29 September 2019

Why the Israeli State is Hitler’s Bastard Offspring

Shock-Horror at the Jewish Chronicle as I Tell the Truth about the Israeli State

It must have been a shock to the Zionist spy in Palestine Expo 2019 this summer when I stated, in a workshop, that Israel was Hitler's bastard offspring.  Even worse I was applauded and commended by the Chair! The problem is that it's true. 
Zionism never had any principled disagreement with the Nazi conception of a racially pure, ethno-nationalist state nor that of similar ethnically based states in Europe such as Hungary and Romania. That is why Israel has swung to the far-Right politically and why every single opinion poll confirms the popular racism and anti-Arab sentiments of Israeli society.
According to that political and intellectual lightweight, Labour’s Shadow Attorney General Shami Chakrabarti, Zeev Sternhell, a child survivor of the Holocaust, is an anti-Semite. In her report on racism in the Labour Party, Chakrabarti argued that
it is always incendiary to compare the actions of Jewish people... to those of Hitler or the Nazis or to the perpetration of the Holocaust.’ [The Shami Chakrabarti Inquiry]. 

In Chakrabarti's mind 'Jewish people' translates as Israel and Zionism. Chakrabarti provided no reasoning and it is doubtful if she could. The most obvious response would be that Israel as a state is not a Jewish person and in any case Jews are perfectly capable of behaving like Nazis.

Like the Nazis?  According to Chakrabarti, no
Sternhell is a retired professor at the Hebrew University. He is also a world authority on fascism and a child survivor of the Holocaust having been smuggled out of the Przemysl ghetto in Poland. He was also injured in a terrorist attack by the Zionist underground some years ago.
The left is no longer capable of overcoming the toxic ultra-nationalism that has evolved here, the kind whose European strain almost wiped out a majority of the Jewish people. ... we see not just a growing Israeli fascism but racism akin to Nazism in its early stages. 

One can only imagine the look on the face of the Jewish Chronicle’s Political Correspondent, ‘Liar’ Lee Harpin’s, who was arrested but unfortunately not charged by the Police in the Mirror hacking affair, as he heard a tape recording of my impromptu speech at Palestine Expo 2019.

I turned up late to the fringe meeting and I hadn’t intended to speak until someone mentioned Ha'avara, the trade agreement between the Nazi state and the Zionist movement which destroyed the Jewish and Labour movement Boycott of Nazi Germany.
Israel's neo-Nazi Rabis Cashtiel and Radler instructing their yeshivah students in Jewish morality
Today Zionists pretend that the aim of Ha'avara was to help rescue Germany’s Jews. This is a complete fabrication. In 1933 no one seriously thought that Nazi Germany would built extermination camps to murder millions in.  
However most Jews did realise that the Nazi state, a fascist state, was different from previous anti-Semitic regimes. This was a state that officially declared the Jew as the enemy. It openly stated that Jews were not part of the national collective, although it took until the 1935 Nuremburg Law for Jews to be stripped of German citizenship.
From the very beginning of its rule the Nazis had moved to begin the process of stripping Jews of their political, social, civil and economic rights. The first law passed, The Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service led to the dismissal of anyone who is Jewish from the civil service, apart from Jewish war veterans (at least for a time).
Jews and socialists realised from the start that this would be a state of violence and brutality, not just towards Jews. The first concentration camps established, Dachau in March 1933 and Sachsenhausen soon after, were intended mainly for communists, socialists and trade unionists.
The Zionist movement never, at any time, condemned the Nazis. You will search in vain for any resolution at any World Zionist Congress for any condemnation of the Nazis.

