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Monday, 19 November 2018

As the Tories totter on the edge Labour must support a second referendum

The idea that British capitalism is superior to European capitalism is a delusion born of imperial grandeur

Many on the Left who support leaving the EU (Lexit) somehow believe that an independent British capitalist state is preferable to European capitalism. It is difficult to understand why given the support for Brexit of people like William Rees-Mogg, Boris Johnson and others on the Tory Right, to say nothing of UKIP. Indeed the original apostle of Brexit was none other than the original monetarist and free marketer Enoch Powell.
That the European Union is based on free-market capitalism is undeniable.  However that is a problem that needs to be opposed by the labour movement on a European wide basis. The idea of a British state going it alone with a low tax regime and further anti-union laws hardly seems to be a progressive let alone a socialist position.
It is clear that Theresa May’s agreement is a humiliating one in that Britain will remain in the customs union and Northern Ireland within the single market with a backstop guaranteeing that this is subject to an EU veto.  The alternative, no deal, is one which is horrific to contemplate.
The break-up of the European Union is something which unites the Far-Right throughout Europe. Brexit is seen as a something to aim at by those who would clearly love to see the break of the European Union.  It is not too much to suggest that if the EU were to break up we could eventually see the return of military conflicts between different states.  This was, after all, the original reason for the setting up of the Iron and Steel Confederation which later became the Common Market.
It is no coincidence that Donald Trump, a self-declared nationalist and in reality a White Supremacist welcomes Brexit.  It means imposing trade terms on Britain, for example the dropping of existing food standards, that are inherent in the Single Market. It is welcomed by Steve Bannon and the alt-Right who see Brexit as bolstering nationalism, racism and the demonistation of Muslims.
Theresa May’s deal is unacceptable not least for its hostility to State aid to industry. We stay half-in and half-out of the EU. A Brexit without a deal is equally unacceptable. This means inevitably that the only real option is a second referendum.
Of course there will be squeals and howls from those who cry that it is ‘undemocratic’.  Why?  It is simply giving people a right to make an informed decision, based on what they have seen for the past two years. Of course it is possible that a majority will still vote for Brexit but I somehow suspect that after having been lied to in the first referendum (the £300m+ promised to the NHS) that many people will not have the wool pulled over their eyes for a second time.
The position of Corbyn has been described by some as masterly.  I disagree.  Doing nothing is not a brilliant strategy and it is clear from Corbyn’s comments today and those of McDonnell yesterday that Labour is moving towards a second referendum .  The opposition to the EU based on opposition to free movement of workers is reactionary.  Low wages are not caused by immigration but by weak trade unions. It is the lack of a fight by the British working class which has led to Britain being a low waged economy.
People seem to forget that it wasn’t the EU who closed the mines, shipbuilding yards and much else but Thatcher and free market economics. Those in the North voting Brexit do it from a position of weakness and despair.  The EU is a handy scapegoat but it is hardly responsible for what the Tories have done.
The idea of an independent British capitalism is a belief that Britain is strong enough to form its own trade treaties and on its own terms.  The USA and other countries are likely to disillusion them.  This is a left-over from the British Empire.  It is Suez repeated all over again but as farce. Deliberately destroying your own trading relationships hardly seems to me to be a socialist strategy.
I believe Labour should throw its weight behind staying in the European Union and give its support for a second referendum. I have no doubt that this will create its own momentum towards a Labour victory at the General Election.
Tony Greenstein

DANGER – As Labour Leads in the Opinion Polls the Zionist Lobby is Sharpening Its Knives

BEWARE – More Fake ‘Anti-Semitism’ is on the way – Zionist lobby will do its Best to Dig-up More False ‘Evidence’ to Undermine Jeremy Corbyn and Labour

