5 February 2019

Tony Greenstein’s Blog Will Be Shortly Transferring to a New Site

The Old Site Will Be Preserved Intact

Dear Readers,
The Jewish Chronicle reported how the Zionist Board of Deputies got Medium to Censor and Delete my  Blog Because They Didn't Like the Truth

I am in the process of transferring my blog to my own website from Blogspot. The old blog will not be deleted but hopefully all the old posts will be transferred to the new site.
However there are, at present, 2646 posts built up over more than a decade and it is a mammoth undertaking.
The Zionists are shameless in trying to censor any version of events that contradict them
Why have I decided to set up on my own website?  Because recently my blog on Medium, which had been there for over a year, was removed after the Zionist Board of Deputies complained at my reporting of how their ‘anti-racist’ demonstration in Manchester was organised by a group, NW Friends of Israel who have worked with the EDL and now Tommy Robinson.
Being an unaccountable corporation Medium simply removed my blog.  They had previously deleted a post which named 30 Zionist  fascists because they held that fascists should not be targeted.
Twitter suspended my account because they didn't like this photo of Ahed Tamimi as a child having her arm twisted by an oh so brave Zionist thug in uniform
It is proving more expensive than I thought – not only having to pay for the domain name, the hosting site and extra storage because of the size of the posts but and also to get the web site itself designed. The total cost will be at least £1,000 so although I have never appealed for money before anyone who does appreciate this blog and the work that goes into it is encouraged to send a contribution towards the cost via my paypal which is tonygreenstein111@gmail.com
In the interim I will be blogging less often, not least because I have a major hearing in my libel case against the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism on February 14th.
Tony Greenstein

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