26 October 2022

I am being Stalked by a Sad Sick Zionist on this Blog - If anyone knows how to Block someone on Blogspot please let me know!

 ALSO - A Roundup of Life in the ‘Only Democracy in the Middle East’ and the attack of 4 Border Police Thugs on a 16 Year Old Palestinian Boy

It’s not clear where Shadi bled from, but later that morning, after his arrest, the stains and drops remained everywhere.Credit: Alex Levac

Readers of this blog may know that about 6 months ago I was forced to moderate comments, not because I want to prevent people who I disagree with posting but because a foul mouthed Zionist, who is clearly psychologically disturbed, who began posting a series of vile posts in which he carries on an imaginary conversation with me.

The latest comment of his takes pleasure in the murder of 5 Palestinian youth in Nablus this week by the Israeli Occupation Forces. I post a number of his comments to demonstrate the depths of sickness of some Zionist minds.

It is clear that this freak, lacking anyone to converse with, has taken refuge in an imaginary conversation with me. The chore of deleting his idiotic comments, in addition to having to sift out genuine comments from the abusive, mean that I would like, if possible to be able to block the nutter through his ISP.

It has been suggested that he might be Paul Besser, former Intelligence Officer (despite being anything but intelligent) for the  neo-Nazi Britain First. Jonathan Hoffman, the former Zionist Federation Vice-President is a friend of him and he operates in the netherworld of Zionist supporters of the EDL and Tommy Robinson.

Nutter’s comments do though given an insight into the sickness that infects so many Zionist minds. He protests the killing of civilians in the Ukraine and Iran but rejoices over the murder of civilians by Israel or ‘the Jews’ as this racist would have it. He also adopts the persona of other activists like Asa Winstanley in an effort to fool me.

Not being technically minded I thought I’d make the problem public.

My apologies for not having posted a blog in the past week. There are two reasons for this.  Firstly I am engaged in the final preparations for the issue of my book Zionism During the Holocaust and secondly I am working on a long blog on Al Jazeera’s Labour Files which has necessitated me watching all four episodes again and taking notes.

A few of the Zionist Nutter's Posts That I Deleted

A Roundup of Life in the ‘Only Democracy in the Middle East’

Israeli and Palestinian flags waved at demonstrations at Ben-Gurion University in the southern city of Be'er Sheva, in May.Credit: Eliyahu Hershkovitz 

There are so many stories about the iniquities of the world’s only apartheid state that it is sometimes hard to know where to start. A good place might be the contempt that Israeli universities have for freedom of speech when it comes to Palestinian students.

Watan Madi, a member of the Communist  Party of Israel, Hadash, has been found guilty of the heinous crime of quoting the word ‘Martyr’ from a poem by Mahmoud Darwish, the Palestinian national poet. The idea that Palestinians have martyrs as opposed to being terrorists is something that Israeli universities have difficulties understanding.

So when someone complains about the Academic Boycott you can tell them that as long as Israeli universities are complicit in Israeli apartheid and its military occupation so long will they be the target of Boycott. The complaint against Watan was made by Im Tirzu, a group which even the Jerusalem District court found to be fascist. See:

Student Convicted of Disobeying Campus Authorities Over Mahmoud Darwish Quote

The exterior of ruruHaus, one of the venues hosting documenta fifteen in Kassel, Germany, June 16, 2022. (Baummapper/CC BY-SA 3.0 DE)

Uniting behind Palestinians, German art festival hits back at antisemitism charges

There is also a good article in Israel’s +972 Magazine about a pushback against attempts in Germany to ban Palestinian artists from an art festival documenta fifteen.

One of the ironies of politics in Germany today is that it is the neo-Nazis who are the most ardent supporters of Zionism. The German state itself, is eager to offload its guilt over the Holocaust onto the Palestinians by painting the victims of Israeli ethnic cleansing as no better than Nazis.

Perhaps someone can remind German politicians that when Hitler was in power the policy of the Nazis was to single out the Zionist movement, which represented no more than 2% of German Jews, for favourable treatment. So the present day demonisation of Palestinians by the German state and their support for Zionist attacks on Palestinians are really no different from the policy of Hitler!

