27 February 2019

The Suspension of Chris Williamson MP is Shameful – This May Be the End of the Corbyn Project

It is Tom Watson Who Should Have Been Suspended for Racism and Disloyalty  

 The suspension of Chris Williamson is shameful. If there has been one MP who has steadfastly opposed the false anti-Semitism campaign that has been waged for the past 3½ years it is Chris Williamson.
Shamefully Betrayed by Corbyn's Cowardice
Nothing that Chris Williamson has said is anti-Semitic. Chris Williamson is first and foremost an anti-racist MP who has defended Marc Wadsworth and Jackie Walker throughout the racist attacks by the Zionists on them. It is Chris’s accusers who have fed the anti-Semitic trolls by deliberately associating Israel’s war crimes with Jewish people.  That was the meaning of the adoption of the IHRA definition of ‘anti-Semitism’.
Does Corbyn really think that the Zionists are going to let up on him if he throws his friends to the wolves?
It is obvious that having achieved the expulsion of Marc Wadsworth and Tony Greenstein  and the removal of Ken Livingstone and Jackie Walker’s suspension that the racists and Zionists who support the world’s only apartheid state, Israel, would turn on the only principled MP in the Parliamentary Labour Party.
The Guardian and its Zionist leader writer Jonathan Freedland have waged an incessant war against Corbyn and those who support him
What has happened today will not appease the Israel Lobby.  On the contrary they will renew their efforts to obtain the head of Corbyn.  The Zionist lobby has repeatedly called Corbyn an anti-Semite.  They will not give up now but will  renew their efforts until Corbyn is deposed. 
Corbyn is a fool for having succumbed to the demands for Chris Williamson’s head.  Jennie Formby may have formally suspended him but it was Corbyn who who gave his assent.
Tom Watson is reliant on large and regular donations from the supporters of Labour Friends of Israel
It is ironic that the Jewish Labour Movement, which boasts that it is the ‘sister party’ of the Israeli Labour Party, has said absolutely nothing about the ILP’s support for the attempt of Netanyahu to deport 40,000 Black African refugees.  The ILP is a party that openly advocates segregation of Jews and Palestinians.   It is a thoroughly racist party, which organised the original ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.  These racist scumbags are still affiliated to the Labour Party whilst good socialists like Chris Williamson are subject to a racist witch-hunt.
This is the kind of vitriol and bile that the Zionists have thrown around and Corbyn has, once again, demonstrated he has no backbone
Only last July the Jewish Chronicle and two other Zionist papers printed a joint editorial United We Stand which  spoke of ‘the existential threat to Jewish life in this country that would be posed by a Jeremy Corbyn-led government.’ Corbyn was deemed a threat to the very existence of the Jewish community in Britain.  In other words he was anti-Semitic. Accusations that Chris Williamson was a Jew Baiter’ have been the staple of Zionist propaganda.  Once again Corbyn has demonstrated that he lacks a backbone.
Corbyn has once again bowed to this disloyal and treacherous rat
Corbyn’s lack of loyalty to his friend and comrade are shameful.  He must know that in throwing Williamson overboard he has dramatically increased his own chances of being deposed.
Where are all those ‘left’ Labour MPs who apparently support the Corbyn Project?  Laura Pidcott, Cat Smith, Dan Carden, Dennis Skinner, Lloyd Rusell-Moyle? Their silence has been deafening.
It is no surprise that Owen Jones has, once again, scabbed on socialists and sided with racists
It was to be expected that fair-weather turncoat and former socialist, Owen Jones, would support the suspension of Chris Williamson.  Jones has become the left face of the witchhunt. He is a racist who has long made his peace with the Jewish Labour Movement and the Zionist movement.
It will be interesting to see what position Jon Lansman adopts given that the vast majority of Momentum members support Chris Williamson.  Still as unelected Chair he will not be in fear of being deselected.  I have organised a petition.  Please support it.
Support my Petition Calling for Chris Williamson to be Reinstated and Tom Watson to be Suspended

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