From the very start the Zionist movement sought to do business with and establish a working relationship with the Nazi state. Not in order to make the life of German Jews easier but in order to help built their state-in-the-making. The Zionist attitude to the Nazi state was the same as its attitude to anti-Semitism had always been. To use it to its advantage. 
That was why on June 21 1933 a letter was written from the Zionist Federation of Germany to Adolf Hitler.  The letter was never answered. It can be found in Lucy Dawidowicz’s Holocaust Reader.
The memorandum agreed with the Nazis that Germany's Jews were not part of the German nation.
Our acknowledgement of Jewish nationality provides for a clear and sincere relationship to the German people and its national and racial realities. Precisely because we don’t wish to falsify these fundamentals, because we too are against mixed marriages and are for maintaining the purity of the Jewish group
It is important to understand that the Zionist Federation was not forced into saying this.  There was no coercion. They sincerely believed this. They were trying to win the favour of the Nazis vs the non-Zionist Centralverein which represented 95%+ of German Jews.
The Zionists had been saying this for years and anti-Semites had been quoting them against their Jewish detractors for years.  The important part of the letter was the final paragraph of part IV:
The realisation of Zionism could only be hurt by resentment of Jews abroad against the German development. Boycott propaganda… is in essence fundamentally unZionist, because Zionism wants not to do battle but to convince and to build.
The Zionists did not see the Nazis as an enemy to be fought. At the 18th Zionist Congress in Prague in 1933 they refused to even condemn the Nazis or their treatment of German Jewry.
Berl Katznelson, a founder of Mapai, the Israeli Labour Party and second only to David Ben Gurion, saw the rise of Hitler as “an opportunity to build and flourish like none we have ever had or ever will have”. [Francis Nicosia, Zionism and Anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany, p.91.] Ben Gurion expressed similar sentiments.
The main reason for Ha'avara was in order to save the wealth of the Jews of Germany, not the Jews themselves.  The Zionist Federation gave out relatively few immigration certificates to German Jews, preferring Polish Jews instead.
Werner Senator, a member of the Jewish Agency Executive even warned his counterparts in Germany that 
‘if it did not improve the quality of the “human material” it was sending, the Agency was liable to cut back the number of certificates… set aside for the German capital.
Some 60% of capital investment in the economy of Jewish Palestine between 1933 and 1939 came from Nazi Germany. [David Rosenthall, Chaim Arlosoroff 65 Years After his Assassination.
It was literally Nazi Germany which built the Zionist state. Ha'avara benefited the richest Jews who could take out the equivalent of £1,000 in cash (those with £1K could enter Palestine as capitalists without the need for an immigration certificate).
The Nazis greatly feared the Boycott since Germany was heavily dependent on exports. It was the fear of Boycott that that made the Nazis reign in the SA’s violence against Jews.  The Zionists however were unconcerned about the effect of Ha'avara.
However when I called Israel ‘Hitler’s bastard offspring’ I didn’t have Ha'avara in mind so much as the Israeli state now. I was thinking of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians as the untermenschen.
There is this idea abroad that people should be tread very carefully when it comes to Israel and watch what they say because it is a Jewish state. I disagree. Israel is one of the most vicious militaristic states in the world.  It is one of the few countries that supplies the Burmese regime with the weapons it needs to massacre the Rohinga people. It is the state that broke the sanctions on arming South Africa and it supplied it with nuclear technology. It is the state that trained and helped the Guatemalan military murder 200,000 Mayan Indians in the 1980's.
Israel has maintained an open air concentration camp in Gaza for the past 11 years as it punishes the Palestinians for having voted the wrong way.
But above all the concept of a Jewish racial state began with European anti-Semitism. The idea of a state based on a religious/racial ethnicity originated in the Europe of the 1930’s.