Curators and artists at the renowned documenta fifteen exhibition faced a torrent of denunciations, including from German officials, for hosting Palestinian collectives and exhibits on Palestine solidarity.

By Hebh Jamal October 24, 2022

For months prior to opening day, documenta fifteen — the 15th edition of one of the world’s largest art festivals — had been the subject of a major smear campaign by the German media. Held from June 18 until Sept. 25 in Kassel, Germany, the festival’s organizers were accused of antisemitism, primarily relating to issues around Palestine-Israel, leading many artists involved to believe the quinquennial exhibition was doomed from the very start.

Art on display at documenta fifteen, Kassel, Germany, June 17, 2022. (Birte Fritsch/CC BY 2.0)

Documenta fifteen was the first edition of the event to be curated mostly by artists from the Global South. Ruangrupa, a Jakarta-based artists’ collective, was selected to curate this year’s exhibits, and chose to do so based on the core values of lumbung — the Indonesian term for a communal rice barn — placing a strong emphasis on collectivity, communal resource-sharing, and sustainability.

While Palestine-Israel played a marginal role in the months-long exhibition, Ruangrupa faced a torrent of criticism, including from German political officials, for showcasing allegedly antisemitic collectives, as well as pressure to shut down an exhibit by Palestinian artists.

Read on

Protestor holding a sign against the far-right party Alternative for Germany (AfD) in Berlin. June 9, 2018. (Hossam el-Hamalawy/Flickr)

Bloodstains and Destruction at This Palestinian Home Tell the Whole Story 

I am also copying an article from Gideon Levy and Alex Levac in Ha’aretz. The home of a Palestinian living in East Jerusalem was raided by 4 thugs from the Border Police. They wanted to arrest a 16 year old boy, Shadi Khoury who was living with his parents.

The boy asked them to leave while he got dressed and this was the cue for a vicious assault on him by 4 grown adults equipped with batons etc.

The Police, when contacted by Ha’aretz of course had their lies already prepared:

The suspect was arrested on suspicion of his involvement in a serious violent event in which Jewish vehicles were attacked and stoned in Beit Hanina last week. During his arrest, [which was backed] by a court order, he attacked the police officers with his fists and by kicking, and he pushed, went wild and tried actively to prevent the execution of the arrest.

And if you believe that then I’m a Martian.  Note the term ‘Jewish vehicles’. It’s the first time that vehicles have been know to adopt a religion!

The Jerusalem Magistrates Court, which regularly frees on bail Jewish terrorists accused of attacking Palestinians bought this Police story wholesale and continued to remand Shadi in custody.


Jeremy Corbyn, in one of his more idiotic statements, praised the separation of the judiciary from the legislature in Israel. The reality is that there is no separation. Israeli courts have always been a rubber stamp for Zionist land theft and the military repression of the Palestinians.

Israel’s thuggish Border Police raided the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina to arrest Shadi Khoury. When the 16-year-old refused to disrobe in their presence, he was beaten in front of his parents, then taken away. No one told the parents – who both run local cultural institutions – why their son was arrested

Shadi Khoury's mother, Raina. He began screaming as he was beaten. His mother tried intervening: "He’s a boy, give him two minutes to get dressed." Nothing helped. Credit: Alex Levac

Gideon Levy and Alex Levac

Blotches of blood streak the spacious, elegant mansion. Wherever the police dragged their victim, he left behind a narrow trail of drops of blood, drop after drop, as though to mark the path of the arrest and the beatings. The boy screamed; the neighbors heard his shouts and were terrified.

Beit Hanina is an affluent and relatively quiet neighborhood, and it’s not every day that violent events like this occur there. The youth involved, Shadi Khoury, lives with his parents and older brother in a family compound on a street that bears the name of one of the family’s forebears, Yusuf Khoury, the engineer who founded the street and this handsome group of homes on the northern slopes of Jerusalem.

Everything is stained with blood. The rug in his room, the marble floor in the corridor, the stairs, the yard, the garden and the street, even a paper ticket on his table is bloodied.

