31 January 2017

Brighton & Hove’s Monster Demonstration Against Trump

Praise from one racist Israel's Prime Minister to Donald Trump -  it's what I've already done Netanyahu tweeted

Only Israel and Netanyahu Welcome the Mexican Wall and the Ban on Muslims

Completely blocked - the intersection of Bartholomew Square, where Brighton town hall is situated, with Prince Albert Street and The Laines, with Cafe Rouge on the corner
On the steps of Brighton Town Hall - Momentum and Brighton & Hove PSC - no Zionists or Jewish Labour Movement were to be seen - probably because opposition to anti-Muslim racism is anti-Semitic!
I have seen some large demonstrations in my time in Brighton.  Over 5,000  demonstrated in April 2003 at the start of the Iraq War.  Some 4,000 school students demonstrated in 2010 against the massive increase in tuition fees but this was the largest demonstration I can remember in 40 years.  People came from everywhere.  Bartholomew Square in which the town hall was situated was packed solid.  It was impossible to get anywhere near the demonstration as Prince Albert Street was impassable.  So too were the Laines approaches. 

What was so impressive was not only the youthful nature of the demonstrators but the fact that this represented a cross-section of Brighton and Hove.  Parents with their children, old people and of course veteran protestors like me!  The chanting focussed on the racist bigotry of Trump’s measures against Muslims.  ‘Refugees are welcome’ was the cry.  Even a few of our New Labour councillors, such as Emma Daniels, a strong supporter of Israel’s racist anti-Muslim politics, showed her face before scuttling away.  It was also good to see Brighton and Hove’s Green Mayor Pete West.
Photograph taken from Prince Albert Street which was impassable

The hypocrisy of Trump’s measures, which conveniently excluded Saudi Arabia, the country from which the 9/11 bombers had come, made it clear what the purpose of the immigration ban was – to demonise Muslims and Arabs.  It was an attempt to use the race card to divide American society.  What is gratifying, at a time when New Labour politicians are allowing Brexit to divide people in Britain, is the strength and size of the opposition to Trump in America.

We are living in new times.  The election of Trump, who received fewer votes even than the detested Hilary Clinton, has little legitimacy in the eyes of a majority of American voters.  Most American Presidents enjoy a honeymoon when elected.  Trump has started out with negative ratings.
The election of Trump is not only unpopular with the American people but also with the majority of the American capitalist class and its political establishment.  It’s not simply his policies.  There is a lot of truth in the argument that what Trump does aloud Obama did behind closed doors. That Obama too banned Iraqis from visiting America for 6 months.  That Obama also presided over mass deportations of Mexicans.  But Trump makes a virtue out of his racist reaction.  He deliberately plays footsey with the American far-Right who are in ectasy.  He deliberately stirs up racial divisions in order to prop up US corporations.  He uses race in order to satisfy his lumpen working class support.
What is appalling in their eyes is that Trump is stripping the United States of its moral legitimacy as the leader of the democratic world.  To socialists and lefties this has always been a dubious and hypocritical proposition.  Chile, Iraq, El Salvador – the list of countries that the United States has despoiled is endless.  Its support for Israel is well known.

But today people identify the United States with a loud-mouthed bigot, who wears his racism on his sleeve, who is on record of boasting about sexual attacks on women, who has called all Mexicans rapists and who has appointed open racists and anti-Semites like Steve Bannon of Breitbart as his Strategic Advisor.  Tonight his immigration ban has been countermanded by the Acting Attorney General, an almost unprecedented action.
Brighton's Bartholomew Square

I predict that  Trump may serve one of the shortest terms of any American President.  It is almost certain that evidence is going to be provided of his many misdemeanours and crimes – from rape and sexual assault to fraud in the way his charity operated to tax evasion.  New York State already has an investigation into Trump’s charity underway.  I think it is odds on that Trump is going to be impeached.  At the end of the day it will only be America’s far-Right Zionists, White Supremacists and Fundamentalist Christians who will be his supporters.  Although Republicans have lined up in his support for the moment that is unlikely to last.

