21 February 2019

More Fake Anti-Semitism as MPs stage ‘debate’

Once again no evidence of anti-Semitism is provided as Barry Gardiner makes a humiliating and grovelling apology to the Apartheid State's apologists

In the Commons today there was a debate on Anti-Semitism in Modern Society. All the main culprits spoke. The Tories facilitated the debate because ‘anti-Semitism’ is a useful weapon in their attempts to destroy the Corbyn leadership. Labour MPs, including the new ‘Independent’ Group, queued up to lend their support.  
Barry Gardiner - Racist Supporter of Labour Friends of Israel 
Barry Gardiner made a grovelling and humiliating apology for an anti-Semitism that simply doesn’t exist.  It is a fiction, dreamt up by supporters of Israel. What is interesting is that Gardiner just happens to be a supproter of Labour Friends of Israel. In other words he supports the racist ‘Jewish’ state that allows Arabs to be sacked for not being Jews.  This is the vile racism that bigots like Gardiner are willing to cover for. Imagine if, in Britain, Jews were sacked for being Jewish.  Now that would be anti-Semitic.
When the IHRA was adopted last September, thanks to Jon Lansman and Momentum nationally, it was said that this would put the anti-Semitism smears to bed.  Labour Against the Witchhunt argued that the opposite would happen and once again we have been proved to be correct. 
In the debate there were no specific allegations made about this all-embracing anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. It was merely accepted as a self-evident truth.  That however didn’t stop Joan Ryan, Ruth Smeeth, John Mann et al from waxing lyrical on how emotionally draining this all was.
Councillor Anne Meadows - Labour turned Tory - sacked because she was lazy and useless
Of interest to those in Brighton and Hove is the statement of Lewes MP Maria Caulfield who asked:

Will the Prime Minister join me welcoming Councillor Anne Meadows, who has today left the Labour party in Brighton and Hove City Council, crossing the floor to join the Conservatives, who are now the largest group on the council? Councillor Meadows left the Labour party because of the rise of antisemitism and bullying that she and her colleagues have experienced from Momentum activists—so much so that only seven of the 23 councillors will be standing again in May. Does the Prime Minister agree that antisemitism is rife throughout the whole Labour party?
Ms Meadows was deselected as a Councillor for Moulsecoomb because she was useless and lazy. She has crossed the floor and the Tories may end up running the Council.  That is called democracy.
The fact that Meadows joined the Tories demonstrates how right we were to deselect her
Matthew Offord – racist MP for Hendon
Matthew Offord, an otherwise undistinguished bigot and MP for Hendon let the cat out of the bag when stated that:
The antisemitism of recent years has taken the form of criticism of Zionism and of the actions and policies of the Government of Israel, which has often manifested itself in direct action, such as the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement. However, the new line of attack is different from traditional antisemitism, meaning the hatred of Jews, claims that Jews are inferior to others or a belief in a worldwide Jewish conspiracy or the Jewish control of capitalism. The new antisemitism differs in the political voices from which it comes. Previously antisemitism was perceived as coming from the political right, but the new antisemites are primarily on the left and, indeed, the far left.
This is the big lie that the mass media, from the Guardian to the Sun espouses.  Anti-Zionism is the new form of anti-Semitism.  If you criticise the Israeli state, not just the government but the racist state itself, then you are anti-Semitic. Let us examine this with the following story from this week’s news.
In The Times of Israel last Saturday there was a story Settlement fires school’s Israeli Arab cleaning staff after threats from parents. The parents of the children in a school objected to the Israeli Palestinian workers who were the cleaners. These workers are Israeli citizens. The Times of Israel reported that ‘Parents in the settlement of Karnei Shomron appealed last week to the head of the local council, Yigal Lahav, and threatened to shutter the school until all Arab cleaners were removed.  One parent wrote:
Karnei Shomrin settlement in the West Bank

‘“Yes, we are racists. The lives of our children come first, we are racists and we love the Jewish race.”
Imagine that Jewish workers in Britain were sacked because they were Jewish by those proclaiming they loved the Christian Anglo-Saxon race?  Now that would be anti-Semitic.
This is the situation in Israel. Naked Jewish racial supremacy that MPs Gardiner, Offord, Hodge, Berger and Smeeth defend calling criticism ‘anti-Semitism’. What happened in Karnei Shomron is not unique. 
More Israeli Jews support the deportation of Israel’s Arab citizens than oppose it and 79% believe Jews should be treated preferentially.  That is what a Jewish state really means.
And this is what the debate was about.  It is unfortunate that Jeremy Corbyn and the ‘left-wing’ of the PLP are too politically feeble and spineless to stand up and point out to those who argue that anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are one and the same that they are supporting the parents of Karnei Shomron. Opposition to Zionism is not equivalent to anti-Semitism.  It is Zionism, with its belief in the superiority of the ‘Jewish race’ which owes most to anti-Semitism.
The local council of this settlement, which was reluctant to dispense with the Arab cleaners (no doubt because they are vastly underpaid and overworked) stated that:
‘“The atmosphere in the community led to inappropriate behavior toward the cleaning women, and even harassment and threats to some members of the parents’ committee,” 
This included threats from their Nazi like children to the cleaners, because yes this behaviour is Nazi like. Yet this is the kind of behaviour that the Jewish Nation State Law passed last summer gives a green light to.
And what were the anti-Semitic statements that the Blessed Margaret Hodge highlighted, the only examples given in the whole of the debate?
1.    “He needs to check out the love fest between the Zionists and the Nazis.’ Whether this is right or wrong it isn’t anti-Semitic. As the incident in Karnei Shomron demonstrates there is a close affinity between Nazi and Zionist belief in racial superiority.
2.    ‘People are finding out how much power Jews have. They seem to have a lot of power over the main opposition party. Might they rebel if…the reason they didn’t get a job or a home was because a Jew got it.’
Yes this is anti-Semitic though we don’t know if it was a Labour Party member who said this. However Zionism speaks in the name of Jews and unfortunately some people draw the wrong conclusion that the Zionists speak the truth when they boast of their influence.
3.    You are paid by Israel to destabilise UK Labour.’ Joan Ryan demonstrated this when she was gifted a £1 million slush fund, as captured on the Al Jazeera film The Lobby. There is no doubt that some MPs are in receipt of funding from the Israel lobby.  Did Joan Ryan declare the £1m?
4.    ‘A Zionist plot to oust Jeremy Corbyn.’ How is this anti-Semitic? Zionist organisations have done little else than attack Corbyn for the past 3 years.
5.    A swastika is appropriate as Israel is a fascist state.” It may not be strictly true that Israel is a fascist state but saying that the Swastika is appropriate for a state based on racial supremacy is not anti-Semitic.
So out of 5 statements, just one is anti-Semitic.  Par for the course and let us not forget that the first statement is just that, a form of words that harms no one whereas sacking low paid cleaners because they are Arabs and physically harassing them is far far worse but that is what Offord, Berger, Smeeth and Mann devote their political lives to supporting.
Tony Greenstein

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