Hitler sought to build an Aryan state. Israel’s aim is to maintain a Jewish racial state based on the same principles. To that end it opposes mixed marriages. Israel likes to claim it is part of the West but its refusal to have civil marriage is indicative of the fact that Israel strives to maintain the purity of the Jewish nation/race in Israel. That is why you have fascist groups like Lehava which patrol the streets of Jerusalem and other cities attacking Arabs who are seen as a threat to Jewish women. They use slogans such as ‘ “Arab, watch out, my sister is worth more!” and “The daughters of Israel belong to the people of Israel!”  The belief that Arab males are a sexual threat is no different to the idea in Nazi Germany of the lecherous Jew.
Although nominally citizens, Palestinians are essentially resident aliens in Israel. They are limited to just over 2% of the land despite forming 20% of the population. In the past 70 years their numbers have increased 10 fold yet there hasn’t been the creation of a single Arab village or town.  In that period Jewish communities have multiplied.
When Netanyahu said of the Black African refugees in Israel, who he calls ‘infiltrators’, that they are threatening ‘the security and identity of the Jewish state.’ he is speaking in terms of racial demographics.  Netanyahu went on to say that
“If we don't stop their entry, the problem that currently stands at 60,000 could grow to 600,000, and that threatens our existence as a Jewish and democratic state... and our national identity.’
When Netanyahu spoke of ‘our national identity’  what he meant Israel’s Jewish identity. An identity of Jewish racial supremacy. There is no Israeli national identity because there is no Israeli nationality. Israel's population is 7.8 million. There isn’t even the pretence that this is about social facilities, jobs or employment. It is a crude appeal to racial demographics. Too many non-Jews threaten the Jewish demographic majority of Israel. It is quintessentially racist.,"
Yet at the very same time as trying to deport its non-Jewish African refugees Israel is trying its best to increase the number of Jewish immigrants. So it’s not a question of numbers, as racists in this country often pretend the immigration debate is about, but the racial/national composition of Israel’s population. [Israel PM: illegal African immigrants threaten identity of Jewish state]
Culture Minister Miri Regev described the African refugees as ‘a cancer in the body of the nation’ and when criticised apologised to cancer patients for having compared them to refugees. [52% of Israeli Jews agree: African migrants are ‘a cancer’ 7.6.12.]. 52% of Israeli Jews agreed with her.
Deputy Defence Minister Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan, the Head of the Civil Administration (actually the military administration) on the West Bank explained that “[Palestinians] are beasts, they are not human.” Dahan also explained that “A Jew always has a much higher soul than a gentile, even if he is a homosexual.” Menachem Begin described the Palestinians as “beasts walking on two legs." [ “Begin and the Beasts”, New Statesman, 25.6.82]. Netanyahu described the purpose of a wall around Israel as being to protect it from the ‘wild beasts’. How is this different from the Nazis’ description of Jews as ‘human cattle.’?
In response to TV presenter Rotem Sela’s statement:
 “this is a country of all its citizens, and all people are born equal. The Arabs are also human beings. And also the Druze, and the gays, and the lesbians and… gasp… leftists.”
Netanyahu explained that with the Jewish Nation State Law ‘Israel is the state of the Jewish people — and belongs to them alone,”. In other words Israel is now officially an apartheid state.  The important caveat is ‘officially’ because Israel has always been a Jewish state.
Comparing Israel to Nazi Germany
According to the IHRA definition, anti-Semitism could, taking into account the overall context, include, Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis’. Zionists nearly always miss out this qualifying clause. However even assuming that we follow their dishonest omission let us examine this argument. 
Is it really the case that comparing a state, a racist state, to Nazi Germany is anti-Semitic ? Does that apply to all states or just the ‘Jewish’ state? If so then we are entitled to ask what is Jewish about Israel in anything other than a racial sense.

