28 March 2019

Jackie Walker – Expelled by Cowards at the Behest of Racists

Labour’s Racist Witch-hunt Claims Another Victim – This Time the Victim is both Black and Jewish

The expulsion of Jackie Walker today was both inevitable and depressing. Inevitable because the ‘anti-Semitism’ narrative has been accepted by all the so-called leaders of the Left in the Labour Party and depressing because it should be clear to all with eyes to see that the main target of the witchhunt is not Jackie, Marc Wadsworth, Ken Livingstone or myself but Jeremy Corbyn and the Corbyn project.
It is, one should add, a narrative that is not accepted by 77% of Labour Party members who know very well that the bogus accusation of ‘anti-Semitism’ is, with regular monotony, levelled against any and all supporters of the Palestinians.  Noone seriously believes that Jews are targeted for antisemitic attacks in the Labour Party. This is and always has been about Israel.

Only this week, the Jewish former Police Minister for the ANC, Ronni Cassrills, a hero of the struggle against South Africa Apartheid, was banned from speaking at Israel Anti-Apartheid Week by Vienna Museum because of, yes you guessed it, accusations of anti-Semitism.
In America Ilhan Omar has been accused of ‘anti-Semitism’ for having criticised AIPAC, the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee which has long campaigned for support for Israel and funded anti-Palestinian and pro-Israeli candidates. 
Even Donald Trump didn’t blush as he accused Ilhan of ‘anti-Semitism’. Every racist under the sun is opposed to ‘anti-Semitism’. What is happening in the Labour Party is nothing new. That is why those who have villified Muslims and asylum seekers, like Tom Watson, are so concerned about 'antisemitism'.
The accusations have been driven by the Jewish Labour Movement, an Israeli Embassy front, which claims to be the descendant of Poale Zion, which was affiliated as a socialist society to the LP in 1920. In actual fact PS had virtually died out before being refounded in 2015 to fight the good fight against Jeremy Corbyn.
These are the people who helped plot Labour's false antisemitism campaign -
(l to r) Shai Masot, Israeli agent, Ambassador Mark Regev and Jeremy Newmark (JLM)
In any event it is a disgrace that an organisation that affiliated to the Labour Party in the days when Labour supported the British Empire as a benevolent institution, when the Palestine Mandate was seen as a good thing despite denying any form of self-government to the Palestinians, should still be affiliated today.  The JLM calls itself the Jewish wing of the Labour Party which is a lie since the majority of its 2,000 members are right-wing non-Jews.
The anti-Semitism witchhunt is driven by racists whose only concern is support for the Apartheid State of Israel.
As with all the other expulsions in the ‘anti-Semitism’ witchhunt, the actual charges against Jackie were not ones of ‘anti-Semitism’ but in Jackie’s case ‘misconduct’ or what they called prejudicial and grossly detrimental behaviour against the party”. I was accused of having ‘abused’ racists like Louise Ellman MP by telling the truth about them.
The cowards who expelled Jackie didn’t even have the guts to accuse her of a specific crime.  Instead they hid behind weasel words that mean everything and nothing.
It is the idiocy of people like John McDonnell that they either cannot or refuse to see what is happening.  They refuse to understand that however much you appease the Right they will come back for more.  They move on from one victim to another.
Ken Livingstone described how, when he came under attack McDonnell told him to apologise because ‘the Jews are a very forgiving people.’ Not only is this anti-Semitic in itself (there is no such thing as ‘the Jews’) but it is a racist stereotype of the type that Owen Smith engaged in when debating Corbyn, when he said that the Jews are good entrepreneurs. It is called philo-semitism but this is just a form of anti-Semitism.
It is particularly shocking that Russell Cartwright, of the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy, was one of the 3 panel members who went along with this travesty of justice. Less is known of the other two ciphers – Anna Dyer and Alan Tate.  The CLPD used to stand for a left-wing Labour Party. Today its acolytes are acting as Tom Watson’s puppets.
However even if Jackie was not expelled for ‘anti-Semitism’ i.e. anti-Zionism that is what her crime was. The Guardian quoted the JLM, the British branch of the racist Israeli Labour Party, as welcoming Jackie’s expulsion.
The Jewish Chronicle, which retailed the same lies about Jackie that they have been telling for the last 3 years, viz. that she blames the Jews for financing the slave trade on the basis of the omission of one word from a private Facebook discussion, quoted the Board of Deputies, the CST and the Jewish Leadership Council as welcoming Jackie’s expulsion:
‘The hearing took far too long to happen. It made the right decision, but nobody wins in this latest ugly case of disreputable behaviour.”
Why, if Jackie’s only offence was one against the Labour Party did these 3 Zionist organisations extend a welcome to the expulsion of Jackie?
Every time another sacrificial victim is offered up to the Zionist lobby and the Israeli Embassy there are those such as Lansman and now the CLPD who believe that this is the end of the matter. However it isn’t.  What began with me then went on to claim Ken Livingstone, Cyril Chilson, Marc Wadsworth and now Jackie Walker will claim yet more victims. Chris Williamson is next on the list as is Asa Winstanley but as I have said from the very beginning, the real goal is the removal of Jeremy Corbyn.
It is unfortunate that Corbyn instead of having the backbone to stand up against the fake anti-Semitism witchhunt from the beginning decide to appease it and then apologise to it.  Even worse was the behaviour of former Republican supporter John McDonnell who has rowed back on every single principle of anti-imperialism that he had in favour of flattering the City.
Because let no one imagine that if the Left of the Labour Party retreat now what do people think they will do when the pressure is really on in government? If you cannot fight a puff of wind like Tom Watson how the hell will Labour fight the capitalists and their press in government?
Tom Watson lost sleep thinking about the injustice to racist Labour MP Phil Woolas - his concern over 'antisemitism' is entirely bogus
Let no one imagine that the expulsion of Jackie Walker is the end.  The cowards who wielded the axe, in particular Russell Cartwright, have merely enabled the Right to grow stronger because with each expulsion the beneficiary isn’t Corbyn but Tom Watson.  The same Tom Watson who confessed to losing sleep over the High Court’s removal from Parliament of the overtly racist Labour MP Phil Woolas whose campaign was based on ‘making the White folk angry’ against Muslims. See Jackie Walker’s Trial by Ordeal

If in fact what Jackie said was worthy of expulsion, why the hell have people like Luke Akehurst not being expelled for supporting the shooting dead by Israeli snipers of over 200 people in Gaza since the summer?  Or is support for war crimes not prejudicial to the Labour Party?
The lesson to be taken to heart from what has happened is that there is a battle on between those want to see the Corbyn revolution extended and those who want to see Labour become a safe and acceptable party of capitalism.  This has nothing to do with ‘anti-Semitism’ or racism, except in so far as the main casualties of the witchhunt are Black and Jewish anti-racists.
Tony Greenstein

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