close colleague accused of rape and sack and victimise those who opposed what was happening (a daughter of a close friend of mine was dismissed from their employment) rather than change their line.

I therefore do not expect that the SWP, because that is who runs and controls SUTR will change their minds. The SWP leadership is never wrong, even when it is wrong! And when the line changes, as it did over working with the anti-Semitic Gilad Atzmon, the record of what happened previously is wiped clean much like Stalin’s airbrushing of Trotsky.

We have now obtained conclusive proof that the leader of the COFIS, Nigel Goodrich, is not only a Christian Fundamentalist but also a fascist

Nigel Goodrich is a member of a closed Facebook Group Jewish Defence Forces alongside other fascists.

Much of the information about the characters below can be obtained from my previous posts on these characters. All the following are also members.

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Paul Besser

Besser with British 1st Deputy Leader Jayda Fransen
Besser was on the demonstration for Tommy Robinson outside the Old Bailey when his appeal was being heard

Besser was former ‘Intelligence Officer’ for Britain First (despite his own lack of intelligence). He was more recently filmed on the demonstration outside the Royal Court of Justice in support of Tommy Robinson.  He is a paid up fascist and even mainstream Zionists prefer to keep him at far length. Not so Nigel Goodrich, the far-Right Evangelist who runs COFIS.

Simon Cobbs

Cobbs is a founder of Sussex Friends of Israel and someone who has previously been known to be close to both the EDL and the Kahanist Judeo-Nazi Jewish Defence League. His  avatar is that of a child although he is anything but. He was the one who organised a meeting with rape advocate Mordechai Kedar

Sharon Klaff

A South Africa Zionist who has a long pedigree of support for Apartheid – Israeli and South African. Her grandfather, a Revisionist Zionist was one of the few (if only) Jews who managed to get themselves interned in South Africa for Nazi sympathies!
Joseph Cohen
Of the Israel Advocacy Movement is a well known extreme Zionist.
Jonathan Hoffman

Hoffman with Roberta Moore of the neo-Nazi JDL besides him
Hoffman with the EDL's Kevin Carroll
Jonathan Hoffman with Britain 1st Besser and Gemma Sheridan of the JDL in between them

Formerly the Vice-Chair of the Zionist Federation before falling out with big mining capitalist Micky Davis (& virtually everybody else!). He is willing to work with any fascist or anti-Semite if they support Israel.  He even defended Kevin Myers, the Sunday Times columnist sacked for anti-Semitism after having said that Jews never knowingly undersold themselves. Even the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism criticised Myers.
Mark Haringman
Another Zionist fascist who works closely with Besser and the rest of the crewe is Mark Haringman. Originally hailing from Ireland where the Palestine solidarity movement is even stronger than in Britain! A generally nasty piece of work.
Robert de Jonge and Roberta Moore
These are fully paid up Jewish Nazis both being members of the Jewish Defence League, a group proscribed in the United States as a terrorist group.  They are Kahanists and even their fellow Zionists describe the group which they belong to (it used to be known as Kach) which believes Arab males who have sexual relations with Jewish women should be gaoled.  Ironically Jonge is himself non-Jewish!
Mark Lewis
The Zionist solicitor who has emigrated to Israel because he is a ‘victim’ of anti-Semitism and who was recently fined by the Solicitors Regulation Authority for telling people on Twitter to go and die. He is also a member of this Facebook group as well as Herut.
Mordechai Kedar
Kedar is a lecturer at Tel Aviv’s religious Bar Ilan University. He is the Administrator of the group and its founder. He achieved a certain notoriety when he proposed that one way to eliminate ‘terrorism’ was to rape the mothers and sisters of ‘terrorists’.  He held that this would be a deterrent given the ‘Arab mentality’ re the violation of women.  
In December 2014 Kedar was invited by Sussex Friends of Israel to speak to a meeting when he was touring Britain. According to the Jewish Chronicle in 2012  Kedar spoke at a conference alongside Tommy Robinson, then of the EDL, now of the Football Lads Alliance. Kedar not only urged White Europeans to have more babies but Muslims he declared were "multiplying - somebody said [like] rats". This is the kind of language Hitler used about the Jews but the SWP/SUTR apparently think that the leader of a group who keeps company with Kedar is fit to take part in an ‘anti-racist’ march.
David Collier
2 fascists together - Dr Brian, Tommy Robinson supporter and David Collier - associate of assorted fascists
David Collier, who poses as an independent researcher is in actual fact a far-Right Zionist, a supporter of Herut and an associate of Dr Brian, the main Israeli supporter of Tommy Robinson. Collier is also a member of this fascist Facebook group.  He is a vicious anti-Palestinian racist who denies even the existence of Palestinians or the refugees.

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