There are a host of comparisons that can be made between Israel and Nazi Germany. This doesn’t mean that Israel is the same as Nazi Germany but that they have certain things in common, not least a shared view of the other as sub-human. In Germany the other was the Jew, in Israel it is the Palestinian.
For example Israel’s Admissions Committees Law 2011 permitted 434 Jewish communities, 43% of all residential areas, (subsequently increased) to reject Arab members of these communities. How is this different from Nazi policies to exclude Jews from Aryan housing? [‘Israeli Supreme Court upholds "Admissions Committees Law’]
This law was passed in reaction to the 2000 Supreme Court ruling that the Ka'adan family could not be refused housing solely on the grounds that they were not Jewish. It was upheld by the Supreme Court in 2014. [Contradicting its own ruling, Israel’s Supreme Court legalises segregated communities] , +972 Magazine, 18.9.14.]  The purpose of the law was openly declared to be to prevent Arabs moving into ‘Jewish’ towns.[Israel builds town to ensure "the Arabs won't rear their heads", +972 Magazine, 28.3.11.]
The Jewish National Fund was formed in 1901. It was given official recognition under the 1953 JNF Law. Its role is to purchase and administer land on behalf of Jews. The land it controls, 93% of Israel, is held on behalf of the ‘Jewish people’. Non-Jews cannot gain access to that land. Land in Nazi Germany was also reserved for the use of Aryans.