When we arrived, a few hours after Shadi’s brutal arrest, this past Tuesday, the blood hadn’t yet dried and the family was distraught. Shadi Khoury, 16, an 11th-grader at the Quakers Friends School in Ramallah, was forcibly taken into custody, barefoot and in his pyjamas. When the police ordered him to get dressed, he refused to disrobe in front of them and requested them to leave him momentarily in his room, whose windows are barred. In response, the officers started to beat him savagely – four hooligans in black, hunched over a terrified youth and pounding him with their fists, on his head, his face, his chest. All while his parents watched, appalled, unable to come to the aid of their son. Imagine if it was your children.

Early Tuesday morning, I got a phone call from Lora Khoury, a 91-year-old woman who reads Haaretz and occasionally calls to comment, but who this time was overcome with emotion. Her neighbors’ son – they are her relatives – had been arrested before dawn, and she heard his screaming in her home, a luxurious structure a few houses away from theirs.

“They come to make an arrest, so why do they hit people? What kind of army and what kind of police did you create for yourselves?” she asked in her excellent English. When we arrived, this elegant woman was waiting for us at the entrance to her house and she led us to Shadi’s home. This is an attractive compound of several stone homes owned by the extended Khoury family and other families, amid well-tended gardens and paths, shaded by pine and olive trees. The wealth and the stylishness are apparent, but understated.

The way to Shadi’s room is dotted with his blood, and the room itself is in a state of chaos following the violent police search. Everything is scattered on the floor in this teenager’s room – clothes, books, among them textbooks about film, history and literature; the posters have been ripped from the walls. The raiders hurled the standing fan and mattress onto the floor, and then jumped on the wooden bed frame until it broke, according to the parents who were present. 

In the living room is a large library, the furniture is European in design, refined. A framed, American-style wedding photo stands on a chest; it was taken at the wedding of Shadi’s sister, Zeina, in the Catholic church in Jericho, three years ago. Shadi is standing on the right, in a black suit and a bow tie. He’s the youngest child of Rania, the director of the Gideon Levy and Alex Levac in Ha’aretz Jerusalem Magistrates Court, Jeremy Corbyn, Beit Hanina Yusuf Khoury, Quakers Friends School in Ramallah Lora Khoury, Jericho, Yabous Cultural Center in East Jerusalem, and Suhail, a composer and musician and the general director of the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music, also in East Jerusalem (it also has another four branches). The couple have three other children: another son, Yusuf, 18, who this year began architecture studies at Bir Zeit University; and two daughters – Rand, 21, a musician who is a veterinary student in Hungary; and Zeina, a musician who is the director of the Palestine Youth Orchestra and is holding her newborn baby when we visit.

On Monday this week, Shadi went to sleep around 11 P.M. “He has school,” his mother says. “Had school,” a relative corrects her. Everyone in this house, whether elderly or young, speaks fluent English.

At 5:45 A.M. on Tuesday the family awoke to pounding on the door and incessant ringing of the doorbell. Together with their German shepherd, the parents, in their pajamas and groggy with sleep, opened the door, with Shadi and Yusuf standing behind them. The callers were six black-clad, armed police officers, who ordered them to remove the dog. They had smashed the parking barrier on their way into the compound and had tried to get to the main entrance of the house, but it is accessible only with an entry code, so they came in from the back, entering the stairwell.

“Who is Shadi?” they asked. “You? Yalla, you’re under detention.”

They told the family to take them to Shadi’s room, into which the men in black now squeezed, along with the teenager and his parents. Suhail asked to see an arrest warrant; they showed him a document in Hebrew, which he can’t read. “And do you have a search warrant?” he asked. One of the officers in black replied, “We have a warrant for everything.” The parents tried to argue that the 16-year-old had the rights of a minor, to which the reply was, “We know the law. Don’t teach us.’

They demanded Shadi’s cell phone, he said he would give it to them but wouldn’t unlock it. They then ordered Shadi to get dressed in order to be taken into custody, but before putting on his underwear he had to take off his pajamas. He refused to undress in their presence. The officers began shouting, before knocking Shadi to the floor, at which point four of them began to pummel him. Four against one.

