16 February 2019

Tony Greenstein –v- Campaign Against Anti-Semitism Libel Action

The High Court Decided Today that Calling Someone an Anti-Semite is a Matter of Opinion not Fact! We shall be appealing to the Court of Appeal

At first sight it is surprising. Zionists never hesitate to accuse their opponents of ‘anti-Semitism’. After all if you are forced to defend shooting unarmed demonstrators and demolishing villages and homes it’s far easier to attack the messenger than the message.
No group is more assiduous in doing this than the misnamed ‘Campaign Against Anti-Semitism’. So when, in February 2017 and on 4 subsequent occasions, they accused me of being a ‘notorious anti-Semite’ you might have thought that they would leap at the opportunity to justify the truth of their assertion.
The original article on the CAA's website
The original libel - repeated on at least 4 more occasions - the CAA is notoriously reluctant to justify their libels
Not a bit of it.  Their legal team, led by Adam Speker of 5RB, the same Chambers that today’s presiding Judge Mr Justice Nicklin belongs to, has fought desperately to be able to rely on section 3 (‘honest opinion’) rather than a section 2 (‘statement of fact’) of the Defamation Act 2013.
Section 3 is the old ‘fair comment’ common law defence that was usually used to protect journalists who wrote in good faith about a politician. It protected free speech. The 2013 Defamation Act put it on a statutory footing and called it ‘honest opinion’. In other words, even if you are lying through your teeth, as long as you believe your own lies then you are in the clear.
As the Jewish Chronicle reported correctly (for once) ‘If [the libellous statements were] considered an opinion, it would lower the bar for the defence.’ In other words the Zionists want to be free to accuse any and everyone of ‘anti-Semitism’ but when forced to justify their accusations can then turn round and say it was only their opinion! When push comes to shove they run a mile from having to justify their lies.
Gideon Falter - smooth talking, corrupt liar who runs the CAA - a far-Right Israeli funded Zionist organisation
Section 2, however is much stricter. You have to be able to prove that what you said was true. For the CAA that presents serious problems. The CAA is led by Gideon Falter who is as bent as a 9 bob note. Making accusations that people are ‘anti-Semitic’ is his stock-in-trade. Anyone and everyone who criticises Israel is an ‘anti-Semite’.

