28 March 2019

Beyond Satire – Jonathan Hoffman Accuses the Crown Prosecution Service of ‘anti-Semitism’

Having threatened to sue anyone who accused him of having jumped bail, Hoffie turns up with fellow absconder Lenszner at Westminster Magistrates Court yesterday

The bravado and bluster seems to have deserted our Zionist duo

I have a confession to make. Something which would normally spell the end of a journalist’s career.  It is fortunate that the readers of this blog don’t pay my wages (although you could contribute to the cost of my new website!)* 
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As you will know, I first broke the story of Jonathan Hoffman and Daman Lenszner jumping bail. They failed to turn up at Westminster Magistrates Court on Monday to answer to charges of Common Assault, Assault by Beating & Threatening and Insulting Behaviour under s.4 Public Order Act.

Hoffman's first reaction to my story was to deny everything. He has plenty of practice at this.  His answer to any accusation of Israeli human rights abuses is a one word answer 'liar' sometimes supplemented by the word 'terrorist'. No matter how convincing the evidence we are liars, pure and simple. A child shot dead, an Israeli soldier with a smoking gun?  No problem, we are liars and terrorists. No need for any further conversation.

Hoffie threatened anyone repeating my allegations with being sued for libel and losing their home and assets! I therefore decided to interview him in the hope of obtaining his side of the story! However this was not possible as Hoffman had gone to ground.  I suspected that, being a good Zionist, he might have taken the rat run to Israel.
Someone trying to explain the basics of the law of defamation and that telling the truth can never be defamatory
Hoffie's first reaction to my story was to threaten anyone repeating what I had written with a writ for libel
I hesitate to admit this but in my article Arrest Warrant Issued for Jonathan Hoffman and Daman Lenszner by Westminster Magistrates Court Today I said that I had made contact with Hoffman and I printed out verbatim my exclusive interview (see below). 

I now have to confess that I made the whole interview up. Or rather I printed out what I imagined Hoffie would say if I had managed to collar him. Strictly speaking it wasn't true but I was certain that if I had managed to interview him then what I printed would have been an accurate reflection of his thoughts. I therefore acted with what might be called poetic license. The 'interview' was more prediction than fiction.  
Although Hoffie doesn't actually mention the words 'antisemitism' one can glean this from the fact that Hoffie believes that anti-Zionism is just a form of anti-Semitism
Knowing how Hoffie would accuse a dog that barked at him of ‘anti-Semitism’ I put words into his mouth and imagined that his defence would be that the CPS is ‘institutionally anti-Semitic’. Nonetheless I did wonder whether my suggestion would seem too implausible and outlandish.  Surely even Hoffie wouldn't accuse the Police and CPS, to say nothing of the Judiciary, of 'antisemitism' given the video evidence?

However what was a joke on my part on Monday became true a day later. It was as if Hoffie was determined to play the part of a cartoon caricature Zionist, reacting to everything with a one word answer 'antisemitism'.
The Jewish Chronicle's Report
My 'interview' with Jonathan Hoffman
‘The British legal system is institutionally anti-Semitic and this prosecution is a good example of this anti-Semitism. Daman and I were only going about our lawful business of harassing Palestinian protestors and it is outrageous that we are being called to account. We are calling for those who took the decision to prosecute to be sacked for gross anti-Semitism.  We are innocent. This is pure, undiluted Jew hate and the Judge who issued an arrest warrant is clearly an anti-semite too.'

What Jonathan Hoffman actually posted on his blog
Hoffman has repeatedly argued that antisemitism and anti-Zionism are one and the same thing, so when he accuses the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) of being institutionally anti-Israel he means anti-Semitic.

Little did I realise when I conducted the spoof interview that this was indeed going to be the line of defence that Hoffie would employ.  I can only promise never to make any more jokes about Zionists accusing people of anti-Semitism. No doubt if the postman is late with the mail they will accuse him of antisemitism!

Hoffie as we all know him
The reaction of Hoffman was all too-predictable. Firstly he denied the evidence. It was a lie, dreamt up by that anti-Semite Tony Greenstein. There was no warrant for his arrest and anyone who suggested otherwise would receive a libel writ. All that is except me and that is only because I do not have enough money to satisfy him and as anyone will tell you you can't get blood out of a stone.
David Collier leaps to Hoffie's defence by accusing the woman he assaulted, Sandrew Watta, of 'antisemitism'
His co-conspirator, Daman Lenszner, was even more emphatic.  He posted a comment on my blog which read:
‘No arrest warrant out for me. No charges brought against me. Nothing. Nada. Rien. Your lies are all in your head Greenstein. You need help.’
Lenszner issues a blank denial of being on the run or having broken bail
Daman told me that he had spent the previous night watching Spurs at White Hart Lane. Not once did plod come over and feel his collar. I explained that maybe he and Hoffie weren’t on the Metropolitan Police’s list of 10 top criminals (unfortunately) and it was highly likely that the Police on duty at the ground were unaware of the dangerous criminal in their midst.
This was Hoffie's original account of what happened at the demonstration - he boasted that 'I gave Watfa Watfor yesterday' in relation to another incident involving free Israeli ice cream outside London University. One wonders how this will sit with his claim that he was the victim when it is clear that he already had it in for Sandra. 
However no sooner had I broken the story than others ran with it. The Jewish Chronicle ran Jonathan Hoffman, ex-Zionist Federation vice-chair, faces arrest warrant after failing to appear in court:
‘A court has issued an arrest warrant for pro-Israel campaigner Jonathan Hoffman, after he failed to appear for a hearing on an assault charge.
Mr Hoffman, a former vice-president of the Zionist Federation, failed to appear at Westminster Magistrates' Court on Monday to face charges of common assault and using threatening words and behaviour, under Section Four of the Public Order Act.

He told the JC: "I did not receive any paper work asking me to appear in court. I have been to the court and have been told to return by 11:30am tomorrow."
Another warrant was also issued for Damon Lenszner who failed to appear at court charged with assault by beating.’
One thing is for certain - Hoffie will lost some weight if he is confined to prison food!
I have a Court Report from one of this Blog’s many friends:
‘They [Hoffman and Lenzner] turned up separately at the court this morning and with unhappy demeanour. They had to wait until 2.25pm before being heard . Hoffman asked to sit in the well  of the court due to a hearing problem (allowed) and Lenszner remained behind glass. Both claimed NOT to have received notice of trial. To their dismay they noticed that the charge seemed to have increased and Hoffman gave instructions to his lawyer . He wanted to know why he was now accused of assault by beating  (as was his co-accused) POSSIBLY, had he come when he should have then the more serious charge might not have proferred.’  They pleaded not guilty to the charges put to them and there is to be a two day trial at Hendon Magistrates Court on 19/20 June  with witnesses of course.‘
So my advice to you all is to put the date in your diary, prepare your sandwiches and settle down for an enjoyable two days!!
Tony Greenstein
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Because this Blog takes no sides I am happy to present Jonathan Hoffman's 'Defence'

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