Today there is the phenomenon of marches in Israel where the main slogan is ‘Death to the Arabs’.  How can it be anti-Semitic to compare such marches to similar marches in the Europe of the 1930s when the slogan was ‘Death to the Jews’? [Far-right Activists Chant 'Death to Arabs,' Assault Passersby in Jerusalem After Terror Attack, Ha’aretz, 4.10.15.
We have had the pleasure of hearing Rabbis Kashtiel and Radler, in the prestigious Eli pre- military school declaring that Hitler was right. According to Radler ‘Hitler was completely right but he was on the wrong side, meaning against the Jews.

Zionists argue that because Israel has not exterminated the Palestinians, comparisons cannot be drawn with Nazism. But during the period 1933-41, the Nazi policy was discrimination against and the expulsion of the Jews not genocide.
Despite protesting any comparison between themselves and Nazi Germany, Zionists don’t hesitate to make such a comparison themselves. Menachem Begin told a group of holocaust survivors that ‘We do not want the Arab Nazis to come and slaughter us.” [Tom Segev, The Seventh Million, p.369.
Begin’s ostensible reason for the mass bombing of Beirut in 1982 was to “destroy Arafat/Hitler in his bunker in Beirut/Berlin”.

Deputy Defence Minister Matan Vilnai threatened to give “Gaza a taste of the 'shoah' “[Israeli minister warns of Palestinian 'holocaust

Eliezer Livner, a former Knesset member for Mapai, wrote in the period before the 6 Day War that ‘We must crush the machinations of the new Hitler at the outset, when it is still possible…’  As Tom Segev observed:
‘During those weeks of drumbeating, the newspapers continually identified Nasser with Hitler. The proposals to defuse the crisis by any means other than war were compared with the Munich agreement forced on Czechoslovakia before World War II.’  [Segev, The 7th Million, pp. 390-391. Ha’aretz 31.5.67].

Today many on Israel’s far-Right identify with the Nazis. In the words of a member of Lehava, a group campaigning against miscegenation, “Hitler was right, but got the nation wrong. We’re the chosen race.’ David Sheen.  

When a group of far-right thugs attacked an anti-war demonstration in Tel-Aviv in 2014, they wore the insignia of the neo-Nazi right in Europe – ‘Good Night left Side’. [Ha’aretz 15.7.14. Right Wing Demonstrators in Tel Aviv Wore Neo Nazi Shirts:] Amos Oz, the Israeli novellist and a left-Zionist who has always been extremely tolerant of the Zionist right, nonetheless termed those who indulged in so-called ‘price-tag’ attacks as Hebrew neo-Nazis. [Amos Oz calls perpetrators of hate crimes 'Hebrew neo-Nazis Haaretz May 10, 201]

The late Professor Amos Funkenstein, Head of the Faculty of History at Tel Aviv University referring to the refusal of soldiers to serve in the Occupied Territories, comparing them to soldiers in the German army who refused to serve in concentration or extermination camps. To those who asked how it was possible to compare the actions of Nazi soldiers with Israelis, Funkenstein replied

 “As a historian I know that every comparison is limited. On the other hand, without comparisons, no historiography is possible. Understanding a historical event is a kind of translation into the language of our time. If we would leave every phenomenon in its peculiarity, we could not make this translation. Every translation is an interpretation and every interpretation is also a comparison.”