The fact that  Theresa May went to pay homage to Trump in America without saying a word about his anti-Muslim rhetoric and  racist tirades against Mexicans says everything you need to know about this tawdry woman who goes begging, from one tyrant to another, seeking a way out from her ‘hard Brexit’.  May is demonstrating, despite her fine words on succeeding to Cameron, that she is willing to support anything and anyone who provides her with an economic escape route from her difficulties on Europe and Brexit.  It was toe curlingly embarrassing to see her hand in hand with a man who boasts about grabbing women by the ‘pussy’.  It is or should be a good example to those who believe that having a woman in power is a good thing in itself.
Brighton's Bartholomew Square
There was, not surprisingly, just one voice in the world that welcomed  Trump’s anti-Muslim directives.  That was the State of Israel which has pioneered racial profiling.  Israel has, as Netanyahu boasted, constructed its own wall on the Egyptian border to keep out African refugees.  Israel has refused to accept any Syrian refugees and has called those refugees who did manage to gain entry before the Egyptian wall ‘infiltrators’ (a comparison with Palestinian refugees from 1948 who sought to return to their lands).

Israel has followed a policy of ‘encouraging’ the 60,000 African refugees who did obtain entry in the early years of this decade, to leave.  Methods include indefinite imprisonment in the Holot detention centre in the Negev Desert.  A number of those who were forced out of Israel ended up dead at the hands of ISIS in Libya.  Israel refuses to recognise that Eritrea, where most refugees come from, is a country with a horrific human rights record.  
Ha’aretz described how 'On Saturday, the Israeli prime minister applauded Trump’s decision to set up a wall with Mexico, with the disputable claim, phrased in Trump-style syntax, “I built a wall along Israel's southern border. It stopped all illegal immigration. Great success. Great idea.”  Netanyahu’s arguments in opposing the entry of refugees were explicitly racist.  It wasn’t about terrorism or lowering wages but identity – admitting non-Jewish refugees would dilute the Jewish majority:

"If we don't stop their entry, the problem that currently stands at 60,000 could grow to 600,000, and that threatens our existence as a Jewish and democratic state," Binyamin Netanyahu said at Sunday's cabinet meeting. "This phenomenon is very grave and threatens the social fabric of society, our national security and our national identity." Israel PM: illegal African immigrants threaten identity of Jewish state]
In an interview with the BICOM journal Fathom, Isaac Herzog, Leader of the Israeli Labour Party  put it more elegantly than Netanyahu but he sang from the same hymn sheet:

‘It’s complicated because one doesn’t want to create a precedent which could affect the equilibrium of the nation. There are millions out there who may want to come to Israel.’

In 2012 in an Op Ed ‘The next national target: Eritrea in the Jerusalem Post Herzog urged that Eritrean refugees, who form 2/3 of Israel’s refugees be sent back.  He repeated this on the eve of the 2015 elections. 

Theresa May has also invited Trump to visit Britain later this year.  A petition opposing the visit has already garnered 1.5m signatures.  It is a sign of the opposition that there will be on the streets when or if Trump shows his face.

Netanyahu’s anti-Jewish support for Trump’s anti-Muslim decree

Banning Syrian refugees and Muslim immigrants will help anti-American propaganda more than U.S. national security.

By Chemi Shalev | Jan. 29, 2017 

U.S President Donald Trump is a hero now for Muslim-haters who, in some countries, might even be the majority. He is being lauded by the hard-right in America, extolled as a man’s man in Vladimir Putin’s Russia, glorified as a god among racist parties in Europe and enjoys wall-to-wall support from his groupies in Israel, who are now being led, unabashedly, by Benjamin Netanyahu.

