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Netanyahu & Israel have no criticism of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s rehabilitation of pro-Nazi leader Admiral Horthy

This is what the Zionists used to mean when they talked of Israel being a 'light unto the nations'

When it comes to real, genuine anti-Semitism the Zionist leaders and Zionist movement has no problem at all.  After all they agree with each other.  Jews don't belong in non-Jewish society.  The 'real' home of Jews is the so-called Jewish homeland, Israel.  It's not for nothing that Israel has kept out all those Palestinian refugees.  A Jewish homeland or state means a large Jewish majority.  Arabs only live in Israel on sufferance because politically it would be too damaging to expel them today.

So it should be no surprise that Netanyahu finds Viktor Orban, the far-Right racist leader of Hungary so congenial.  And not only Netanyahu.  You are not going to find Jeremy Newmark of the Jewish Labour Movement or their 'sister party' the Israeli Labour Party criticising links with anti-Semites.  After all the Israeli  Labour Party when it was in power did exactly the same.

As the Times of Israel reported, both Hungary and Bulgaria sought Israel’s advice on how best to keep out refugees.  Hungary was particularly interested in Israel’s wall across the Sinai that has successfully kept out African refugees.  As Rania Khalek noted, Israeli leaders delight in Europe’s cruelty toward refugees.

Benjamin Netanyahu and Hungary’s far-Right Prime Minister Viktor Orban get on like a house on fire.  Both are committed racists.

However there was a little awkwardness when Orban began the process of rehabilitating Hungary’s war time leader, Admiral Miklos Horthy.  Horthy it was who presided over the deportation of 437,000 Jews to Auschwitz from May 15th to July 8th 1944  This was at a time when Nazi Germany was reeling under the Soviet advance and when it would have been possible to refuse to the deportations.  Nazi Germany could not afford to lose its Hungarian ally yet Horthy, after having been summoned by Hitler to his lair on March 18th agreed to the deportation of Hungary’s Jews. 

Throughout the war Hungary’s Jews had been kept insulated from the Holocaust.  They were the last surviving major Jewish community.  Horthy was an aristocratic anti-Semite who despised the Jews of Hungary’s provinces as a ‘rabble’.

He therefore gave his blessing to the Szotjay government which was stuffed with anti-Semitic mass murderers such as Endre.
Birds of a feather - a racist Israeli government and Europe's most racist government see eye to eye
But the Zionist record in Hungary was nothing to shout about.  Under their leader Rudolf Kasztner the Zionist movement co-operated with the Nazis, helping with the round ups and keeping the Auschwitz Protocols of Auschwitz escapees Vrba and Wetzler secret.

Today Hungary’s far-Right government is seeking to rehabilitate Admiral Horthy.  Israel unsurprisingly has no problem with this.  It is one more example of how Zionism is only concerned with anti-Semitism when it is the Left and criticism of Zionism and Israel that is at stake.
Tony Greenstein

Jewish groups critical of Hungarian praise for Hitler ally

Admiral Horthy and Adolf Hitler
By AP June 24, 2017, 1:54 am

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban arrives to address a press conference after attending a European Parliament plenum session on the situation in Hungary, on April 26, 2017 in Brussels. (AFP Photo/Emmanuel Dunand)
BUDAPEST, Hungary — The World Jewish Congress and the leading Jewish group in Hungary objected Friday to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s praise for Miklos Horthy, the World War II-era leader who allied Hungary with Nazi Germany.

WJC President Ronald Lauder said his organization would always condemn “deplorable actions” like Horthy’s and rejected any attempts to excuse or justify them.
Israel is more than happy to accept 'clarification' over Orban's rehabilitation of Hungary's fascist leader Horthy in WW2
“The horrors that Admiral Horthy inflicted on the Jewish community of Hungary by stripping them of their rights and their humanity, and his role in the deportation and murder of hundreds of thousands of Jews, can never be excused,” Lauder said.

In a speech on Wednesday, just hours before he hosted Lauder in Parliament, Orban called Horthy and other Hungarian leaders “exceptional statesmen” for leading the country after the traumatic disintegration of the Austro-Hungarian Empire after World War I.

Orban’s comments were also criticized by Andras Heiszler, president of the Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities, who said the Horthy era’s anti-Semitism “cannot be put as an example for future generations.”

Several busts and statues of Horthy have been erected in the past few years, mostly on private property.

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