Shadi's trashed room.Credit: Alex Levac

“Don’t worry,” they told Shadi’s mother, “we’ll strip him in the interrogation, he doesn’t need clothes.”

Shadi started to scream, they went on beating him. His mother tried to intervene: “He’s a boy, give him two minutes to get dressed.” Nothing helped.

He was dragged outside, in his bare feet. On the street were Border Police vehicles and other officers. Shadi hands were bound behind his back, and he was blindfolded with a rag – standard procedure. He went on screaming. His parents are certain the officers went on hitting him in the vehicle.

It’s not clear where he bled from, but later that morning the stains and drops remained everywhere. The force left with their booty. They told the parents that they were taking him to the detention facility in the Russian Compound, in downtown Jerusalem. Suhail left immediately in the wake of his son; Rania was afraid to go outside – she doesn’t have a residency permit in her city.

On July 22, 2020, units of the Israel Defense Forces had invaded the two cultural institutions that Suhail and Rania manage, confiscated equipment and shut them down. That was preceded by the arrest of the two parents in their home – the same house they raided this week to detain their son. The couple were released after being questioned about the cultural centers they run and their sources of financing, but Rania’s temporary-residency permit, which she received within the framework of a family unification request, was revoked, and since then she has been waging a legal struggle to remain in her home.

Rania was born in Bethlehem, and since 1998 she has been living in Jerusalem with her husband and children, on a temporary permit. She appealed the cancellation of the permit through the Hamoked Center for the Defense of the Individual, and her expulsion was suspended until the conclusion of legal proceedings. Now she’s reluctant even to go into the street, fearing she will be expelled. She can’t visit her family in Bethlehem, because she might not be allowed back in, and they can’t visit her, because they don’t have entry permits for Jerusalem. After the interrogation and the shuttering of the institutions – they have since reopened – Suhail wrote an article and posted it in the social media with the headline, “We love Beethoven.”


Shadi Khoury.Credit: Courtesy of the family

After Shadi was taken into custody, the men in black uniforms returned to his room and started to poke around and to dump everything on the floor, breaking the bed frame. “That’s the story of our life,” says 91-year-old Lora, who has seen everything.

A police spokesperson this week stated in response to a query from Haaretz:

“This is what a distorted description of reality looks like. The suspect was arrested on suspicion of his involvement in a serious violent event in which Jewish vehicles were attacked and stoned in Beit Hanina last week. During his arrest, [which was backed] by a court order, he attacked the police officers with his fists and by kicking, and he pushed, went wild and tried actively to prevent the execution of the arrest.

“The members of his family who were in the house at the time also tried to thwart execution of the arrest. As a result of the suspect’s grave and unacceptable behavior, the police officers were compelled to use force in order to subdue him, stop the attack on them and complete the execution of the arrest. Following his arrest he was taken for questioning by the police, and he will be brought to court for a remand and for the full course of the law to be taken against him.”

One’s heart goes out to the na├»ve and innocent guys in black from the Israel Police. A boy of 16 “attacked” them, they say – and his father, the composer, and his mother, who runs a cultural center, also joined in. And maybe Lora, the elderly neighbor and relative, also took part in the wild attack on the keepers of the law. A brief acquaintance with the occupants of this house is sufficient to grasp how ludicrous the claims of the police are.

Around dusk on Tuesday, Shadi was ordered remanded for 48 hours. All that day his father stood on the street, outside “Room No. 4,” the notorious interrogation facility in the Russian Compound in downtown Jerusalem, to which Shadi was taken.

When asked on Thursday for an update on her son’s situation, Raina Khoury reported that her husband and the other children had had been in court that day when Shadi’s detention was extended through Sunday, a decision his lawyer is appealing. “I’ll keep you posted,” she said.