On Saturday, the Israeli prime minister applauded Trump’s decision to set up a wall with Mexico, with the disputable claim, phrased in Trump-style syntax, “I built a wall along Israel's southern border. It stopped all illegal immigration. Great success. Great idea.” Netanyahu’s intervention on a topic that is in sharp political dispute in the U.S. is questionable enough, but the timing of his decision to identify so strongly with Trump, just after the president issued his executive order on Syrian refugees and Muslim immigrants - a move viewed widely as a declaration of hate against Muslims - is a reckless gamble. For no discernible rhyme, reason or political imperative, Netanyahu has placed himself - and Israel, by extension - solidly behind a morally dubious move and a leader who could soon become the world’s most hated.

Trump’s spokespersons claim that the move is aimed at countering threats to U.S. national security, but that’s an obvious ruse. The U.S. already conducts the world’s most stringent screening for refugees. To this day, not one Syrian refugee or immigrant from any of the seven blacklisted countries has engaged in terrorist activities - while those who did attack America, including the terrorists who carried out the September 11 attacks, came from countries that were not included in Trump’s list, either because they’re too vital to U.S. interests or too lucrative for Trump’s business empire.

On the other hand, the damage that Trump’s move may cause, directly or indirectly, in the short term or in the long, is undeniable. The reports of refugees stuck on their way to the U.S. or in American airports, along with the shocking announcement by the Department of Homeland Security that green-card holders who are abroad will be barred from rejoining their families or their jobs, place a disturbing human face on the bureaucratic jargon of Friday's executive order. Much of Muslim public opinion is likely to be outraged by Trump’s actions - and they will be aided and abetted by hostile governments and jihadist groups eager to stoke the flames of hate. Friendly regimes, in places such as Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, will be under pressure to distance themselves from Washington. Preachers of radical Islam will be able to use the photo of Trump signing the order as proof of their age-old claim that America and the West are on a crusade against Islam. ISIS, which has been on the defensive for the past year and, according to some experts, on the verge of collapse, has been handed a propaganda victory and a new slogan for attracting new recruits.

Trump’s decision is bound to increase polarization between left and right, between liberals and some, but not all, conservatives. What supporters of the move will portray as a defensive imperative, its opponents will view as institutional discrimination and an assault on values. “Tears are running down the cheeks of the Statue of Liberty,” Senator Chuck Schumer said. The famous line of American-Jewish poet Emma Lazarus' The New Colossus “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” which is engraved in stone at the footsteps of Lady Liberty, will now need an asterisk that clarifies “  *Unless they happen to be Muslim.”

Trump’s decision is also bound to increase tensions in the American Jewish community, between the right wing that has adopted and compounded their Israeli counterparts’ anti-Muslim narrative and the more centrist and moderate elements - including most of the Jewish establishment - that remains loyal to the community’s traditional liberal values. Most Jews still view themselves as a vulnerable minority, just like Muslims. Most are deeply committed to the values of immigration and sanctuary. Most still carry the traumatized memories of their parents and grandparents of an America that locked its gates for Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazis. Netanyahu’s imprudent encouragement of Trump, along with the overzealous welcome that Trump has received from the Israeli government, further expand the growing divide between the Jewish State and the world’s biggest Jewish diaspora.

One wonders of course about the silence of the GOP chickens, who were quick to blast Trump’s offer to ban Muslims when his prospects to become the party’s presidential candidate looked slim but who are now laying low out of fear and expediency. First and foremost of these is House Speaker Paul Ryan who was rightfully enshrined for a few hours on Saturday on the Wikipedia page for spineless invertebrates. Photos of Likud lawmakers who have been similarly struck dumb when asked about Netanyahu’s corruption charges and other shady shenanigans also deserve a place of honor in the same gallery of cowards. They and their patrons, Trump and Netanyahu, are the proverbial birds of a feather that mock us together.

29 January 2017

Israeli Labour Party Supports Netanyahu's Attempt to Expel an Arab MK, Basel Ghattas

Basel Ghattas is the latest Arab member of the Knesset to come under attack from the Jewish majority 
It is one of the boasts of Israel that it is the ‘only democracy in the Middle East’.  Arabs can vote goes the narrative, therefore we are a democracy.