To the CAA, which is almost certainly funded by Israel (its accounts for 2016 and 2017 do not disclose who its funders are but we can guess) support for the Palestinians is ‘Jew hatred’. 
Gideon Falter lied in court that Rowan Laxton had shouted out 'fucking Jews' - he was quite willing to ruin someone's career for the 'crime' of expressing outrage at Israel's barbarous attack on Gaza
Of course the CAA’s opinions are anything but honest as a cursory examination of both Falter’s and the CAA’s record will show. In 2009 Foreign Office diplomat Rowan Laxton was accused by Falter of having shouted out, whilst exercising by himself in a gym, ‘fucking Israelis, fucking Jews’ after having seen on a TV screen footage of an elderly Palestinian man killed by Israel in Gaza. Laxton, who is now Britain’s High Commissioner to the Republic of Cameroon, was prosecuted under s.5 of the Public Order Act for using ‘"threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, or disorderly behaviour …’ in a public place. The Police were not inclined to prosecute at first but Falter leaked it to the Daily Mail and put the Police under pressure.  Laxton was convicted at first instance by Westminster Magistrates Court and was subsequently suspended by the Foreign Office.
The Daily Mail failed to report on the subsequent acquittal of Rowan Laxton - it didn't fit with the preconceptions of this antisemitic paper
Laxton appealed to Southwark Crown Court who acquitted him of using the phrase ‘fucking Jews’. In other words Gideon Falter was a liar who had tried to ruin someone’s career for expressing their emotions about an Israeli attack on Gaza which killed 1400 civilians.  The death of Palestinians is not something which disturbs Falter in the slightest. As Professor Geoffrey Pullum noted in The diplomat, the bishop, the bomber, and the fruit bat the Daily Mail which reported the initial conviction did not report Laxton’s successful appeal. 
On the basis of a quotation from Israel's first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, the CAA called Jackie Walker a 'holocaust justifier'
I could also mention the occasion in February 2017 that the CAA ran the headline ‘Jackie Walker Posts Text Asking Whether Hitler Can Really Be Blamed for the Holocaust?’. This was based on a passage in Nahum Goldman’s autobiography, The Jewish Paradox, which in turn quoted from David Ben Gurion on how the Palestinian reaction to Israel’s creation, that they were not responsible for the Holocaust was understandable. Goldman was former President of the World Jewish Congress and the World Zionist Organisation and Ben Gurion was the first Prime Minister of Israel! When the CAA realised their gaff they took the post down but not before groups like Canada’s Never Again had waxed lyrical on the subject.
Canada's Zionist 'Never Again' Facebook Group was Fooled by the CAA post
The CAA has therefore fought to avoid having to justify their accusations that I am anti-Semitic. Instead they wanted to hide behind ‘honest opinion’ instead.
However on the advice of counsel I am applying for leave to appeal to the Court of Appeal to the same Judge and if he refuses to agree then an application will be made to the Court of Appeal directly.
Associate of Britain 1st and the EDL, fascist sympathiser and Zionist Jonathan Hoffman imagines the curtains are closing
According to notorious Zionist Jonathan Hoffman, who openly calls himself a racist and who is equally happy to keep company with a variety of fascist and anti-Semitic organisations, ‘the net is closing in.’   Indeed Hoffman calls me a ‘a thoroughly nasty piece of work’ which coming from him is a rare compliment indeed!
It is our opinion that the Judgment of Justice Nicklin is an error of law and that the allegations made against me in 4 of the articles, that I am a ‘notorious anti-Semite’ are a bare comment i.e. a factual assertion.
The first article does make an attempt to justify their assertion that I am anti-Semitic but its arguments are so ludicrous that they would find it impossible to justify them. Hence why it is important that the CAA is able to pass off their lies as ‘honest opinion’ which means that the burden of proof is reversed. Instead of the CAA having to prove their lies, I have to prove that they are dishonest.
The sting in their allegations are in paragraphs 1.5 and 1.6 of the Appendix to the Judgment.
[1.5]      Greenstein is to be squarely defined as an anti-Semite under the International Definition of Antisemitism. which states that "Denving the intentionality of the genocide of the Jewish people at the hands of National Socialist Germanv .. .during World War II is antisemitic.

[1.6] Mr Greenstein is to be classified as an antisemite on other grounds too. He openly and readilv admits to Holocaust inversion (calling Jews Nazis). This breaches the International Definition of Antisemitism by "Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis. "
Financial Appeal – Why I Need You

I have only been able to fight this battle so far because of the generosity of contributors.  It is a battle that I am fighting, not for myself, but for all those who are regularly libelled, defamed and slandered by Zionist groups such as the CAA. By attacking the critics of Israeli apartheid as ‘anti-Semites’ the Zionists hope to excuse their murderous, racist and indeed genocidal behaviour. It is time that we called them out and I am prepared to pay a heavy price, even bankruptcy, in order to show the CAA out for the liars they are.

BUT what I am also doing is asking you and your friends to dig deep to help support my efforts.  The Zionists have already spent about £50,000 defending their lies.  I have spent about £10,000.  However I have to fund both an appeal to the Court of Appeal and a further Case Management Conference and a full trial.  I have a good barrister who is ready and willing to take this on but I need to raise at the minimum £60,000.  So far I have raised less than one-third of this.

There are a number of ways you can contribute.  You can:

i.                   Donate to Go Fund Me but it will take about 5% of your donation

ii.                 You can send a donation to Paypal using my email address tonygreenstein111@gmail.com but don’t say its for services or buying anything as they will also take about 5%.

iii.              You can email me a cheque made out to BUWC at PO Box 173, Rottingdean, Brighton BN51 9EZ.

iv.              Or you can send by BACS to BUWC, 09-01-50, Account No: 04094107 with reference libel.

Thank you

Tony Greenstein

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