8 February 2019

Why are Labour’s MPs So Concerned About ‘Anti-Semitism’ When They Have Nothing to Say About the Deportation of Black People to the West Indies?

WE NEED TO DESELECT LABOUR's RACIST MPs Those who attacked Jenny Formby last Monday were the same ones who supported May’s ‘hostile environment’ policy and the Windrush Scandal

 John Barnes Outburst on Racist Hypocrisy

You really couldn’t make it up.  Labour’s racist MPs, led by Tom Watson, whose favourite song (Am Yisrael Chai) is the Horst Wessel of Israel settlers, were in full dudgeon on Monday night. These racist rats were up in arms about ‘anti-Semitism’.  Not the anti-Semitism you and me understand, hatred or hostility to Jews, but criticism of Israel, the Apartheid Jewish state. 

Deportation Flight

Luciana Berger's Labour Friends of Israel said that the victims must accept responsibility for their own deaths - not Israel of course

Their complaint was that Labour was no longer expelling people at the drop of a hat under the former witch-finder general Maggi Cosins of Labour First.
Jennie Formby, Labour’s General Secretary had been summoned to the meeting, to explain why ‘anti-Semites’ hadn’t been expelled and they wanted to know the details (these fools don’t understand such niceties as Data Protection Regulations).
The JLM repeatedly claims that it represents the Jewish Community - what they are saying is that most Jews are racists like them
The tiny Jewish Labour Movement claims it represents the Jewish Community - is it any wonder people are fooled by these racists?
Labour Against the Witchhunt gives its support to Jim Sheridan
Once case particularly exercised them, that of former MP Jim Sheridan.  Jim had tweeted that despite his ‘respect and empathy for the Jewish community and their historic suffering’ this is no longer the case due to their Blairite plotting etc. At which point the heavens fell in.  How dare he attribute to all Jews the sins of only a few etc. It might be a fair point if this was not exactly what the Zionists do.
Jim Sheridan's mistaken comments but who was responsible for them
The twitter site of the Jewish Labour Movement states that it is ‘the Jewish community in the Labour Party.’ Not part of the Jewish community, not its Zionist component, all of the Jewish community. When Zionists regularly claim to represent all Jews is it any wonder that some people blame Jews for what Israel does rather than Zionists?
Luciana Berger is hated by her own constituents
A badly drafted motion was apparently approved by MPs without discussion by acclaim. It can be found here. It’s not necessary to rehearse the arguments about the fake anti-Semitism witchhunt.  The mere fact that Black anti-racist campaigner Marc Wadsworth, Cyril Chilson the child of parents who survived Nazi concentration camps and myself were expelled should tell you all you need to know about who the real targets of the ‘anti-Semitism’ campaign were.  Not anti-Semites but Jewish and anti-racists opponents.
Labour MPs at their weekly meeting
Up before the witchhunters in March is Jackie Walker, the Black-Jewish anti-racist who is a prime target of Labour’s racist MPs. She has already been stabbed in the back by Momentum’s fuhrer Jon Lansman and I suspect that the JLM is already preparing white hoods for a march on the hearing as they did with Marc Wadsworth.
A good account of the meeting can be found here.
Luciana Berger is one of the most prominent Labour Zionists.  An officer with the JLM and Labour Friends of Israel she has never, not once, opposed the actions or policies of the Israeli state.  When Labour Friends of Israel last year supported the murder of unarmed Palestinian demonstrators she gave her support.  Luciana supports a Jewish state that explicitly discriminates against those who are not seen as part of the national collective.
Much has been made of the ‘abuse’ that Luciana Berger has received.  She has never revealed what this a ‘abuse’ consists of but her fellow Zionist, Ruth Smeeth read out 10 examples of emails she received. ALL of them were about her support of the Zionists.  Only one of them was anti-Semitic.
We can assume the same is true of Berger.  No doubt a few messages she has received are anti-Semitic but that should be seen in the context of Luciana Berger’s own vile racism. If you claim you represent Jews then unfortunately some people will be fooled. Most of her ‘abuse’ is nothing more than criticism of her support of the Apartheid regime in Tel Aviv. Of course any anti-Semitic abuse of Berger is deplorable but she has brought it on herself with her own vile racism.  Luciana Berger does not merit any sympathy.  The only thing she suffers from is self-victimhood. She is a pinup hero for every vile racist newspaper in Britain, from the Sun to the Mail.
The Time Has Come To Deselect Luciana Berger and the Other Racist Rats Who Support Her