Of course the idea that a democracy is defined by the ability to put one’s cross on a ballot box once every 3-4 years is a pretty weak argument.  By this logic Hitler's government was democratic.  A state that tortures its citizens, especially if they are part of the minority population, that has a pervasive censorship, which consistently discriminates against one section of its citizens, that embeds racism within the very definition of the state as a State of the Jews, that doesn't even 'recognise' the right of non-Jews to live on their land is only democratic in the most formal of senses. 
Aryhe Deri - leader of Shas, jailed for corruption is now Interior Minister
However even the ability to choose their representatives is becoming irksome to the Zionists.  Balad, a radical nationalist party that wants to see Israel as a state of all its citizens rather than a State of the Jewish People has been under severe attack recently with its premises raided, its activists arrested on bogus charges of money laundering and its representatives under continuing harassment.  [Balad condemns unprecedented Israeli arrests of senior officials]
Israel is a state where corruption is epidemic amongst the Zionist political class.  Prime Minister Netanyahu has received hundreds of thousands of shekels of cigars and champagne from business associates and has been recorded offering favours for favourable coverage from the Yediot Aharanot newspaper.  The Interior Minister, Aryeh Deri of the Shas Party served nearly three years in prison for corruption when last in office.  Netanyahu's predecessor Ehud Olmert is still in prison for corruption yet there has never been a time when the Likud party offices have been raided by the Police.  Likewise, when Labour was in power, corruption was rife.  Ehud Barak managed to become wealthy overnight when Prime Minister.
Balad MKs have been under consistent attack.  Haneen Zoabi, a secular Arab woman who has been on a speaking tour of Britain, has been the subject of unheard of villification by Zionist MKs including physical attacks inside the Knesset building.  She was herself suspended for 6 months for making the unremarkable observation that 3 settler teenagers killed in the West Bank weren't the victims of terrorism.
Racism against the Palestinians is no offence - Bezalel Smotrich MK
On no occasion has any Jewish MK, e.g. its most notorious racist Bezalel Smotrich been expelled or suspended from the Knesset despite for example arguing that Jewish women should be able to give birth in hospital in segregated wards (in fact such wards exist in practice anyway!).  Racism against Palestinians is not a crime.  After all this is a state where it is legitimate to steal and confiscate the land of the indigenous population without any penalty.
In July 2016, Israel passed a bill allowing 90 members of the Knesset to expel another member.  We were told that this Bill would rarely if ever be used.  It was attacked as a naked attempt to expel Palestinian Israeli members of the Knesset who wouldn’t accept working within the Zionist consensus.  Like all racist legislation it doesn't explicitly mention that only Arab MKs will be subject to its provisions.  In theory Smotrich or Uri Ariel or even Netanyahu could be a victim of the Expulsion Bill, but as with so many things in the 'Jewish' state, in practice only Arabs are the victim.
Thousands of Palestinians gathered after the Friday noon prayer in Um al-Hiran to bury Yacoub Abu al-Qiyan, but the police refused to hand over his body to his family [Jonathan Cook/Al Jazeera]
Sure enough Basel Ghattas, a member of Balad, has been stripped of his immunity and now there are proposals to expel him from the Knesset.  The allegations against him, which he denies and of which he hasn’t even been convicted, was passing mobile phones to Palestinian prisoners locked up for up to 37 years for killing an Israeli soldier.   Even were he 'guilty' so what?  He however denies he passed anything more than printed materials.
One should note that Zionist killer Elor Azaria, who deliberately shot and murdered an Arab lying severely on the ground, although he has been convicted of manslaughter is unlikely to serve any time in gaol.  Instead he has become an Israeli national hero, with the Prime Minister ringing up his parents to reassure them and members of the Israeli cabinet, such as Miri Regev and Naftali Bennett calling for him to be pardoned.
The killing of Palestinians in Israel by the Police or Army is only a crime in theory.  Last weeYacoub Abu al-Qiyan was murdered in Umm al-Hiran, a village demolished in the Negev in order to make way for a Jewish town, by the Police who opened fire on his car.  There was justice of sorts as he then lost control of the car, which went out of control and killed one of his killers.  For this he was branded, without any evidence whatsoever, by the racist public order Minister, Gilad Erdan, a member of ISIS and until a court order, the Police refused even to hand over the body.
We shouldn’t be surprised at the hypocrisy of Israel which fetes its killers but damns Palestinian killers of Israeli soldiers.  The Israeli Labour Party (Zionist Union plus a few independents) which opposed the original Expulsion Bill is now giving its MKs a green light to support Netanyahu’s attempt to expel Basel Ghattas.
See the article in Ha’aretz below.
Tony Greenstein 

