Saturday, 14 September 2019

My Homage to Catalonia - the Centre of Resistance to the Spanish State

For the past three years I have been taking a holiday in French Catalonia whilst also venturing over the Spanish border.  Below are some photos from our trips to:
i.                   A waterfall near the town of Ceret (about 20 miles from Perpignan)
Naval Commandos training at Collioure
ii.                 A trip to Figueres where the Salvador Dalli museum is.  However we got there too late!
iii.              A trip to the French city of Narbonne with its unfinished cathedral
Old Roman road in Narbonne
The Yellow Train through the  Pyrenees

the view from the yellow train

At the entrance to the fort is a statute to General Jean Gilles, a war criminal who saw service in Vietnam (French Indo China), Suez and Algeria
Mont Louis
The fort at Mont Louis where there is a commando unit training centre

iv.              A trip on the Yellow Train through the Pyrenees starting Villefranche de conflent. We stopped off at Mont-Louis where there is a commando training centre.

Wall around Mont Louis

v.                 Colleioure, seaside town which is also the home to a naval commando unit, who rushed down the town’s steps to train in the harbour
vi.                   Today we went to visit Girona, the nationalist city at the heart of Spanish Catalonia where we saw many political posters in support of the political prisoners that the Spanish state has detained.  Catalonian flags flew from many buildings and it is clear that Catalonian independence is supported by the vast majority of those who live in this city.  We also visited the magnificent cathedral and walked round the city before having some tapas!
Girona Cathedral
The Cathedral at Girona

Tony Greenstein
Salvador Dalli's museum at Figueres

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