5 August 2017

Caroline ‘Poison’ Penn @Cllorcaroline @thepennydrops Complains Again

Brighton’s most right-wing & racist councillor complains of ‘harassment’

Cllr. Caroline 'Poison' Penn of Brighton & Hove City Council

naturally I was overwhelmed with fear and guilt
Some of you may remember my post Racist Labour Councillor, Caroline ‘Poison’ Penn, Complains of ‘Harassment’ on @Cllorcaroline @thepennydrops - How Political Opportunists and Racist Misfits Use the Criminal Law to Deflect Criticism on Brighton and Hove’s most right-wing and racist councillor, Caroline Penn.

She happens to be a member of the Labour Party and the Zionist Jewish Labour Movement but that is almost an accident.  She could equally be a member of the Tory Party and Conservative Friends of Israel.  She is a bitter foe of Momentum and Jeremy Corbyn and is an acolyte of the New Labour MP for Hove, Peter Kyle.
I hadn't actually accused her of being a fascist or a member of the BNP, not had I accused her flatmate of the latter either
A couple of months ago a couple of policemen came to the door to hand me a PIN – Police Information Notice.  It doesn’t mean anything, assumes no guilt but is just a way of delivering a warning that in case there is a prosecution for harassment then you can’t say you haven’t been warned.

Well Poison Penn has been at it again.  Apparently she wasn’t happy with my response to her last act of whinging and so she has begun another bout of whining.  Apparently she resented my audacity in daring to tweet about her last complaint and blogging on it!
I did try educating Poison Penn but to no avail
I’m not sure what her complaint this time is about.  I accurately reported that this non-Jewish member of the Zionist JLM had called me an ‘anti-Semite’.  Presumably since she supports the Apartheid State of Israel she considers herself an expert on racism –  most racists do consider themselves experts on racism.  The tweet accusing me of anti-Semitism has since been deleted.

Last week another member of HM Constabulary came to my door to tell me that Poison Penn, who shares a flat with BNP supporting Harris ‘fascist’ Fitch, was complaining of harassment again.  However the PC assured me that having read the complaint he couldn’t see what the fuss was.  It was legitimate free speech as far as he was concerned.  A very nice chap he was too!
I told him that if you stand for a political position of Councillor you can hardly complain if people criticise you politically!  In short, Harry Truman’s old adage of ‘if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen’ applies.  Some of these right-wing Labour women, Joe Phillips is another, believe that any criticism of your politics is ‘sexism’ ‘harassment’ etc. etc.  In other words their sex privileges them.  Or their whiteness does in the case of Phillips.

As the PC confirmed I hadn’t made public any personal details of Ms Penn, other than who her flatmate was.  I hadn’t given away any phone numbers, addresses or any other identifying material, all of which can be obtained via Brighton Town Hall anyway.  Nor am I interested in the personal details of Poison Penn. 
Three of Brighton's Progress Councillors Join the Racist JLM
However I’m not going to be deterred by some racist Zionist into keeping quiet either.  Poison Penn announced to the world that she was joining the Apartheid supporting JLM and she expected some kind of applause not criticism.  Tough.

Please Retweet this as she has blocked me!

Tony Greenstein 

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