12 March 2019

Chakrabarti has been abandoned - Jenny Formby is Flying the White Flag as Labour heads back to the days of Iain McNicol

Asa Winstanley is suspended for calling the JLM an Israeli Embassy proxy and Kinnock Calls for Darren Williams' Head 
Are these the last days of Jeremy Corbyn?

The latest victim of the growing witchhunt inside the Labour Party is Asa Winstanley, a journalist with Electronic Intifada. Asa learnt of his suspension, not from the Labour Party but from the Jewish Chronicle to whom it was leaked. His offence was to call the Jewish Labour Movement a ‘proxy for the Israeli Embassy.’
Telling the truth about the JLM relationship with the Israeli Embassy is apparently 'antisemitic' & a suspension offence
Once again the Compliance Unit has leaked personal information and details of Labour’s disciplinary process to the press before the person themselves has been notified. This is in clear violation of the GDPR.  This used to be regular practice under Iain McNicol. It has now resurfaced.
It would appear that nothing has changed since the days of Iain McNicoll. After writing one strong letter to Tom Watson, Jennie Formby has now surrendered. Instead of questioning suspensions for expressing one's opinions about the witch-hunt (how is that anti-Semitic?) she has given the Compliance Unit a green light to purge the Left. The pace of suspensions is thus increasing and once again we have the situation of old tweets being microscopically examined for any signs of dissidence.
It isn’t anti-Semites who are being suspended it is journalists, activists, socialists.  Due process has gone out of the window.
The suspension of Asa Winstanley is an attack on freedom of speech. Asa has written many well researched articles proving how the ‘anti-Semitism’ campaign in the Labour Party has been manufactured by Israeli state front groups such as the Jewish Labour Movement. Articles such as How Israel lobby manufactured UK Labour Party’s anti-Semitism crisis and Jewish Labour Movement was refounded to fight Corbyn. Asa has shown how e.g. at Oxford University Labour Club the allegations of ‘anti-Semitism’ were manufactured by a former intern for Israeli propaganda group, BICOM.
The JLM is a scab organisation inviting the State to interfere in the Labour Party 
Asa’s last article, showing how the JLM had almost ceased to exist until the Israeli Embassy revived it in 2015 and injected money into it, with the express purpose of waging a war against Jeremy Corbyn, caused them particular grief. The JLM was until recently chaired by fraud and crook Jeremy Newmark who, despite being exposed in the Jewish Chronicle and being subject to a Police investigation is still a Labour councillor.
In Israel they murder journalists they don't like
I am not surprised that the Zionist movement has targeted Asa Winstanley. He should count himself lucky. In Israel they shoot disagreeable journalists!
The suspension of Asa Winstanley takes place hot on the heels of the suspension of Sean McCallum, the Mayoral candidate in Mansfield on the basis of two tweets posted two years ago.
One member of Mansfield CLP describes what happened:
‘We had already elected a prospective candidate who then withdrew, so we went through the process again. After the new candidate was chosen, someone with too much time on their hands and an axe to grind went through his social media posts and found 2 posts from 2 years ago, complained, and Sean McCallum was immediately suspended. This man is NOT anti-semitic or racist in any way, he was devastated and has resigned from the Labour party with immediate effect, he says that once his term as a councillor comes to an end he will walk away from politics.’
Sean, who is a firefighter and who served in Iraq, spelt out his feelings in a letter to members of Mansfield CLP:
‘The first, was an online article which explained the origins of an illustration used by Labour MP Naz Shah in a tweet for which she was suspended and later apologised. The article explains that the creator of the illustration was an eminent Jewish Professor Norman Finklestein, an analyst and expert in the Israeli/Palestine conflict, whose parents survived the holocaust. My comments on this article are correct, there is no evidence of anti-Semitism within it. I do not accept that this indicates that I am of an anti-Semitic disposition".
Regarding the other post he says: "I was (poorly) attempting to express my anger and frustration towards the government of Israel, and its political and military policies regarding Palestine. This does not make me an anti-Semite –it makes me someone who cares deeply about the loss of life on both sides of that conflict".
"I have no faith at all that a fair and equitable process would indeed take place-there is a battle raging within the Labour Party which has nothing to do with racism, and everything to do with power and control.
Whilst it is absolutely vital that the importance of tackling anti-Semitism is not minimised, and that my poor choice of words is acknowledged, it is also apparent to many observers and Labour Party members that the issue is also being weaponised, as factions within struggle for control and ultimately power. This in itself is cynical, and  in my view dilutes the seriousness of fighting racism in all forms."
We have to call a halt now to the suspension of people for whom anti-Semitism is a pretext. As an unnamed member of Mansfield CLP wrote:
So the Labour party has lost another good councillor and dedicated member and we are the poorer for it, because of this nonsense. We also have no mayoral candidate and we desperately need to remove the "Independent" mayor (basically a Tory) who seems to be able to veto everything that the council wants and control everything in a way that seems totally undemocratic.
I know he doesn’t want to challenge the Labour party on this, but I am letting you know because I really feel that it is a witch hunt, anyone who wants to discredit someone for any reason only seems to have to utter the words “anti-semitism” and that person is suspended regardless of whether they are or not. I have no idea what we can do to stop this nonsense but in the mean time, good people are being victimised and driven out of the party/politics and the real racists are still out there causing problems. In my opinion someone independent and with common sense should look at complaints like this and others such as Jo Bird and Chris Williamson and simply throw out complaints where there is no anti-semitism rather than automatic suspensions for everyone (especially the left wing members). I have no idea how we can achieve a fairer system but it can’t go on like this.
Idiot Jennie Formby has brought in Blair's right hand man Charlie 
What is even more unforgivable is that Formby has called in Blair’s flat mate, friend and former Lord Chancellor Charlie Falconer, someone who went along with all Blair’s wars and privatisations and who is a deadly enemy to the Corbyn Project.  No wonder that he is now calling for an investigation into Corbyn’s own advisers. The net is closing in and the witch-hunters are getting closer to Corbyn himself .
Coming in the wake of the suspension of Jo Bird, a Jewish councillor in the Wirral and the suspension of Chris Williamson MP we are facing a full witchhunt of anyone who dares speak out about the McCarthyist madness that is gripping the Labour Party.
None of the above have been disciplined for anything remotely anti-Semitic.  It has now become an offence merely to question the assertion that there is widespread anti-Semitism. This is Orwellian and resembles Israeli democracy.
Israeli democracy - you can vote for any party that accepts Israel is a Jewish state not a state of all its citizens
What this really is about of course is Israel.  At the moment a General Election is taking place in Israel where the main battle is between two Zionist parties – Likud and Blue & White where the main debate is as to who has killed the most Arabs. It is an election in which 2 Arab parties and a Jewish member of the Communist  Party have been banned, a decision currently under appeal to the High Court. That is what happens in an ethno-nationalist state. Israel is the most racist state in the world and this is what Labour’s ‘anti-Semitism’ smear campaign is about, defending the West’s armed watchdog in the Middle East.
Scab MP Stephen Kinnock calls for Darren Williams to be Suspended