Every time that Labour has taken a lead in the opinion polls or seemed likely to do well, as in the local government elections earlier this year, another long forgotten event or conversation is raked up to ‘prove’ that Corbyn is an anti-Semite.
As always  these termites within, the Labour Against Antisemitism Groups/Gnasher Jew and all the other trolls have done their best to aid the Tories.  We should be under no illusions that these people are worried that Corbyn could soon find himself in No. 10.
As Labour’s local election campaign got underway in March Red Tory MP for Liverpool Wavertree Luciana Berger produced a Facebook post by Corbyn defending a wall mural showing 6 bankers dining out on Black sweated labour on the grounds of free speech.  The mural topic had been around for 3 years with even the Jewish Chronicle dismissing it, but for the Labour Right and their Tory backers it was another chance to attack Corbyn.
We had the absurd situation of a meeting 8 years ago addressed by Hajo Meyer, a survivor of Auschwitz, comparing Israel’s racist practices to those of the Nazis.  Unfortunately Corbyn’s backbone gave way and he apologised.  Jon Lansman, the traitor within, added fuel to the Tory/Zionist fire.
Joan Ryan MP can be counted on to do her best to ensure Labour doesn't gain from May's crisis
Not forgetting the ludicrous time that Corbyn told a couple of Zionist fascists, Richard Millett and Jonathan Hoffman, that it was a pity they didn't appreciate British irony, despite having lived here a long time, unlike the recently arrived Palestinian ambassador.  This too was spun as 'antisemitism.'
The supporters of the Apartheid regime in Israel and their representatives in the Parliamentary Labour Party are no doubt contemplating even as I write how to help Theresa May.
Amidst Tory chaos and in-fighting, with the chances of Maybot being overthrown increasing, there is a greater likelihood than ever that the false anti-Semitism industry is also gearing up to produce ‘evidence’ that Jeremy Corbyn is an ‘anti-Semite’.

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Twitter Censorship: Targeted by Twitter Yet Again - Suspended without reason

First Richard Silverstein was Suspended & now Tony Greenstein - Twitter Regularly Censors supporters of the Palestinians & anti-Zionists whilst repeatedly ignoring Zionist abuse

If you don't know where to send a protest try using their appeal mechanism

Although Twitter didn't inform me of who or what or why I had been suspended, Jack Mendel @mendelpol, a so-called journalist on the Jewish News has owned up to the fact that he is not only a racist but someone who seeks to censor those who disagree with him.  
People might want to let him know what they think of this scummy apologist for a journalist.  His 'newspaper' was one of 3 which ran a joint editorial accusing Jeremy Corbyn of posing an “existential threat to Jewish life” in Britain.’ Not only does Mendel see ‘anti-Semitism’ hiding behind every stone but he demonstrates that Zionist journalism is nothing more than an attempt to suppress opinions they don’t like.
Mendel states that ‘I reported Greenstein for repeatedly sending me messages filled with hate, including using far right ‘Zio’ term, and various comparisons of Jews and Israel to nazism.’ There was no hate in what I sent him.  I stated that the last leader of the Jewish resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto, Marek Edelman compared the situation of Palestinians living under the Gaza siege to the Jews of Warsaw under the Nazis.
I also mentioned the welcome and applause by neo-Nazis such as Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer and David Duke for a cartoon of Yair Netanyahu.  This is a matter of fact.  So idiot Mendelpol is saying that anti-Semitism is true.  A nonsense formulation even for paid propagandists which is what he and his ilk are.
As for Zio.  It is used widely as a form of shorthand for Zionist.  It could only be anti-Semitic if it is assumed that Zionists and Jews are one and the same.  Which is in fact anti-Semitic in itself.  In other words Twitter’s censorship is completely unjustified.
Tony Greenstein 