Funkenstein reminded his critics that the leaflets and publications of the Zionist terror groups, Etzel, Lehi and Haganah, talked of the Nazi-British occupation. [Tony Greenstein, Holocaust Analogies Return 2 citing Ha'aretz 9 December 1988, Ronit Matalon]. Funkenstein compared the lack of rights of the Palestinians under occupation to the status of Jews in Germany in the mid-1930’s. [Renaissance man Amos Funkenstein dies at age 58,

The moral is that any people, given the right set of circumstances, can become racists and even genocidalists. Jews are not excluded, as Israel’s murder of over 2,200 people in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge in 2014 demonstrated. How else would you characterise the mob who marched through Tel Aviv on 26th July 2014 chanting 
‘"There's no school tomorrow,there's no children left in Gaza! Oleh!" 
after Israel’s bombing other than Judeo-Nazis?
It is Israelis and Jews who make the comparison between Israeli practices and those of Nazi Germany precisely because the Holocaust and the Hitler period is used as the justification for the racist abominations of Zionism. Shlomo Shmelzman, a survivor of the Warsaw ghetto, wrote a letter to the Israeli press announcing his hunger strike against the Lebanon War.
"In my childhood I have suffered fear, hunger and humiliation when I passed from the Warsaw Ghetto, through labor camps, to Buchenwald. Today, as a citizen of Israel, I cannot accept the systematic destruction of cities, towns, and refugee camps. … I hear too many familiar sounds today, sounds which are being amplified by the war. I hear "dirty Arabs" and I remember "dirty Jews." I hear about "closed areas" and I remember ghettos and camps. I hear "two-legged beasts" and I remember "Untermenschen." Too many things in Israel remind me of too many things from my childhood."  [Beyrouthy’s  review of Noam Chomsky’s Fateful Triangle]
According to the IHRA and disgusting racists such as Eric Pickles, Britain’s delegate to the IHRA, Shmelzman is an anti-Semite. And who makes this declaration?
Prof. Moshe Zimmerman compared the children of the Hebron settlers to those of the Hitler Youth. In reaction to an amendment to the Citizenship Bill, requiring non-Jews seeking citizenship to pledge allegiance to Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, Israeli educational psychologist, Gavriel Solomon, compared Israel to Germany in the 1930s:
“The idea of Judenrein (Jew free zone) or Arabrein is not new. . . . Some might say ‘how can you compare us to Nazis?’ I am not talking about the death camps, but about the year 1935. There were no camps yet, but there were racist laws. And we are heading forward toward these kinds of laws.” [Israeli Academic: Loyalty Oath Resembles Racist Laws of 1935]
Some on the left are also reticent about comparing Zionism to Nazism. Gilbert Achcar for example found it a ‘terrible comparison’ [Arabs and the Holocaust, pp.228. 234]. By Chakrabarti’s logic it is anti-Semitic to compare the settlers of Hebron, who daub the walls of Palestinians with the slogan ‘Arabs to the gas chambers’ with the Nazis.[ See Donald Macintyre, Breaking silence over the horrors of Hebron,] Only Zionists should be allowed to make such comparisons.
Israel, as an ethno-religious state is no different in principle to Nazi Germany which was also a state based on a racially defined section of the German people. The definition of a Jew under the Israel’s 1950 Law of Return is extremely similar to the definition of a Jew under the 1935 Nuremberg Laws. 
There are numerous examples of how Israelis not only compare Palestinians to Nazis but often see themselves in the role of the Nazi.  Before the massacre in Jenin, an Israeli officer said that it is justified and in fact essential to learn from every possible source…. ‘the commander’s obligation is to … analyse and internalise the lessons of earlier battles – even, however shocking it may sound, even how the German Army fought in the Warsaw Ghetto."  [Yitzhak Laor, London Review of Books, After Jenin, 9.5.02.]
In 2002, Fox News reported how an Israeli lawmaker and Holocaust survivor expressed outrage over Israeli troops writing identification numbers on the foreheads and forearms of Palestinian detainees awaiting interrogation during an army sweep of a West Bank refugee camp. Holocaust survivor Tommy Lapid told army chief of staff Lt. Gen. Shaul Mofaz and Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer that the practice must cease immediately. "As a refugee from the Holocaust I find such an act insufferable."…. During World War II, concentration camp inmates had numbers tattooed on their forearms. [Fox News, Israel Blasted for Writing Numbers on Arabs, 13.3.02]. A similar scheme to place numbers on the ID card of Palestinians in Hebron ‘immediately drew comparisons to the Nazi era, when authorities forced Europe’s Jews to bear tattooed numbers on their arms.’ IDF halts proposal to number Palestinian IDs in Hebron after criticism, Jerusalem Post 6.1.16.]
Indeed it is just such comparisons which forced the Israeli military to back down. According to idiots like Chakrabarti we must not make such a comparison!
Tony Greenstein