Yet at the same time as Labour MPs were working themselves up about ‘anti-Semitism’ there was real racism – the deportation of up to 50 Black people who had committed offences in this country, many minor but irrelevant because they have been living here often since childhood.  This is the racist outrage that Labour’s racist MPs chose to ignore so let’s just spell it out:
Jewish People in this County Do NOT Suffer From State Racism
Jews are not subject to deportation like Black people.
Jewish people do not suffer police violence.
Jewish people do not experience Police Stop and Search
Jewish people do not suffer economic discrimination.  No one suffers because they are Jewish, quite the contrary the Jewish community is richer and more privileged than the White community as a whole
Jews are not underrepresented in Parliament, quite the contrary they have always been over represented.
Jews do not suffer racist attacks with the sole exception of Jews who are visibly distinct i.e. Haredi and Ultra Orthodox Jews.  Ironically they were the one group that John Mann’s atrocious Select Committee Report on Anti-Semitism in 2016 ignored. They are also the one community, 29 of whose rabbis condemned the Board of Deputies for speaking on behalf of all Jews in their attacks on Corbyn. The British media managed not to report the statement of these rabbis!  Can’t imagine why? 
LONDON, ENG, United Kingdom
7 Feb 2019 — 
Dear Supporter
Late last night , those detained at various Immigration Removal Centres were woken abruptly & brutally  in their cells & taken on the long drive in several vans to Birmingham airport.
One of those taken Twane Morgan, Who we are running a specific campaign for, was successful in getting a high court injunction yesterday afternoon removing him from the flight so it was a shock to him to be awoken by 6  armed officials in riot gear barging into his cell & snatching him out of his sleep. He then had to call and wake his legal team as he was already being transported cuffed to an escort.
I received an alarming call from his partner informing me 'they've taken him' and was able to speak to him via the phone of the escort he was cuffed to.
Prior to this I received an alarming messsge of a 22 year old man with PTSD  who was cutting his wrists observed by guards and that when 999 was called they advised that they have no jurisdiction to send an ambulance to a detention centre which I and others believe to be a breach of human rights and right to life.
He was subsequently apprehended and instead of considering his physical & psychological health & injury meant he was not fit to be deported and taken to hospital he was taken to the plane. I understand that he  and others made applications for asylum on the journey to the airport and were successful in being taken off the flight. 
On the journey those being deported are cuffed to an escort, have no phone and are dependant on emergency & last minute calls to loved ones through the escort. 
 Poor Twane's partner has planned to travel to take his children to say their final goodbyes last evening but when they got the good news he would not be taken this was not necessary so the period of approx 5 hours through the night was mental torture for Twane & his loved ones.
Twane was placed on the plane, strapped into his seat cuffed to security guards on either side before he got the news for second time that he would not be removed and was taken of flight.
The  Home Office said that 50 were to be deported describing them as hardened criminals guilty of very serious crimes but the details we have seen about those being deported or from conversations with them & their families is different. 
If their crimes were so serious that they were a danger as suggested by government then how were 21 removed at the last minute?
The fact that they were removed & at such a late stage illustrates how wrong charter flights are, snatching people & puttng them on a flight without allowing them tthe required time to get legal representation, prepare cases and lodge appeals is wrong & irresponsible. It opens the doors for  mistakes which have devestating adverse impacts on lives. Around 40 children were to be denied a parent through this flight with no regard for their rights either.
I received hearbreaking messages from loved ones of those being taken last night.
The Titan Airways flight was scheduled to depart at 7.30am, but actually took off at 8.16am (footage attached).
It's important that we continue to campaign against these deportations and whilst this petition was originally launched last year but now that the government have started these deportation flights again , we have the support for it of an umbrella group that BARAC UK is part of, BAME Lawyers for Justice.
Please help us grow this petition and the call to end this hostile & brutal act.

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