Yesterday I logged in to my Twitter account to be greeted by a message 
Your account (@TonyGreenstein) is currently suspended. For more information, please visit Suspended Accounts.’
The Suspended Accounts link says nothing about why I was suspended.  No reason whatsoever was given.
This is one of numerous acts of harassment. Linking to my blog directly brings up a message that this is spam.
Depicting violence by Israeli military thugs against a Palestinian child violates Twitter 'conduct policy'
Israeli abuse of Palestinian children should not be shown, the truth should be hidden according to Twitter
Earlier this year my account was locked because my logo included a picture of an Israeli soldier assaulting Ahed Tamimi as a child and I was forced to delete the picture. It depicted violence and this was unacceptable.  However Zionists who defend such violence are more than welcome to tweet their hate.
This is NOT against Twitter rules, which are reserved for anti-Zionists
This puerile abuse is also NOT contrary to Twitter rules
False allegations of child abuse by Zionist Fascist Mark Harringman are NOT contrary to Twitter Rules
I have received a volume of abuse from Zionist fascists like Mark Haringman (@Newsdude) and other Zionist sickos, such as being accused of being of being a child abuser, only to be told that this doesn’t go against Twitter’s ‘rules’. The standard response being:
‘Thank you for your recent report. We have reviewed your report carefully and found that there was no violation of the Twitter Rules against abusive behavior
Being told it was a pity my family survived the concentration camps is NOT an offence against Twitter rules against violence, hate etc.
I received tweets from a Yousef George telling me it was a pity my family survived the Nazi extermination camps and this too was not against Twitter rules.
However calling Chuka Ummuna an Uncle Tom, Black outside but wholly White inside, was enough to get me suspended

I am asking people to bombard twitter @twitter etc. to let them know what you feel and including the link to this post.

According to Twitter this accords with their 'community standards'

Of course I am not the only one to experience Twitter censorship.  Richard Silverstein experienced the same when he pointed out that Ari Fuld, who was killed by Palestinians, was a violent Israeli settler, who was part of a heavily armed settler vigilante group Tzanchan and not the peaceful ‘activist’ that settler apologists pretended. The Palestinians who killed this thug were perfectly within their right of resistance and just as we don’t mourn dead Nazis who were killed by the Partisans Fuld should not be mourned.

Zionists who glory over Palestinian deaths are never suspended.  Explain the background to the killing of Zionism’s armed thugs and that merits the suspension of your account.  However in Richard’s case publicity forced Twitter to back off.  I want people to bombard these bastards too.

False allegations of antisemitism are NEVER in breach of Twitter rules
Twitter was forced to back down when Richard Silverstein was suspended

Tony Greenstein

Pointing out that a dead Zionist was an armed thug goes against Twitter policy but saying you wished someone had died in a Nazi concentration camp is fine
when posting a direct link to my blog this message appears

Friday, 16 November 2018

SHORTS: Breaking News: Mexico agrees to pay for wall – Israel’s Proposed Death Penalty is for Palestinians only - Save Ahmed from being hanged