Exclusive: Chair of event responded: 'That was an excellent contribution and thank God it was a Jew that said it'

Tony Greenstein, pictured at a rally outside Labour HQ (Photo: the JC)

Infamous anti-Israel activist Tony Greenstein called the Jewish state “Hitler’s bastard offspring” at an event dubbed the biggest celebration of Palestinian culture in Europe.
Mr Greenstein, who was expelled by Labour over his repeated use of  the word "Zio", spoke at a session at last weekend’s Palestine Expo event at London’s Olympia entitled Britain, Zionism and Jewish Resistance to Israel chaired by Latifa Abouchakra, International Officer for the National Education Union.
Also on the panel were author and journalist David Cronin and Leah Levane, co-chair of pro-Corbyn fringe group Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL) and a Labour Councillor.
In a recording, heard by the JC, Mr Greenstein says: “Nazi Germany in a sense built the state of Israel at a crucial time and you can actually say that the state of Israel today is Hitler’s bastard offspring because the ideology, the ideology that permeates Israel, Jewish racial supremacy, originated in the fascist states of Europe.”
Mr Greenstein, who is also an activist with the Labour Against The Witch-hunt group, adds: “What is Zionism?
"Zionism is a movement for Jewish racial supremacy. It imposes the needs of a Jewish racial state to the needs of Jews and that was what Haavara [Agreement] was about.
"When Haavara came in 1933 no one believed that it was going to end up in extermination, no one believed it, the view of the Zionists.”
He was roundly applauded for his comments by around 50 people in the room. Chair Ms Abouchakra then says: “Can I just say that that was an excellent contribution and thank God it was a Jew that said it."
Spotted on the front row were Jackie Walker, who was expelled by Labour over her comments about antisemitism and blogger Asa Winstanley, whom the party has suspended.
Ms Walker made an impromptu speech, saying “For any of the other people campaigning about the Labour Party and the issue of antisemitism they’ll all tell you that it appears that a disproportionate amount of Jews have actually been expelled and sanctioned by the Labour Party in an apparent attempt to quash antisemitism because of course this is not about race, this is not about race, this is about Zionism, antisemitism that is deep within the heart of the Labour Party is the antisemitism against anti-Zionist Jews and it’s really about time that we said this very clearly…
"I’d also like if there was any kind of historical aspect on this I’d like your comments.”
In one question from the floor to Ms Levane, an audience member rambled about the Haavara Agreement of 1933 and the formation of the Stern Gang in 1940, referring to "a Zionist settler gang" and how it was "helping fascists win the war" before asking: "So my question is could you help me with the parallels of Zionism and Fascism?”
Ms Levane responded saying: “I’m not an expert. Tony [Greenstein] however is, go see Tony he knows a lot more than I do.”
Ms Abouchakra later said to the panellists: “Zionism and fascism, can you make comments?”
The annual Palestine Expo event featured culture and heritage stalls, food and activities for children including a mosaic art stall to create a “beautiful images of Palestine using colorful  mosaic pieces” and a theater event on the storytelling of “the popular Prophets in Palestine.”
There were also talks and panel discussions on numerous subjects including the Nation-State Law, the Great Return Marches taking place in Gaza and “decolonsing Palestine".