By allowing its lawmakers to raise their hands in favor of the law and bring about Basel Ghattas’ ouster, the faction has brought upon itself a shame that will never be forgotten.

Haaretz Editorial Jan 18, 2017 

Zionist Union leaders Tzipi Livni and Isaac Herzog at the Knesset, January 16, 2017. Olivier Fitoussi

 One of the most shameful laws the Knesset has ever enacted is now about to be implemented: For the first time in Israel’s history, there’s a real possibility that a sitting Knesset member will be ousted by a vote of his fellow legislators.

Seventy MKs have already signed on in support of expelling their colleague Basel Ghattas (Joint List) after he was charged with smuggling cell phones to imprisoned terrorists. If Ghattas is ousted, the decision will have been made possible by the votes of members of the Zionist Union faction, which decided on Monday to allow its MKs to vote in favor of his expulsion if they so choose.

The ouster law, which was enacted last summer, states that the Knesset can expel an MK for incitement to racism or support for armed struggle against Israel. Thus, based on the wording of the law itself, it shouldn’t apply to Ghattas: He hasn’t yet been convicted, and it’s doubtful that the charges against him meet the criteria set in the law.

It’s no surprise that the right-wing parties support Ghattas’ expulsion. They enacted the law precisely for this purpose: to eject Arab legislators from the Knesset. Nor should the Yesh Atid party’s support for his ouster surprise anyone: Party chairman Yair Lapid has been paving his political ascent with base incitement against Arabs for a long time now, since this is well known as the most effective weapon for gathering votes in Israel.

When it comes to incitement, Lapid doesn’t fall one whit short of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the greatest of anti-Arab inciters. And Lapid’s party colleagues have long since lost both their shame and their independence; they blindly, automatically obey their leader’s cynical decisions. Some of them know quite well how dangerous the ouster law is, and how contemptible it is to expel a Knesset member who hasn’t yet been convicted in court, but they have fallen silent out of fear of their leader.

Now, Zionist Union is following in Yesh Atid’s footsteps. And even from Zionist Union, such wretched behavior was hard to foresee. Not even chairman Isaac Herzog’s denunciation of the law after it passed as “an ugly stain on the face of this government of hate” deterred him from announcing Monday that he approves of the stain, in the form of Ghattas’ ouster. And a few other MKs from his faction hastened to announce that they, too, would vote for the expulsion.

This ugly stain is now defacing Zionist Union in its entirety. By allowing its MKs to raise their hands in favor of the law and bring about Ghattas’ ouster – which requires the support of 90 of the Knesset’s 120 MKs – the faction has brought upon itself a shame that will never be forgotten. This isn’t the first time the faction has been dragged after the radical right and the populist center; it isn’t the first time it has betrayed its trust as the largest opposition party; and it isn’t the first time we’ve been given proof that Zionist Union under Herzog’s leadership has completely lost its way.