Scottish Police Arrest Protestor For Holding “Nae Nazis” Sign at Bannon Event

There has been a history of Scottish Police and the Scottish Legal Establishment trying to demonise the Palestine solidarity movement. When the Jewish Quartet played in Edinburgh the concert was disrupted. The same happened elsewhere in Britain. In London 6 of us disrupted the JQ  at the Wigmore Hall in London.  However in Scotland the authorities have made every effort to criminalise Palestine protestors as ‘anti-Semitic’. Charges of “racially aggravated conduct” levelled at 5 members of the Scottish Palestine Scottish Camapign were thrown out by Sheriff James Scott at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Thursday 8th April 2010.
Scottish Police say it is illegal to call fascists Nazis
Scott said the prosecutor's "attempts to squeeze malice and ill will out of the agreed facts were rather strained". The sheriff upheld the defendants' arguments that their protests, in which they accused Israel of genocide in Gaza, were simply against the behaviour of a state and its army, not an attack on Jews or any ethnic group.
The protesters had clear rights to attack a state's behaviour under the European convention on human rights, he said.
"If persons on a march designed to protest against and publicise alleged crimes committed by a state and its army are afraid to name that state for fear of being charged with racially aggravated behaviour, that would render worthless their Article 10 rights," he said.
Mick Napier of Scottish PSC said demonstrations against Israel's policies would continue.
"As long as the ethnic cleansing of Palestine continues, Israel's political, cultural, and sporting ambassadors will face boycott protest similar to that faced by the racist apartheid South African regime in the last century,"
The fact that the Scottish legal authorities  failed is immaterial to the fact that they tried very hard to prevent Palestine protest actions.  It seems that the Police are once again acting as the long arm of the Zionist movement.
BBC gives American fascist Steve Bannon a platform
When a protest was held at a media conference in Edinburgh this week, when the BBC interviewed Stephen Bannon, the former editor Breitbart and an open fascist who is attempting to co-ordinate European far-Right parties, which was yet another example of the BBC giving publicity to racists and fascists, a protest was held.
Bannon, the former chief exec of Trump’s presidential campaign, and the strategist behind Trump’s attack on refugees, was given the oxygen of publicity by the BBC.
In 2010 Scottish Police arrested PSC activists demonstrating at the Jerusalem Quartet concert in Edinburgh
About 100 protestors assembled outside the Edinburgh International Conference Centre this week.  Bannon was one of the star speaker’s at the European Broadcasting Union’s annual News Xchange conference. Nicola Strugeon withdrew from it when Bannon’s attendance was brought to light by The Ferret. Sturgeon blasted the BBC – who helped to organise the event – as running the risk of the “normalisation” of fascist views. The BBC tried to justify his inclusion by telling the First Minister that he is “powerful and influential figure… promoting an anti-elite movement”. There is nothing anti-elitist about fascism although Hitler and many other fascists have always made this bogus claim.
The BBC’s report “Man arrested at Steve Bannon protest in Edinburgh”. revealed that a 56 year old man was “arrested and charged with threatening and abusive behaviour” holding a sign saying “Nae Nazis”.
“We were both asked to put them away by the police because it could constitute an offence.” They wouldn’t specify which offence,” a woman said. “When I put my sign down, another guy picked it up and was arrested by police immediately.”
“The police dragged the guy off further down the road and I don’t know what happened over there, although a large crowd were watching and filming.”
It’s understood the man was told he was being arrested for breach of the peace, which – unlike England – is a catch all offence in Scotland with no limit on the potential sentence. It is absurd that describing a fascist as a ‘Nazi’ should be considered threatening and abusive behaviour, and is an outrageous attack on freedom of speech. ‘We will, of course, keenly await the howls of outrage from all the free speech bros, Spiked columnists and assorted liberal commentators about it though.’
Inside, Bannon was pitted against the BBC Scotland editor Sarah Smith. As this thread from Buzzfeed’s Ryan Broderick shows, Bannon spent the entire time talking over her, evading questions, and bringing up his pet subjects, like ‘racism: actually good’, while Smith tried to nitpick about inaccurate things Trump had said.
“Bannon is basically delivering a monologue about the wonders of enthonationalism and sometimes asking Smith a question,” tweeted Broderick. Bannon rounded it off by calling the entire audience “the opposition” and saying how excited he is for the European elections – the same elections for which he is making a big shown of co-ordinating far right parties across the continent.
The man was arrested under Section 38 of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2000. It would be logical to assume that police officers were briefed ahead of the event over what would and would not be allowable in terms of protest signs and flags. The real question now is – who passed down orders that “Nae Nazis” is a breach of the peace?