Darren Williams  is the latest target of son of scab Stephen Kinnock
Jewish Labour Movement MPs such as Louise Ellman have defended through thick and thin the Israeli army’s occupation of the West Bank.  This MP, who I have called the MP for Tel Aviv South, has even defended in a debate in Parliament on Palestinian child prisoners Israeli army practices such as kidnapping them in the early hours of the morning and blindfolding and beating them. 
This is what it's really about - Zionism and racism in Israel
Only yesterday Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responding to the suggestion that Israel is a country of all its citizen, wrote to actress, Rotem Sela:
"Dear Rotem, an important correction: Israel is not a state of all its citizens. According to the Nation-State Law that we passed, Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish People - and them alone.
This is the racism that Labour’s current witchhunt is designed to defend.  We stand in full solidarity with Asa Winstanley, Jo Bird, Sean McCallum, Jackie Walker and Chris Williamson.
The leaking of peoples’ details to the press is a blatantly illegal and we demand that the Compliance Unit is closed down.  It is not fit for purpose. 
This is what Jennie Formby’s craven cowardice and bending the knee to Tom Watson is about.  As the local elections get nearer so the ‘anti-Semitism’ campaign will grow louder.  The latest potential victim is Darren Williams who is on Labour's NEC. But, as I have said repeatedly in the past, the real target is not me nor Chris Williamson or any of the people in t his post, it is Jeremy Corbyn.  Unfortunately the fool does not realise it and appointing Blair’s buddy to reinvestigate cases will only lasten the day that Corbyn is overthrown by a coup of his own  MPs.
Tony Greenstein

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