4 March 2019

Open Letter to John McDonnell - Stand up to Tom Watson and Get a Backbone

When Tom Watson Says he wants to remove every last anti-Semite from Labour what he means is he wants to remove Jeremy Corbyn

I sent a link to my blog post to John McDonnell and then thought I’d summarise how I felt to him.  I have turned this into an Open Letter.
I have just seen your appalling interview with Sky TV.
What does it take to get it into your head that the whole 'antisemitism' attacks are not about antisemitism but about deposing Corbyn and yourself?  Why do you think the Tory tabloids, have nothing to say about the Tory Party cuddling up up to Viktor Orban and antisemitic parties in Europe yet are frothing at the mouth about Labour 'antisemitism'.  Why do you think the Zionist Board of Deputies, which represents a minority of British Jews says nothing about the Tories links with genuine antisemites?
Sometimes I think you have taken leave of your brain, but I guess it is political cowardice which motivates you. Yes there are a few antisemites in the Labour Party and there are also a few giraffes in Norway but no one says Norway has a problem with giraffes.
Don't you realise that when Tom Watson says he won't rest until the last antisemite is kicked out of the Labour Party what he means is he won't rest until Corbyn and you are gone?  Why is that so difficult to work out?  Watson and co. don't say this about every homophobe, Islamaphobe, racist against Black people, so why Jews, the least oppressed minority of all in Britain today?
Stop fucking appeasing Watson.  He is not interested in antisemitism.  If this racist bastard was so upset by antisemtism why does he not apply it to other forms of racism? Watson was part of the overwhelming majority of the PLP that supported the 2014 Immigration Act that led to Windrush.  You remember, the hostile environment policy that the miserable little Ed Miliband supported.  You were after all only one of 6 Labour MPs to oppose this Act.
If you cannot stand up to Tom Watson and his coup in the making you will never stand up to the City of London and the IMF. 

Tom Watson is engaged in a coup against Corbyn and McDonnell is facilitating it with Lansman
To put it bluntly you are a real disappointment.  You are a retread of Stafford Cripps.  Indeed you are worse than Stafford Cripps because he had a backbone.
We want the old John McDonnell back not the pale shadow that he has become.  And the suspension of Chris Williamson is a disgrace.  See my blog for an expansion on the above.
Comradely greetings
Tony Greenstein

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