Adalah: Israel's proposed death penalty intended for Palestinians only

Well of course it makes sense that the proposed death penalty for ‘terrorism’ in Israel will only be applicable for Palestinians.  As we know that nothing Israel does is ‘terrorism’.  It is law and order and in any event you cannot expect a Jewish state to execute a Jew.
As the Knesset's Constitution, Law, and Justice Committee prepared to debate the first draft of the "Death Penalty for Terrorists" bill, Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel feared it was intended for Palestinians only and demanded that it be struck down for violating international law and Israel's Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty.
Haneen Zoabi of Balad speaking in the Knesset 
Adalah sent a letter on Tuesday, 13 November 2018 to committee chairman Nissan Slomiansky MK demanding that he shelve the bill.   However, unlike the Bill which was proposed by Balad to make Israel a state of its own citizens and which was rejected as unfit to be debated even before it got to the Knesset floor, this Bill has been approved. Knesset Council Bans Bill to Define Israel as State for All Its Citizens
Israel is the kind of democracy that is happy to discuss a racist death penalty for Palestinians only but which believes that the idea of a state where all are equal is unconstitutional.  But this doesn’t stop racist idiots like Labour MPs Emily Thornberry and Tom Watson signing up to this.
In his letter to Slomiansky, Adalah Attorney Rabea Eghbariah argued that the death penalty is an example of cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment, and therefore contradicts the spirit of international law and the Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty.
Furthermore, the legislation of a death penalty would potentially lead, practically, to discrimination based on ethnicity and national belonging. The law would be imposed by the Knesset on the Israeli military courts in the occupied West Bank – in contradiction of the provisions of international law – and would create different norms of application on Palestinian residents of the West Bank."
Adalah Attorney Rabea Eghbariah commented on the bill:
"At a time when countries around the world are ridding themselves of the death penalty, Israel is seeking to legitimize it. This is a draconian bill that is not only futile in its declared purpose of creating a deterrent effect, but contradicts core legal rights and is overtly aimed at Palestinians exclusively."
Of course there is nothing in the Bill itself which says it will not apply to Jews.  It’s just that it can only be applied by the Military Courts in the West Bank. And who is subject to the Military Courts?  Why of course Palestinians as Jewish settlers are subject to the normal Israeli civil and criminal courts.
Ironically despite the Israeli government  introducing a Bill supporting the death penalty in the Occupied Territories, at the UN Israel supported a motion calling for the ending of  the death penalty! Clearly when it comes to hasbara the Israeli state is happy to oppose the death penalty.
Meet Ahmed: the schoolboy who was sentenced to death in Egypt for a crime that took place 21 days after his arrest
Meet Ahmed. He was just 17 when he was abducted by Egyptian police and tortured until he "confessed" to taking part in an assassination attempt.
But here's the thing: the attempt took place 21 days AFTER Ahmed's abduction. He couldn't have done it.
This is his story.
On 2 March 2015, armed officers kicked down the door of Ahmed’s family home in the middle of the night and took Ahmed from his bed. There was no warrant.
He was taken to an undisclosed location, where he was held for nearly three months. He was not allowed to contact a lawyer or even his family – who didn’t know if he was alive or dead.
While in detention, Ahmed was beaten with metal rods and subjected to electric shocks until he confessed to crimes he didn't commit.
The most serious alleged offence – involvement in an attempted assassination – took place on 23 March 2015, 21 days after Ahmed’s abduction. Ahmed simply could not have been involved in the assassination attempt, because he was already in custody and being tortured as it happened.
After 80 days, Egyptian authorities finally acknowledged Ahmed's detention and "officially" arrested him.
If you thought that Ahmed would be able to clear his name at trial, you’d be wrong. Ahmed was sent to a mass trial of 30 people, nearly all adults.
Officially, children in Egypt should be tried in special juvenile courts. But the authorities exploited a loophole in the law that allows children to be tried alongside adults in mass trials.
Mass trials are not fair trials – scores or even hundreds of people stand in the dock at once, unable to present an individual defence. This leaves children especially vulnerable.
Ahmed was convicted in a mass trial on the basis of his forced confession obtained through torture, which the court failed to exclude.
Ahmed has now been sentenced to death. Under Egyptian and international law, children should never be sentenced to death. Yet in Egypt, this is regularly ignored. Courts have recommended death sentences for at least 10 children since 2013.
A final appeal in Ahmed’s case is in December. But in the meantime, we’ve launched a campaign to end the appalling abuses like those Ahmed has suffered.
We’re calling on Egypt to release children sentenced to death, close the Child Death Penalty Loophole, and end the use of mass trials. You can read more and join the campaign to #EndMassInjustice here:
You can sign the petition to end mass trials and death sentences for children here:

