10 December 2014

Sussex Friends of Israel Welcome Rape Supporter Mordechai Kedar

Brighton Palestine Solidarity Campaign Organises Large Picket at Last Minute

Support Rape in the War Against Palestinians?  Jewish Nazis and their Christian Supporters Have no Problems

PSC Picket of Kedar
The character on the Right told me he was a Rabbi.  He was also ignorant (not unusual for a Rabbi) when declaring that  Mussolini was pro-Arab, whereas the Revisionist Zionists trained at his naval base at Civiatavechia!)
Cobbs shouting his mouth off and Police Officer at back was extremely friendly with the supporters of rape
Daniel and the Rabbi of Rape
Supporters of the picket
 They were all there.  The Christian Friends of Israel – Jill Young, Daniel, James preaching love of their fellow man (& woman) as long as s/he wasn't a Palestinian.  And of course Simon Cobbs, supporter of the Nazi Jewish Defence League (even their opponents in Israel call them this).  Rape as a weapon of war?  No problem for Simon Cobbs and his sidekick, Winston Pickett.
About 30  of us braved the cold and freezing weather to picket the fascists.  See report on the PSC site and in the Evening Argus.
Christian Friend of Israel  and the EDL - James
Cobbs making a point framed by Palestinian flag

The Zionist Federation, despite spluttering and protesting, was forced to accede to a request from the Board of Deputies to pull Kedar from his speaking engagements in schools.   He is not only a prime mysoginist, but an open racist.  Speaking at a 2012 Sion Conference alongside Tommy Robinson, then of the fascist English Defence League, he said that Muslims , were "multiplying - somebody said [like] rats".  Quite a fit and proper person for the Zionist Federation to have as their guest speaker.  Those with a sense of history will recall that the Nazis used to describe Jews as vermin and rats.  What goes around comes around.  
Supporters of PSC
All the crazies, Daniel, Cobbs and  James
A number of synagogues which haven’t yet been taken over by the craziest Zionist nutters, such as Finchley, cancelled Kedar’s invitation.

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