19 October 2022

Israel’s November Election is a Choice Between the Far-Right and the Further-Right

Religious Zionism – a Jewish Nazi Party - is Set to Become the 3rd largest party in the next Knesset

Jewish Power poster - may our enemies be gone

On November 1st Israel will have its fifth general election in three years and it is unlikely, even then, that a stable government will be formed. Israeli politics are drifting inexorably to the far-Right as the number of settlers in the Religious Zionism West Bank and East Jerusalem gain a critical mass (about 700,000).

In June 2021 in House built on sand I wrote that ‘It would be a brave person who gave this government even a year before it breaks up.’ [1] As it turned out the Anyone But Netanyahu coalition of the Zionist ‘left’ and ‘right’, including one Arab party, the United Arab List (Ra’am) lasted one year and ten days.

Zionism was always at its heart a form of political Messianism. It rested on the belief that Palestine had been given by god to the Jews and it was through settlement, the ‘return’ of the Jews and the rebuilding of the third temple that the Messiah would return. Religious Zionism in Zionism’s early years was very much a minority amongst the Orthodox as it developed a theology in which irreligious even atheistic nationalist Jews would nonetheless do god’s work.[2]

Opinion Poll for 2022 elections

In fact messianic religious Zionists bear an uncanny similarity to their Christian counterparts who also rest their believe in salvation on the Jews return.

David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister explained in October 1941 as the holocaust was getting under way, that it was the role of Zionism to cast the great Jewish tragedy in prodigious moulds of redemption.[3]   Zionism had ‘redemption’ and rebirth at its core and through redemption one would obtain salvation, politically and religiously.

This is the backdrop to the formation of Israel’s present governing coalition under first Naftali Bennett and now Yair Lapid. Although the coalition consists of 13 representatives of the Zionist ‘left’ (7 Labor, 6 Meretz) it has been the Right that has dictated the agenda. Indeed it is difficult to think of a single political gain or achievement that the Zionist ‘left’ has made from entering this coalition, apart from keeping Netanyahu at bay. One reason for this is that the Zionist ‘left’ has no separate agenda from its ‘right-wing’ counterparts.

In April the defectionof Idit Silman of the far-right religious nationalist party Yamina caused the coalition to lose its wafer thin majority of 61-59.[4] In June Coalition Whip Nir Orbach also defected making an election almost inevitable.[5]

The Knesset

But the issue that caused the Coalition to collapse was the Emergency Regulations that the Knesset is obliged to pass every 5 years in order to ensure that Israeli civil law applies to the settlers and military law to the Palestinians.

These Regulations have been enacted ever since the occupation of the Palestinian territories in 1967. They are the legal basis of Apartheid in the West Bank by creating two parallel legal systems – one for Jewish settlers and another for Palestinians.

You would expect the Zionist left and in particular Meretz, which supports a two-state solution, to be implacably opposed to such legislation. After all they are the legal basis of the Occupation that they purportedly oppose.

Not a bit of it.  Not only did five Meretz MKs go into the voting lobby alongside the Zionist Right but they turned against their sixth member, Ghaida Rinawie Zoabi, whose vote against the Regulations, alongside that of Ra’am MK Mazen Ghanaim, sealed the fate of the Coalition.

You might have thought that her four Jewish colleagues in Meretz would have understood and sympathised with Zoabi’s dilemma.  Not a bit of it. Health Minister and Meretz leader Nitzan Horowitz attacked Zoabi in an interview with the Army Radio calling her resignation from the coalition "disgusting and dishonest behavior." He went on to say that

"We have no connection to this woman. She lost her way, even in our politics, in which people do dishonest things, I think it's an act that has really crossed all the red lines." [6]

Likud and its partners, for tactical reasons, voted against the regulations making an election inevitable since, in an election period, the regulations are automatically extended. Meretz couldn’t countenance a situation in which Palestinians and Jewish settlers achieved legal equality because, their support for a two state solution notwithstanding, they are not opposed to the Occupation and at no time have they called for a unilateral withdrawal from the West Bank.