28 January 2017

Letter from 112 Labour Party members to Jeremy Corbyn

It is time for Labour to say Goodbye to Labour Friends of Israel

Update:  People are still writing in saying they support this - so I am updating it continuously as many people feel strongly about allowing a lobby funded by another state to interfere in the internal workings of the Labour Party

I have just sent the following letter, from 112 members of the Labour Party/Momentum to Jeremy Corbyn MP.  In the light of the four Al Jazeera programmes on the penetration and destabilisation of the Labour Party (including the National Union of Students) by the Israeli Embassy, with the use of large sums of money, we call on the Labour Party to make a clean break with the Labour Friends of Israel.

LFI are not a normal group of party members seeking to win people to their point of view but an extension of the Israeli state and its Embassy in London.  It uses any manner of dirty tricks and black propaganda against its opponents in order to whitewash the Apartheid State of Israel.  It is as unacceptable for the LFI to use the £1+ million to subvert the democratic processes of the Labour Party as it would have been for the Apartheid government of South Africa to have done so 20 years ago.
Joan Ryan MP, Chair of LFI, wants to know where the loot is
Shai Masot, the Israeli Embassy agent has over £1m to disperse for dirty tricks, propaganda and of course MP visits to the land of Apartheid
The slush fund has been approved but is not yet in the bag as it were

Joan Ryan MP, Chair of Labour Friends of Israel makes a joke, delighted at having bagged over £1m in slush funds
Michael Rubin, LFI's parliamentary officer boasting of his work with the Israeli Embassy
Tony Greenstein

Jeremy Corbyn MP
Leader of the Labour Party
House of Commons
London SW1 1AA

Dear Jeremy,

We write as Jewish and non-Jewish members/ supporters of the Labour Party and Momentum.
We welcome the fact that you have called for a Government  inquiry into the revelations in the recent series of programmes by Al Jazeera TV.  However the programmes also raise very serious questions for the Labour Party, not least its relationship to Labour Friends of Israel and the Jewish Labour Movement.  We understand Free Speech on Israel has already called for a Labour Party Inquiry into the implications for the Labour Party.  We endorse that call.

In the second programme Joan Ryan MP, LFI Chairperson asks Shai Masot, the Israeli Embassy’s Political Officer, who was caught trying to ‘take down’ Government Ministers:

‘What happened with the names that we put into the Embassy Shai?  To which Masot replies ‘Just now we’ve got the money.  It’s more than £1m, it’s a lot of money..it’s not physical, it’s an approval’ to which Ryan jocularly responds ‘ I didn’t think you had it in your bag!’.
The LFI’s Parliamentary Officer, Michael Rubin was filmed boasting that he was trying to take-down the democratically elected President of the National Union of Students, Malia Bouattia.   Rubin claimed to work “with the ambassador and embassy quite a lot”.

Joan Ryan in the third Al Jazeera programme was seen to concoct a wholly false allegation of anti-Semitism against a Labour Party conference delegate, Jean Fitzpatrick, who had come to ask Ms Ryan what LFI’s support for a 2 State Solution meant in practice and what they were doing to achieve it.  Getting no answer, Jean said that LFI had a lot of money, which is clearly true, a lot of prestige and that a friend of hers had got a good job at Oxford University on the basis of having worked for LFI. 

None of this was remotely anti-Semitic yet Joan Ryan had no hesitation in transforming this into getting a ‘big job in banking and the City’ and an ‘anti-Semitic attack’.  On the basis of this Jean was suspended from the Labour Party.  Subsequently the charge was dropped but this is an example of how false charges of ‘anti-Semitism’ have been concocted.

The reason for making false accusations of anti-Semitism, such as that against Ms Fitzpatrick, is to deter criticism of Zionism and the Israeli state.  Those who make these false claims of anti-Semitism are deliberately jeopardising Labour’s chances of electoral victory. 

Although LFI purports to support a 2 State Solution it is clear, as Jean Fitzpatrick demonstrated, that this is a smokescreen for its uncritical support for Israel’s military occupation and settlement of the West Bank and Gaza.  At no time has LFI ever condemned or criticised the Occupation or the Settlements.  LFI supports the 2SS  knowing that it will never happen but also knowing that it will make them appear as reasonable and even-handed rather than an uncritical supporter of Israeli expansion and racism.

