18 November 2018

Twitter Censorship: Targeted by Twitter Yet Again - Suspended without reason

First Richard Silverstein was Suspended & now Tony Greenstein - Twitter Regularly Censors supporters of the Palestinians & anti-Zionists whilst repeatedly ignoring Zionist abuse

If you don't know where to send a protest try using their appeal mechanism


Although Twitter didn't inform me of who or what or why I had been suspended, Jack Mendel @mendelpol, a so-called journalist on the Jewish News has owned up to the fact that he is not only a racist but someone who seeks to censor those who disagree with him.  
People might want to let him know what they think of this scummy apologist for a journalist.  His 'newspaper' was one of 3 which ran a joint editorial accusing Jeremy Corbyn of posing an “existential threat to Jewish life” in Britain.’ Not only does Mendel see ‘anti-Semitism’ hiding behind every stone but he demonstrates that Zionist journalism is nothing more than an attempt to suppress opinions they don’t like.
Mendel states that ‘I reported Greenstein for repeatedly sending me messages filled with hate, including using far right ‘Zio’ term, and various comparisons of Jews and Israel to nazism.’ There was no hate in what I sent him.  I stated that the last leader of the Jewish resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto, Marek Edelman compared the situation of Palestinians living under the Gaza siege to the Jews of Warsaw under the Nazis.
I also mentioned the welcome and applause by neo-Nazis such as Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer and David Duke for a cartoon of Yair Netanyahu.  This is a matter of fact.  So idiot Mendelpol is saying that anti-Semitism is true.  A nonsense formulation even for paid propagandists which is what he and his ilk are.
As for Zio.  It is used widely as a form of shorthand for Zionist.  It could only be anti-Semitic if it is assumed that Zionists and Jews are one and the same.  Which is in fact anti-Semitic in itself.  In other words Twitter’s censorship is completely unjustified.
Tony Greenstein 

Yesterday I logged in to my Twitter account to be greeted by a message 
Your account (@TonyGreenstein) is currently suspended. For more information, please visit Suspended Accounts.’
The Suspended Accounts link says nothing about why I was suspended.  No reason whatsoever was given.
This is one of numerous acts of harassment. Linking to my blog directly brings up a message that this is spam.
Depicting violence by Israeli military thugs against a Palestinian child violates Twitter 'conduct policy'
Israeli abuse of Palestinian children should not be shown, the truth should be hidden according to Twitter
Earlier this year my account was locked because my logo included a picture of an Israeli soldier assaulting Ahed Tamimi as a child and I was forced to delete the picture. It depicted violence and this was unacceptable.  However Zionists who defend such violence are more than welcome to tweet their hate.
This is NOT against Twitter rules, which are reserved for anti-Zionists
This puerile abuse is also NOT contrary to Twitter rules
False allegations of child abuse by Zionist Fascist Mark Harringman are NOT contrary to Twitter Rules
I have received a volume of abuse from Zionist fascists like Mark Haringman (@Newsdude) and other Zionist sickos, such as being accused of being of being a child abuser, only to be told that this doesn’t go against Twitter’s ‘rules’. The standard response being:
‘Thank you for your recent report. We have reviewed your report carefully and found that there was no violation of the Twitter Rules against abusive behavior
Being told it was a pity my family survived the concentration camps is NOT an offence against Twitter rules against violence, hate etc.
I received tweets from a Yousef George telling me it was a pity my family survived the Nazi extermination camps and this too was not against Twitter rules.
However calling Chuka Ummuna an Uncle Tom, Black outside but wholly White inside, was enough to get me suspended

I am asking people to bombard twitter support@twitter.com @twitter etc. to let them know what you feel and including the link to this post.

According to Twitter this accords with their 'community standards'

Of course I am not the only one to experience Twitter censorship.  Richard Silverstein experienced the same when he pointed out that Ari Fuld, who was killed by Palestinians, was a violent Israeli settler, who was part of a heavily armed settler vigilante group Tzanchan and not the peaceful ‘activist’ that settler apologists pretended. The Palestinians who killed this thug were perfectly within their right of resistance and just as we don’t mourn dead Nazis who were killed by the Partisans Fuld should not be mourned.

Zionists who glory over Palestinian deaths are never suspended.  Explain the background to the killing of Zionism’s armed thugs and that merits the suspension of your account.  However in Richard’s case publicity forced Twitter to back off.  I want people to bombard these bastards too.

False allegations of antisemitism are NEVER in breach of Twitter rules
Twitter was forced to back down when Richard Silverstein was suspended

Tony Greenstein

Pointing out that a dead Zionist was an armed thug goes against Twitter policy but saying you wished someone had died in a Nazi concentration camp is fine
when posting a direct link to my blog this message appears

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