Not content with this Jewish activists from Meretz picketed Zoabi’s home in Nof Hagalil calling on her to resign as an MK. The reasons being that her actions could ‘lead to a government of darkness.’ [7]

The protesters said Zoabi’s conduct could bring down the coalition “and lead to a government of darkness led by [Itamar] Ben Gvir, [Bezalel] Smotrich and [Benjamin] Netanyahu”. Images from the demonstration in the northern town of Nof Hagalil showed a handful of protesters near Rinawie Zoabi’s home.

Ahead of the protest, Kan news said that Meretz and Ra’am told Bennett that they had lost control of Zoabi and Ghanaim, who rejected calls to resign and promised to vote against the bill if it was brought to a vote again.

A similar crisis was narrowly avoided in July 2021 when the Coalition failed to enact the Citizenship and Entry into Israel law. On that occasion two members of Raam, Mazen Ghnaim and Said al-Harumi, abstained resulting in the law falling as 59 members voted for the law and the same number voting against it. The law, first enacted in 2003 and renewed every year, aims at preventing Israeli Palestinians from bringing into Israel spouses from the Occupied Territories and granting them resident status. Although justified as a security precaution its primary aim is demographic, to prevent the dilution of Israel’s Jewish majority.[8]

Both Zoabi and Ghanaim were pressurised to resign after voting with the opposition. Ra’am’s three other Knesset members abstained, as did rebel Yamina MK Idit Silman. The bill failed to pass by 58-52.

Although predictions are hard to make, on the basis of opinion polls Netanyahu is more likely to be able to cobble together a narrow coalition than his rivals. Likud is predicted to gain 1 or 2 more seats from its present 30, the Orthodox Haredi parties are likely to stay the same (15) and the Labour Zionist are predicted to lose 3 of their current 13. Yesh Atid, the ‘centrist’ (in Israeli terms) party of current Prime Minister Lapid is forecast to gain 7 seats. The former New Hope, led by Gideon Saar, formerly of Likud and Benny Gantz, of Blue and White have combined to form the National Unity Party. They are predicted to lose two seats.

The Arab parties Hadash-Ta’al and Ra’am are predicted to gain 8 seats, down two.  However it is extremely disappointing that the Arab nationalist party Balad, which is explicitly in favour of Israel as a state of all its citizens was forced to break from the Joint List. Interestingly Balad has put Jewish actor Einat Weitzman on its list in 6th place.

The forecast number of seats for what remains of the Joint List and Ra’am, which split from the Joint List in the 2021 elections, is down from 15 in March 2020 when the Joint List became the third largest block in the Knesset. Ra’am, led by Mansour Abbas is the political wing of the Southern Islamic Movement and a conservative party that seeks to achieve concessions for Israeli Palestinians, in particular the unrecognised Bedouin villages in the Negev by agreeing to hold its nose and support nakedly racist legislation when applied to Palestinians under occupation.

However the main feature of the election is the prediction that the Religious Zionism party of Bezalel Smotrich, in conjunction with the Jewish Nazi party Otzma Yehudit of Ben Gvir is predicted to more than double its number of seats from 6 to 13.

Ben Gvir is a supporter of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane of Kach, who supported making sexual relations between Jewish women and Arab males a criminal offence punishable by 5 years imprisonment. A ‘crime’ straight out of the Nazi Nuremberg Laws and what was known as Rassenchande (racial hygiene). Kahane was explicit in calling for the expulsion of all Israel’s Arabs. Until recently Gvir had on the wall of his home a poster of Baruch Goldstein, a Jewish settler who opened fire in 1994 on Palestinians worshipping in the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron killing 29.[9]

Gvir has recently tried to tone down his image claiming that he is ‘only’ in favour of expelling ‘disloyal’ Palestinian citizens of Israel but since most Palestinians don’t accept that Israel should be a state only of its Jewish citizens this is just playing with words.

It is clear though from Israel’s equivalent of 60 minutes and a defector from the settler Hilltop Youth, Ronit Chem, that Ben Gvir has been up to his eyes in fomenting Jewish terrorist attacks against Palestinian civilians in the West Bank.[10]

However the fact that more than 10% of Israelis can entertain voting for a party which wants to be rid of Israel’s Arab citizens demonstrates the direction that Israel, as a Jewish state, is taking. The obsession with demography and racial purity, is common to all wings of Zionism. From Meretz to Likud there is a consensus that Israel is a Jewish state and there should be separation from the Arabs.  The belief that Jews and Arabs cannot live together in one state with equal rights is common to all Zionist parties.