You don’t have to be anti-Semitic to be a Zionist but it certainly helps

Katie Hopkins backs up the Pittsburgh murderer- Jews are Responsible for using refugees to undermine the White nations

By their friends shall ye know them
Katie Hopkins is a byword for racism and bigotry.  What is in the throat of the tabloid leader writers is on the Twitter feed of Katie Hopkins.  There is no neo-Nazi insult that is too vile or genocidal for Katie Hopkins.  Hence why the Mail took her on from the Sun.
However Hopkins has managed to excel herself with her latest tweet justifying Robert Bowers, the murderer of 11 Jews at Pittsburgh. In his last message Bowers tweeted ‘HIAS likes to bring invaders in that kill our people. I can’t sit by and watch our people get slaughtered. Screw your optics I’m going in.’ HIAS being the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society. Hopkins tweeted:
‘Watching the pin-the-blame on the donkey after #PittsburghSynagogue. Gab. Trump. White Supremacists. The Media. Muslims. Look to the Chief Rabbi and his support for mass migration across the Med. There you will find your truths.” #Pittsburg
It’s not clear which Chief Rabbi she is talking about. Britain’s Chief Rabbi, the hapless Ephraim Mirvis, has never supported mass migration, but it is a useful myth. The Chief Rabbi is a metonym for Jews. In other words the Jews are responsible for the refugees which Trump railed against in the recent Congressional election campaign.
Katie Hopkins anti-semitic comment on Ed Miliband's wife, Justine
The Jewish Chronicle engaged in some synthetic outrage Katie Hopkins condemned for blaming Pittsburgh Tree of Life synagogue shooting on 'Chief Rabbi's support for mass migration, but they carefully refrained from publicising her support for Israel.
It is a favourite theme of the neo-Nazi Right that the ‘problem’ of refugees is the ‘fault’ of the Jews. It would seem that Katie Hopkins, who spends increasing time in the company of the far-Right, has adopted this meme. '

Hopkin’s  reaction to the suicide bomb at Ariande Grande’s concert in Manchester, when 22 people were killed, was to call for a ‘Final Solution’ of Muslims, which led to her departure from LBC.
Katie thinks the world of Tommy Robinson aka Yaxley Lennon
Katie Hopkins is however a consistent bigot.  She may be the highest profile racist in Britain today, apart from her good friend Tommy Robinson, but she is also a sincere and dedicated Zionist.
When it comes to BDS, as opposed to bombing, Katie is full of concern for Palestinian jobs - no matter that they deliberately stifle the Palestinian economy
Palestinians, the original inhabitants are 'rodents' i.e. vermin - neo-Nazi language from the Sun and Mail's former columnist

