25 August 2017

EXCLUSIVE – Lifting the lid on Collaboration between the Far Right and Zionist Activists

Zionist Demonstration Outside Palestine Expo 2017 included neo Nazi group Britain First’s Intelligence Chief Paul Besser and Jonathan Hoffman

Paul Besser - Intelligence Chief of neo-Nazi group Britain First with Jonathan Hoffman - JDL member Gemma
Sheridan is between them

Hoffman tries to deny Besser is in neo-Nazi group Britain First
Outside the Ahava shop in Covent Garden - Hoffman pictured with the EDL in khaki at the rear and Roberta Moore of the JDL alongside
Britain First's 'Intelligence' FB page run by Besser who Hoffman covers for
In the run up to Palestine Expo 2017, Europe's largest Palestinian art cum cultural political festival, held on July 8th and 9th at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in Westminster, there was a concerted campaign from ‘Jewish Human Rights Watch’ run by far-right solicitor Robert Festenstein and the bogus charity CampaignAgainst Anti-Semitism, which is currently under investigation by the Charity Commission, to ban the festival.
A packed hall at Palestine Expo 2017 listen to veteran anti-imperialist journalist John Pilger - the Zionists and neo-Nazis hate opposition to racism and imperialism - hence they cry 'anti-Semitism' and 'terrorism'

Besser's Twitter account boasts a replica of the Yellow Star that the Nazis forced Jews to wear - it takes pride of place on Besser's Twitter page - the German Zionist paper Judische Rundschau once told German Jews to 'Wear the Yellow Star with Pride'
Jonathan Arkush, President of the Board of Deputies, addresses a crowd at an Al Quds demonstration with Robert Jonge and Roberta Moore in JDL tee-shirts - JDL was set up by Rabbi Meir Kahane of Kach, which even Israel banned
The pretex for the Zionist attempt to ban Expo 2017 was that it was a ‘Jewish hate fest’ and ‘anti-Semitic’.  These are the usual accusations that Zionist organisations hurlagainst any solidarity with the Palestinians.  Even Sajid David, the Community Secretary, disregarded them (under a certain legal persuasion!).  It was also alleged that the Festival was a front for Hamas, which the Zionists term a ‘terrorist’ organisation, because all opposition to Israel’s military occupation is, by definition, ‘terrorist’.  Suffice to say that the real reason was the fact that Zionists hate any public manifestation of Palestinian identity or political representation, in other words the campaign against Palestine Expo was thoroughly racist. 
Another Zionist front group run by Sharon Klaff and Ambrosine Shitrit
It is noticeable that mainstream Jewish and Zionist groups, in particular the Board of Deputies and the Community Security Trust did not join in with these attacks.

