25 March 2019

Arrest Warrant Issued for Jonathan Hoffman and Daman Lenszner by Westminster Magistrates Court Today


If you spot them please dial 999 

This is a public service announcement. Jonathan Hoffman and Daman Lenszner were summoned to appear in Westminster Magistrates Court today. They did not turn up and are believed to be on the run.  An arrest warrant, without bail, has been issued.
Daman Lenzner

It cannot be stressed enough that these two individuals are not to be approached. Please phone 999 if they are sighted in the vicinity of any Palestinian meetings or protests. It is believed that they may have taken the rat run to Israel where they will be given asylum alongside many other notorious Jewish criminals, child molesters and gangsters.
Hoffie with his friend Paul Besser from Britain First
It is believe that Hoffman and Lenszner are being prosecuted for various public order offences including assault. Of course this blog takes the view that they must be considered as innocent until proven guilty. Israeli law does not operate in the UK whereby if you are an Arab you are presumed guilty until proven innocent (something which only occurs in 0.3% of cases in the West Bank’s military courts).
It is believe that the incidents which have led to the Prosecution occurred at an Inminds picket of the Puma shops. See Focus on Fascism - More News from Tommy Robinson’s Zionist Supporters & Reactions to My Revelations
I have managed to make contact this evening with Hoffman to ask why he decided to go on the run. He told me and I quote:
Hoffman (left) being removed by Police from the House of Commons - an all too regular feature of his life
Hoffman with his look alike - Harvey Garfield
‘The British legal system is institutionally anti-Semitic and this prosecution is a good example of this anti-Semitism. Daman and I were only going about our lawful business of harassing Palestinian protestors and it is outrageous that we are being called to account. We are calling for those who took the decision to prosecute to be sacked for gross anti-Semitism.  We are innocent. This is pure, undiluted Jew hate and the Judge who issued an arrest warrant is clearly an anti-semite too.'
Hoffman and another notorious fascist and con artist - David Collier
Hoffie with the EDL in military fatigues in the background and Roberta Moore of the JDL in the foreground
It is not known whether Hoffie, as he is affectionately known, is going to be prosecuted for incitement of person or persons unknown to commit war crimes against Palestinians. If so proceedings are expected to be transferred to The Hague.
Hoffman in the company of well known fascist Kevin Carroll of the EDL

Any information on the whereabouts of these two individuals will be treated in strict confidence.
Tony Greenstein

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