Prior to your election as Leader of the Labour Party you had never addressed a meeting of the LFI.  At the 2016 Conference you addressed the LFI fringe meeting for the second time.  It is clear from the Al Jazeera revelations that LFI operates as an emanation of the Israeli state within the Labour Party.  We saw this clearly when Shai Masot introduced Al Jazeera’s reporter, Robin Harrow to people as the Chair of Young LFI, a non-existent organisation.

If you continue to speak at LFI meetings you will be taken to be endorsing a group which favours continued settlement expansion and which opposes their dismantlement.  You will also be interpreted as  lending support to those who wage war on Palestinians living inside Israel.  Only last week a Bedouin village in the Negev, Umm al-Hiran, which had been there for 60 years, was demolished by bulldozers from the Jewish National Fund.  One resident was killed by police gunfire. 

Despite Palestinians occupying only 2% of the Negev, the Israeli government and the Jewish National Fund sought, as part of the programme of Judaisation, to demolish an Arab village in order to make way for the Jewish town of Hiran.  This is comparable to, if not worse than, the demolition in the 1970’s of Black ‘squatter’ camps in Soweto.

Neither LFI nor the JLM, which are always eager to accuse supporters of the Palestinians and opponents of Zionism of ‘anti-Semitism’ have anything to say about apartheid in Israel.  Ha’aretz newspaper recently warned, in an editorial ,that with the proposed annexation of Ma’aleh Adumim, ‘Israel will cease to exist as a Jewish and democratic state, and officially become an apartheid one’.

Ha’aretz also referred, in the same editorial, to the Israeli Labour Party ‘opposition’, of which the Jewish Labour Movement is the British wing:  ‘It is pointless mentioning the opposition at this stage, since the dead cannot speak’.

We would urge you to cease giving any support to the Labour Friends of Israel and not to speak at any future fringe meetings of theirs.  Both Tony Benn and Eric Heffer resigned from LFI in 1982 as a result of its support for the invasion of Lebanon.  Over the past quarter of a century they have not changed.