Katy Hopkins concern for Israeli families contrasts with her disinterest in the victims of the aerial bombing of Gaza's infrastructure
She visited Israel and went out of her way to praise the Israeli military and the settlers and demonise the Palestinians.  However none of this prevented her from being an anti-Semite. Quite the contrary to her diaspora Jews must seem pitifully weak.
Let us recall other comments that went virtually unnoticed by the Zionists until she picked on the Jews. As thousands of refugees were drowning in the Mediterranean, as they tried to flee civil war and famine in Africa, Katie Hopkins, took a pride in demonstrating how ‘tough’ she was.  One of her most infamous quotes was
“Make no mistake, these migrants are like cockroaches. They might look a bit “Bob Geldof’s Ethiopia circa 1984”, but they are built to survive a nuclear bomb. They are survivors”
Courtesay of the Daily Mail, Katie Hopkins went out to meet fellow fascists
UN high commissioner for human rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, pointed out that the term “cockroaches” was used by both the Nazis and those behind the genocide in Rwanda. In the Sun she wrote
No, I don’t care. Show me pictures of coffins, show me bodies floating in water, play violins and show me skinny people looking sad. I still don’t care.’
Katie Hopkins with holocaust denier Peter Sweden
Hopkins joined the C-Star in Sicily, which had been crowd funded by the fascists, whose purpose it was to prevent the rescue of drowning refugees. Ironically the fascist ship broke down and had to be rescued by the German ship Sea Eye which was there to rescue refugees! It was whilst meeting the group Defend Europe in Sicily that she posed for photographs with Peter Sweden, who is a holocaust denier. Sweden tweeted that
the globalists (mainly Jews) are the ones bringing in the Muslims to Europe, they seem to work together” and “it is the Vatican and the Jews who are behind the NOW [New World Order]
The collected sayings of Peter Sweden
Marie van der Zyl, the President of the Board of Deputies wrote that
“It is distressing to see Katie Hopkins posing for a photograph with a Holocaust denier, as part of her trip to support the ‘Defend Europe’ campaign,”
It must be distressing for Zyl, who fully supports the equally bigoted policy of Israeli Ministers when it comes to refugees.
After all it wasn’t all that long ago when Katie Hopkins was an honoured guest at the annual dinner and dance of the Zionist Federation.  And who could possibly object to her presence when Israeli Minister Gideon Saar was the guest speaker?  Saar even had the chutzpah to claim that Israel didn’t deport asylum seekers.  Even as dedicated a Zionist as Rabbi Lea Mühlstein was walked out. The Jewish Chronicle claimed that the dinner was ‘marred by the heckling of Gideon Sa’ar'. Katie tweeted
Lovely to spend time with friends & supporters @ZionistFed celebrating 70 years of Israeli Independence. Go Bibi. Go Israel”
Katie Hopkins was a hit with those who attended the Zionist Federation dinner
Katie seems to have had a wonderful time having her photo taken with fans and of course the chief ghoul himself, Mark Regev.
This provoked Daniel Sugarman, a hack journalist to complain that Katie Hopkin’s presence at the Zionist Federation’s Gala Dinner was akin to a pork chop at a Friday Night Dinner. Most unfair to pigs. Katie Hopkins, Tommy Robinson, and why Israel needs to up its media game. Daniel ran through some of Katie’s more unsavoury comments on “cockroaches”, the need for a “final solution” and her letter “dear black people: if your lives matter, why do you shoot and stab each other so much?”
Katie  Hopkins enthusiasm for Poland's antisemitic government comes as no surprise
All of the above is true of course but how is this different from referring to African refugees as a ‘cancer’.?  This is exactly what Miri Regev, Israel’s Minister of ‘Culture’ (as in Goebbels) did.  Admittedly Regev apologised for using the term – that is she apologised to cancer patients for having compared them to refugees. An Opinion Poll conducted by the Israeli Democracy Institute found 52% of Israelis supported her comments, and 33% supported violence against refugees. The moral of the story is that Katie should emigrate to Israel where she can convert to membership of the Jewish race and can then join the Israeli government. Sugarman found it
infuriating but, sadly, not surprising. There are unfortunately some within the wider Zionist movement who appear to believe that any amount of loathsome behaviour is bearable, as long as a perceived support of Israel is there.’
Katie had tweeted about how she had “pencilled him in” (Mark Regev) as her fourth husband.  Clearly it would be a match made in hell. But Sugarman is being a hypocrite. There is nothing that Katie said that has not been said every day by Israeli politicians. 
For those interested there is a fascinating interview in the November 2018 edition of the Israel Today magazine with Katie Hopkins which informs us that she is ‘one of the few willing to speak truth to ills in our societies, irrespective of the consequences of doing so’.
Tony Greenstein