5 February 2017

Rape is fine for Ralli Hall's Owners but Support for the Palestinians is Verboten

Ralli Hall - Zionist Centre in Hove Permits Meetings for Advocate of Rape but not Supporters of the Palestinians

Kedar was a welcome guest for Ralli Hall unlike supporters of the Palestinians and anti-Zionists
I can remember the demonstration well, because I was in the throes of advanced liver disease.  However I was determined to turn out on a bitterly cold evening to protest at the Sussex Friends of Israel/Zionist Federation meeting being held there.  The speaker was Mordechai Kedar, Professor at Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv, a racist religious institution.  Kedar was a retired colonel in the Israeli Occupation Forces.

Kedar had an unusual theory.  As I reported at the time 'The statement by Kedar that the mothers or sisters of ‘terrorists’ should be raped breaks new ground, even for the religious Orthodox.'
Advert for Kedar meeting in Brighton December 2014 held by the far-Right Sussex Friends of Israel
On Friday, the far-Right Zionist group, the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism posted a nasty little article accusing Becky Massey, a member of the Labour Party and Palestine Solidarity Campaign of anti-Semitism.  'Anti-Semitism' is the normal Zionist accusation directed against supporters of the Palestinians so nothing new there.
Synagogues barred Kedar but Ralli Hall was happy to host a rape advocate
What makes this different is that the  owners of Ralli  Hall cancelled the pre-booked AGM of Hove Labour Party on the basis of the CAA's scurrilous and lying little article.  They took it upon themselves to support the allegations in the article without having any way of knowing whether or not the accusations in it were true or not.

So we can only conclude that the Zionists who run Ralli Hall are quite happy with the idea that the sisters or  mothers or wives of men who are accused of 'terrorism' should be raped, but are unhappy with someone who is falsely accused of anti-Semitism.  Perhaps they think that this has some biblical justification, since Zionists usually resort to the Bible to justify most of Israel's abominations.

Even the Zionist Federation cancelled Kedar's meetings in schools and Finchley synagogue abruptly cancelled Kedar's meeting when it heard about his views on rape and war.  However the good Zionists of Ralli Hall were made of sterner stuff.  They couldn't see anything wrong with the idea of raping women in war, despite approaches which were made to them at the time.
Rape supporters are welcome but opponents of Israeli Apartheid are forbidden
But when a false accusation of 'anti-Semitism' is made against someone on the basis of their views on Israel then the meeting of the Labour Party is banned because she will be in attendance.  No allegation was made that Becky had made any derogatory remarks about Jews as individuals but that Israel had an unhealthy influence on British and American foreign policy - something confirmed by the recent programmes 'The Lobby' on Al Jazeera.  You can read the details of what Becky is alleged to have done and the background to it here
Even the Zionist Federation realised it could not have an advocate of rape speaking in Jewish schools
I have sent the following email to Ralli Hall's organisers.  We shall see what they have to say or not as the case may be!

Tony Greenstein

Dear Ralli Hall, 
I intend to give this as much publicity on social media as possible.  Your hypocrisy is quite staggering.
You cancelled a meeting of Hove Labour Party today because of a nasty little attack on an anti-racist woman, Becky Massey, who is an anti-Zionist and supporter of the Palestinians.

Perhaps you like to justify why you object to a supporter of the Palestinians but you were happy in December 2014 to host Mordechai Kedar of Bar Ilan University who advocates rape of women as a weapon of war? 
I and others will be most interested in your answer.  Meanwhile I have posted the details of your hypocrisy here: 
Tony Greenstein
Tony Greenstein
Email announcing that the Hove AGM had suddenly been cancelled by the racists and misogynist of Ralli Hall 

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