Is it any wonder that those with radical solutions to the ‘problem’ of Israel Palestinian minority should prove attractive. Their simple ‘solution’ to the Arab problem is their transfer.

What is shocking is that the Kibbutzim, formerly the bastion of Labour Zionism, are inviting Gvir to address them during the elections.[11] But if the present situation is bad then future developments in the Zionist state all point to the openly fascist wing of Zionism, which Ben Gvir and Religious Zionism represent, becoming even stronger. Some 30-40% of young Israeli Jews support Religious Zionism.[12]

The leader of the Religious Zionism coalition, Bezalel Smotrich, is little better than the rabble rousing Ben Gvir. Smotrich called for a ban on Arab parties on the grounds that Israel’s Palestinians might massacre the Jews.[13]

And the third wing of the holy trinity that is Religious Zionism is the anti-gay party Noam, whose inspiration is Rabbi Thau. The person who was the marriage broker who oversaw the inclusion of Noam in Religious Zionism was none other than Benjamin Netanyahu who when he visits the West engages in pink washing, pretending that Israel is a welcoming place to be if you are gay.[14]  As Yossi Verter of Ha’aretz wrote: ‘In going to Rabbi Zvi Thau, Noam’s spiritual leader, Netanyahu “lost whatever was left of his liberal, enlightened humanity.”

As the Israel state moves further to the religious right it is also becoming more anti-gay. The chances for example of gay marriage in Israel being enacted are minus zero. After all it is impossible for a Jew and an Arab to marry in Israel let alone two people of the same sex.

The Israel lobby in the U.S. is already terrified at the potential damage that Ben Gvir will do to Israel’s already deteriorating image. Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NY), a pro-Israel Democrat, has already warned Netanyahu that he has “serious concerns” about including “extremist and polarizing individuals like Ben Gvir” in the government. Rep. Brad Sherman has called for Gvir to be ostracised not included. None of this however has affected the New York Times, which like the reaction of the British media to Al Jazeera’s Labour Files has found a simple solution to the problem of a Jewish Nazi being a government minister in Israel.  It simply says nothing! [15]

What is clear is that given the pivotal position that Religious Zionism is likely to hold in a Netanyahu government it is likely to hold a number of ministries. Smotrich has said that he will be seeking the defence, finance and justice portfolios.  In other words the Minister in charge of Justice will come from a party of pogromists and open racists.[16]

Zionism and its racism, once hidden but now open is today openly proclaiming its intentions, shorn of all the euphemisms and subterfuge of the Labour Zionists. Unlike the pretence of Meretz and the Israeli Labor Party that you could reconcile a Jewish State and a Democratic State Ben Gvir and Smotrich are now open in their belief that Israel should, first and foremost be a racially pure Jewish state.  Democracy is for the Gentiles. After all there is nothing in the Bible about democracy!

But we should be clear. Those who cleared the path to the Kahanes, Gvirs and Smotrich’s were those ‘liberal’ Zionists who moved heaven and earth to whitewash Zionism. It is the Louise Ellmans and Ruth Smeeths, the Jewish Labour Movement and the Board of Deputies who spent their political capital accusing opponents of Zionism of being ‘anti-Semites’, a charge intended to intimidate Israel’s critics.

It was the Labor Zionists who organised the Nakba who gave way to Likud and now Religious Zionism. Even in the coalition government it was Labor Security Minister Omar Bar-Lev who gave the okay to thousands of settler youth marching through Arab East Jerusalem on Jerusalem Day chanting ‘death to the Arabs’ whilst attacking Palestinians who lived there.  Just as two years ago it was Netanyahu who vetoed such a march.

Today we see where Zionism has ended up – in a Jewish state whose government includes an openly Jewish Nazi Party.

Tony Greenstein

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