Yours sincerely,

        Barry Ackerman                       Enfield CLP                                                  
Jane Airs                                    Riverside CLP Liverpool
John Airs                                    Riverside CLP Liverpool
Peter Angell                                Castle Point CLP      
Ben Armstrong                           Brighton Momentum/Hove CLP
Clare N. Ayton-Edwards            Kenilworth & Southam (Warwickshire) CLP     
Georgina Baidoun                      Milton Keynes CLP 
Hilary Barker                              Penrith CLP             
Abdul Basīr                                Brighton Pavilion CLP   
Peter Bloomer                            Selly Oak CLP
Haim Bresheeth                          Hornsey and Wood Green CLP           
Tarin Brokenshire                       Cambridge CLP       
Andrea Burford                          Leicester East CLP   
Jackie Cairns                              Preston Labour Party      
Neil Cameron                             Sheffield Central CLP    
Valerie Gene Cane                     Brighton & Hove Momentum    
Marilù Cavaliere                         CLP: Luton South    
Ches Chesney                             Berwick-upon-Tweed CLP         
Brian Chinnery                           Enfield Southgate    
Mollie Collins                             Momentum and CLP South Dorset         
Andy Coombes                          Stroud CLP              
Graham Coupe                           South Norwood CLP
Patrick Darnes                            Congleton CLP        
Deborah Darnes                         Congleton CLP        
John Davies                                Liverpool Riverside CLP          
Helen Dickson                               Liverpool Riverside CLP
Theresa Dunningham                 Central Suffolk & North Ipswich CLP   
Sally Rebecca Eason                  East Surrey CLP       
Simon Milner-Edwards               Withington CLP       
Pete Firmin                                 Hampstead & Kilburn CLP        
Jenifer Flintoft                            Meon Valley CLP/Portsmouth Momentum
Philip Foxe                                 Enfield South gate CLP  
Christopher Fraser                      Rushcliffe CLP        
Craig Fraser                                Cheltenham CLP      
Suzanne Gannon                        Vice Chair Membership, Colne Valley CLP       
Daphne Gilbert                           Hexham CLP/Momentum          
Lynda Gilbert                             Milton Keynes North CLP          
Tony Goss                                  Torbay CLP             
Val Graham                                Chesterfield CLP     
Judy Granville                            Hove CLP                
Tony Greenstein                         Brighton Kemptown CLP
Jenny Hardacre                          South Cambridgeshire CLP
Dr. James Hall                            South Cambridgeshire Constituency Labour Party
Martin Hall                                 Wythenshawe and Sale East CLP           
Abe Hayeem                              Harrow East CLP     
Jeremy Hawthorn                       Liverpool Riverside CLP
Rosamine Hayeem                     Harrow East CLP     
Professor Dave Hill                    Brighton and Hove Momentum
Simon Hinds                               Islington North         
Doug Holton                               Hackney North and Stoke Newington CLP        
Carole Hope                               Tewkesbury CLP     
Anna Hubbard                            Southport CLP          
      Steve Jansky                               North West Cambridgeshire CLP/Momentum    
Helen Jenner                              Otley and Yeadon CLP/Chair Leeds UNISON
Peter Jenner                                Otley and Yeadon CLP  
Helena Kearns                            Northern Ireland Labour Party
Chris Knight                               Streatham Momentum Group,
Kay Lawrence                            Torfaen CLP            
Marie Lynam                               Hamsptead and Kilburn CLP    
Doug Macari                               Canterbury CLP and Momentum           
Professor Moshe Machover        Hampstead and Kilburn CLP
Dr Alan Maddison                      Houghton and Sunderland South CLP
Miriam Margolyes OBE              Lambeth Constituency Party & Vauxhall CLP   
Helen Marks                               Riverside CLP          
Becky Massey                            Hove CLP
Patricia McCarthy                      Milton Keynes CLP
Kathy McCubbing                           East Reading CLP
Steve Mckenzie                          Bexhill and Battle CLP   
Tricia Neda McLaughlin             Gillingham and Rainham CLP    
Ellen McNay                              Sunderland Central CLP 
John Metson                               Durham City CLP    
Anne Mitchell                             Hove CLP                
Brian Mogford                            Gower CLP              
Brendan Morgan                         N. Ireland CLP         
Wendy Morgan                           Aberconwy CLP      
Elizabeth Morley                        Ceredigion CLP/Momentum       
Suresh Nesaratnam                      Milton Keynes         
Dr Joseph O' Neill,                      Cheshire West CLP
James O’Sullivan                        East Worthing and Shoreham CLP         
Gill Page                                     Richmond (Yorkshire) CLP
Pam Page                                    Brighton Kemptown CLP
Frankie Patterson                        Gosport CLP            
Allan Pearson                             South Ribble CLP     a
Nicola Pratt                                 Coventry South CLP
Claire Pyper                                South Birmingham Momentum  
Daniel Read                                Portsmouth CLP       
Janine E Reed                             Islwyn CLP              
Joan Rudderham                        Coventry North West CLP         
Professor Richard Seaford          Exeter CLP              
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Eric Willoughby                         Editor, Palestine Media Digest    
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Ken Willingale                            Southend West CLP  h
Charley Young                           Ceredigion CLP       
Sue Young.                                 Ceredigion CLP        

Saying that LFI have lot of money is an anti-Semitic 'trope' - even though it's true!
This used to be called 'verballing' when the Police made up a confession

Inventing an anti-Semitism allegation - they call them 'tropes' probably because they think the victims are dopes
Jean Fitzpatrick, the LP delegate accused of anti-Semitism never even mentioned the City of London but in the hands of these racist frauds she didn't stand a chance

If you oppose Zionism and Israeli racism, it is a 'trope' - their favourite word