28 September 2019

Open Letter to the Leader of Brighton and Hove Council, Nancy Platts – Free Speech is not a luxury

Instead of Defending Freedom of Speech You have Chosen to Appease the Supporters of Israel on the pretext of ‘anti-Semitism’

Below is an Open Letter I have sent to Nancy Platts, the Leader of Brighton and Hove Council. 
On two occasions in recent weeks, August 20th and September 26th Platts has inferred that Jews are under threat from  meetings on Palestine or alternatively that they are not welcome at such meetings.
The Zionists ban books, the Nazis burned them
What we have seen in recent months is the de facto implementation of the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism, a ‘definition’ whose sole purpose is to restrict freedom of speech on Palestine and Israel.
As readers will be aware, we in Brighton took steps before the recent Labour Party conference to pre-empt the local Zionists from inflicting their police state agenda on delegates and visitors by securing premises where events could be staged.
Tony Greenstein
The cancelled booklaunch was held at the Rialto to a far-larger audience
Open Letter to Nancy Platts
Dear Nancy,
Last Monday Waterstones Bookshop cancelled a book launch for Bad News for Labour. As its publisher, Pluto Press, explained:
This book clears the confusion by drawing on deep and original research on public beliefs and media representation of antisemitism and the Labour Party, revealing shocking findings of misinformation spread by the press, including the supposedly impartial BBC, and the liberal Guardian.
Despite this peer reviewed book being authored by 5 distinguished academics, Waterstones was subject to a barrage of hostile attacks on social media from supporters of Israel, in particular by Sussex Friends of Israel. See for example here, here and here.
Ken Loach and Chris Williamson attend - standing room only
Sussex Friends of Israel openly encouraged people to get on the phone to abuse and harass the bookshop and its staff.
The accusations were familiar. The speakers were anti-Semitic, the book launch was a hate session and provocative to the Jewish community. Cancelling the book launch would be ‘hugely reassuring to the Brighton/Hove community’ (although 99.9% of them knew nothing about it!). The idea that a book launch in Waterstone’s bookshop would traumatise the Jewish community is risible.
Despite the best efforts of Peter Kyle, Daniel Yates and the rest of New Labour's scumbags, Chris Williamson's meeting on August 8th went off as planned
In the run-up to Labour’s Conference, Brighton and Hove Labour Left Alliance took steps to ensure that events threatened by SFI would be able to continue. We were mindful that there might be a repeat of what happened on and before August 8th, when Peter Kyle MP and SFI took to abusing and threatening venues prepared to stage a meeting with Chris Williamson MP. Much to the chagrin of Councillor Dan Yates we held a large meeting in Regency Square.
We obtained an Events Licence enabling us to meet in Regency Square and we also hired for Saturday and Monday the Rialto Theatre. We had warned them that they would be subject to a barrage of abuse and threats from the usual suspects and on the usual grounds.
Greg Hadfield introduces the session on Modern Monetary Theory with Chris Williamson and Professor Bill Mitchell
When Waterstones cancelled the book launch we held it in the Rialto. All 5 authors: Professors Greg Philo and David Miller, Mike Berry, Justin Schlosberg and Antony Lerman, a world expert in anti-Semitism took part.
The suggestion that these speakers posed a threat to Jews is absurd. What SFI feared was that an academic analysis of Labour’s ‘anti-Semitism’ smear campaign would expose the lies behind it.
The group that organised the Rialto
The fact that the supporters of Israel are so afraid of a book or book launch suggests that this whole campaign, supported by Britain’s racist media, has been driven primarily by those hostile to the Corbyn leadership of the Labour Party.
Former councillor Julie Cattell fostering fear and hatred and Fiona Sharpe, Sussex Friends of Israel's virulent racist and perjurer
Unfortunately the Council have enabled this attack on freedom of speech. It has done this through its adoption of the IHRA Definition of Anti-Semitism. What kind of definition is 500+ words? The purpose of the IHRA is to conflate anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. 
Even the person who drafted the IHRA, American academic Kenneth Stern, conceded in testimony to the US Congress that it ‘chills’ free speech and that that ‘Congress has enshrined a definition that can only help to chill, if not suppress, their political speech.’
Everyone who SFI hates is an anti-semite - only Tommy Robinson and the EDL escape their censure being pro-Zionist
Stern gave as an example the targeting by the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, allies of SFI, of Bristol University academic Rachel Gould for an article she wrote in 2011 about the Holocaust. Stern described what had happened as ‘chilling and McCarthy-like.’
The reason why I am writing to you is because twice in recent weeks you have given sustenance to this campaign against free speech. In the Jewish News of 20th August  you were quoted as saying I am concerned to hear that there may be any events in or around Labour Party Conference where Jewish people would not feel welcome.’
What steps did you take to check out whether this allegation had any merit? In the Jewish News of 26 September reference you state that you ‘will not accept hate speech or hate crime’ in the context of a meeting entitled “BDS, Antisemitism and a free Palestine.” This meeting was held in the Old Courtroom on September 24, where author Tom Suarez, Azzam Tamimi and Miko Peled spoke.
The Zionist movement wanted to prevent Miko, an Israeli anti-Zionist  and other Jewish anti-Zionists speaking for the same reasons that the South African government suppressed the views of White opponents of Apartheid. This understandable.
Israel is a state where 93% of the land is reserved for Jews. Israel’s 20% Arab population has access to just over 2%. It is a state where hospitals segregate Jewish and Arab women in separate maternity wards. In Israel there are separate Jewish and Arab education sectors. Marriage between a Jew and Palestinian is not only impossible but mixed relationships are a social taboo. It is a state in which hundreds of Jewish communities legally bar Arabs from membership. In the city of Afula in June there were demonstrations led by the Mayor against the fact that a house had been sold to an Arab. This not anti-Semitism is the real agenda of SFI.
The IHRA definition is being used for one purpose only.  To prevent political speech which offends supporters of Israel.  Despite SFI’s scaremongering the Jewish community is unconcerned. On August 8th, the Zionist demonstration against Chris Williamson mustered less than 20 people, some of whom were Christian Zionists.
Even if it were true that the majority of the Jewish community is offended by a book launch that is no reason to cancel it. When Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses was issued we argued that freedom of speech trumps religious sensibilities. Why should that be any different when it comes to Jewish nationalists? Why was it right for Charlie Hebdo to offend Muslims yet it is forbidden to mention Israel’s abuse of human rights?
The vast majority of Jewish people in Brighton and Hove are not concerned with anti-Zionist meetings or whether or not a book debunks the false anti-Semitism narrative. The only people offended are Fiona Sharpe and Israel’s devotees.
Your duty as Council leader is to support the basic rights of Brighton residents under the European Convention of Human Rights, for example Articles 10 and 11. It is time to call the bluff of those who try to suppress any opinion bar their own. The best way to do that would be to reverse the adoption of the IHRA definition.
When my father took part in the Battle of Cable Street in 1936 against Oswald Moseley’s British Union of Fascists he didn’t need a definition of anti-Semitism in order to know who his enemy was. The only purpose of the IHRA is to restrict free speech.  It has nothing to do with racism which is why the Tory Right loves it so much.
Tony Greenstein
Below are some of the abusive tweets and abuse that Waterstone's Received
To SFI book launches are matters of concern to the Jewish community