The festival, which included a range of Jewish speakers such as Professor Ilan Pape of Exeter University and Miko Peled, son of the late Israeli General Matiyahu Peled as well as speakers such as John Pilger and Professor Virginia Tilley of Southern Illinois University attracted over 17,000 attendees.
The Bogus 'Charity' 'Campaign Against Antisemitism' did its best to have Palestine Expo Banned
Jewish Human Rights Watch's far-Right solicitor Robert Fenstenstein writes trying to intimidate the Queen Elizabeth Centre into banning Palestine Expo 2017
It also attracted a small Zionist demonstration outside including the notorious Jonathan Hoffman, former Vice Chair of the Zionist Federation.  Hoffman has form when it comes to demonstrating with fascists.  At the Ahava demonstrations in Covent Garden in 2011 he demonstrated alongside the English Defence League.  When caught in the act he said that the allegations were based on evidence that was ‘photoshopped’.  In one photograph he was pictured with Robert Moore of the Jewish-Nazi terror group, the Jewish Defence League (then the Jewish wing of the EDL).  His allegation that photographer David Hoffman (no relation) had doctored his photographs led to a grovelling apology under threat of libel.
Paul BesserF standing with Standing with Israel
Left to Right  - Robert Spencer of Counter-Jihad, Kevin Carroll of EDL, Pamela Geller, - virulent anti-Islamic bigot and Tommy Robinson, founder of EDL and arch Zionist. Spencer & Geller were prohibited by Theresa May from entering UK - EDL and Zionist flags in background
Who should turn up to the Expo 17 Zionist demonstration but one Paul Besser, the Intelligence Officer (I use the term ‘Intelligence’ loosely) of the neo-Nazi Britain First group.  It is the group that Jo Cox’s killer, Thomas Mair, was associated with.  Despite Hoffman alleging that it was all a ‘lie’ the evidence is displayed here that Besser runs the Britain First intelligence operation.  An operation that anti-fascists have had no difficulty cracking. 
Neil Horan, Hitler admirer, demonstrates with Hoffman and Besser
Neil Horan at the Albert Hall Zionist counter-demonstration in 2011
Also present at the Zionist demonstration against ‘anti-Semitism’ was another odd ball, defrocked priest Neil Horan.  Besides running on the track of the 2003 British Grand Prix and physically attacking the leading marathon runner in the 2004 Athens Olympics, he expressed his support for Rolph Harris outside his recent trial.  Horan is also on record as saying that he intended to carry posters at the World Cup Final in 2006 declaring that "Adolf Hitler was a good leader who was following the word of Christ", give the Hitler salute and light a candle for Hitler at the Gestapo headquarters.'  Despite these avowedly anti-Semitic sentiments Hoffman and the rest of the Zionist crew had no problems with him participating in their demonstration either. 
Gemma Sheridan of the neo-Nazi Jewish Defence League, banned in the USA as a terrorist group
It is not the first time Horan has participated in a Zionist demonstration.  Let’s hope it is the last time.  Horan performed a jig outside the Albert Hall in 2011, as part of the Zionist demonstration, when BDS protestors successfully disrupted the performance of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra.  Perhaps the Community Security Trust or the misnamed Campaign Against Antisemitism might want to get onto the case!

It would seem that in the fight against ‘anti-Semitism’ Israel’s supporters are leaving no stone unturned even if it is fascist maggots that emerge.  These days, most Nazis and White Supremacists are self-declared White Zionists.  For the full lowdown on Horan see Wikipedia.
Besser of Britain First, Ambrosine Shitrit, Gemma
Sheridan JDL, Sharon Klaff and Jonathan Hoffman
The defenders of the Israeli state and the Zionist movement, especially those who manufacture ‘anti-Semitism’ whenever the issue of Palestine is raised, need to answer why it is that on a Zionist demonstration outside a Palestine Festival, there were at least two neo-Nazis present.  Even for Zionists this is a strange way to express your opposition to anti-Semitism!

Paul Besser's Other Activities

Paul Besser owns a company London Security Patrol- whose address is 7 Boundary Road WALTHAMSTOW E17 8NL.  You can ring him if you are interested in employing him on 0798 352 1403 or 0208 281 0157

Kay Wilson who was the main speaker at ZF/BOD Al Quds counter-demo this year
with Tommy Robinson in Israel.Wilson was one of the people who hosted Robinson
on his trip to Israel

Letter from Kay Wilson from Israel complaining to British police about their
treatment of Tommy Robinson
Gemma Sheridan and another fascist openly wear JDL shirts at Al Quds counter-demo July 2016
Roberta Moore and her non-Jewish partner De Jonge

Shitrit, Besser, Klaff and Hoffman - all fascists together

Besser engaged in a little intelligence gathering
Besser's security firm is based at the above premises

Where Besser's business operations are based

Besser's Twitter account boasts a replica of the Yellow Star that the Nazis forced Jews to wear - it takes pride of place on Besser's Twitter page - the German Zionist paper Judische Rundschau once told German Jews to 'Wear the Yellow Star with Pride'

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