26 February 2017

Fake Charity 'Campaign Against Anti-Semitism' Runs Scared that it will lose its 'Charitable' Tax Advantages

Zionist ‘Charity’ Seeks Help of former Hitler supporting Daily Mail and Tory MPs to help it in its McCarthyite work


The decision of the courageous peer, Baroness Jenny Tonge to sign the petition calling for the so-called Campaign Against Anti-Semitism to be deregistered as a charity, sent the CAA into a fit.  You couldn’t have bettered the headline ‘Baroness who quit Lib Dems over anti-Semitic row says Britain's top group fighting hate speech against Jews should lose its charitable status’. 
A top group that has nothing about Holocaust denial groups like the British National Party on its web site and 70+ articles attacking Jeremy Corbyn as an anti-Semite.  They make a particular speciality of attacking anti-racist and anti-Zionist Jews.  Moshe Machover, Gerald Kauffman and Jackie Walker are just a few examples of the people they demonise.
Unfortunately Tingle didn't manage to read his own online newspaper
One particular source of personal embarrassment, that they hadn't so far attacked me, has at last been rectified and my reputation restored!  In a report on Palestine Solidarity Campaign and how they need to eradicate 'anti-Semitism' in the movement they report on how 
'For example, the Brighton and Hove branch of PSC and various branches of PSC in Scotland have scheduled events to explain how “false antisemitism allegations silence the Palestinian voice”, with speakers including Jackie Walker and Tony Greenstein, both of whom were suspended by the Labour Party for antisemitism.
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You see how the CAA works.  Alleging that Zionist organisations like the CAA make false accusations of anti-Semitism against people who oppose Zionism, which is a fact known to most people, is in itself anti-Semitic.  You don't have to believe that Jews are inferior, that they have peculiar characteristics, that they deserve to be discriminated against or indulge in conspiracies. Good gracious no.  If you attack Zionists (who the CAA conflate with Jews) for attacking their opponents as 'anti-Semitic' when they are not, then you too are anti-Semitic in their Alice-in-the-Wonderland world.
Mail Online article of 16.11.16.
The fact that Zionists claim that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitic and therefore that all anti-Zionists are by definition 'anti-Semitic' as e.g. Mick Davies, former head of the Jewish Leadership Council claimed when giving evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee on Anti-Semitism is irrelevant.  Anti-semitism is what we say it is.  The fact that these people are died-in-the-wool Zionists is irrelevant.  Like Humpty Dumpty they define the terminology.  Words mean what they want them to mean.  The only question is whose master!

Of course the fact that Jackie and I have been suspended from the Labour Party for 'anti-Semitism' despite not yet being given the allegations or charges, is 'proof' of our anti-Semitism.  And these rascals claim they are a bona fide charity.

Jackie Walker, being Black and Jewish, is an especially attractive target for these Zionist scoundrels.  In one of its attacks the CAA call Jackie a holocaust denier on the basis of her quoting Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion!  Only when they realised that the words ‘Nazi’ and ‘Auschwitz’ don’t always add up to helping Hitler, did they hurriedly delete the post.  But none of this was reported by the racist Mail and what isn’t reported doesn’t exist!

The Mail also attacks me and, as is normal for the paper, gets its facts wrong despite me having twice corrected them.  I was not ‘barred’ from joining the Labour Party last summer.  I wasn’t allowed to become a registered supporter or rather my vote was fished out of the ballot box! 
Rent-a-mouth John Mann MP managed to make an appearance
The Mail, horrors of horrors, informs its readers that ‘Mr Greenstein has previously stated online that 'Zionists collaborated with the Nazis' and helped 'round up' Jews to send to Auschwitz.’  This is indeed a shocking story.  Accusing the Zionist organisation, which bases its claim to a Jewish state on the Holocaust, of actually having collaborated with the Nazis.  And what is the truth of this terrible accusation?

Well you could turn to the Mail Online for 16th November 2016 where you will read the headline ‘War hero known as the 'Jewish Oskar Schindler' HELPED the Nazis kill hundreds of thousands of Jews, claims new book based on Holocaust survivor testimonies’In the story you learn that ‘Mr Bogdanor says he can prove he only managed to secure the agreement in return for helping Eichmann to deport the rest of Hungary's nearly 800,000 Jews to Auschwitz.’

The Mail castigates me for making the same allegations that it did!
Unfortunately the appropriately named Mr Tingle hadn’t done some basic research and for example read his own online archives first.  In fact whereas I claim that Kasztner helped send to Auschwitz some 437,000 Jews, the Mail puts the figure at 800,000!

What the Mail claims is ‘New research, based on Holocaust survivor testimonies’ is in fact a very old story.  In his magnus opus ‘The Destruction of the European Jews’ the late Raul Hilberg, Professor of Holocaust Studies at Vermont University wrote that:
‘Eichmann stated in his memoirs that Kasztner “agreed to keep the Jews from resisting deportation – and even keep order in the camps – if I would close my eyes and let a few hundred or a few thousand young Jews emigrate illegally to Palestine.  It was a good bargain.’ (p. 903)
Hilberg was citing an article in Life magazine of 5th December 1960.  Eichmann’s revelations were undoubtedly stirred by the Kasztner Trial which was taking place in Israel at that time.  As a result of accusations that he had collaborated with the Nazis to send thousands of Jews to their deaths, Kasztner, a senior official in the Israeli Labour Party and scheduled to be a member of the Knesset at the next elections, had sued his accuser, Malchiel Greenwald.  The state had paid for and insisted on such a prosecution but it backfired and it was Kasztner who was on trial.  The judge, Benjamin Halevi, found that Kasztner had ‘sold his soul to the devil’ when finding the allegations against him proved.  Although the Supreme Court overturned the verdict by 4-1 this was on a legal technicality. 

So the accusation against me in the Mail, of accusing Zionists of having  collaborated with the Nazis in Hungary has a rather good foundation!  But expecting an idiot reporter like Pringle to read back copies of his own online paper is probably rather too much to expect.

It is interesting though that in its report of Paul Bogdanor’s book, Kasztner’s Crime, the Mail Online conveniently omits the fact that Kasztner was the de-facto head of the Zionist Rescue & Relief Committee and the head of the Zionist movement in Hungary and a representative of the Jewish Agency in Palestine.  In other words the Mail managed to omit entirely the fact that Kasztner was a Zionist.  Still rewriting history is what one expects of the Mail.

The Mail also found a rent-a-quote toe rag of an MP one Bob Blackman, Tory MP for Harrow East, who said: 'This web page is just the sort of abject nonsense that has got no place in public life.’  No place in public life.  Presumably it should be banned, outlawed, removed.  Because the CAA works, apparently, with the CPS and has the support of Theresa May.  All very fine but none of this is charitable.

Another well known anti-racist, known for his work in support of child refugees NOT, Mike Freer, Tory MP for Finchley & Golders Green, called my petition 'a nonsense'.  Which is probably about all that the man is intellectually capable of.

Gideon Falter, Chair of the charity and also a trustee for the apartheid ‘charity’ the JNF UK is quoted as saying that 'This absurd petition aims to close down our charity on the basis that anti-Semitism is not a real problem and we are just trying to stifle debate about Israel.  Again another few lies.  We haven’t said that anti-Semitism isn’t a problem rather that we don’t want genuine anti-Semitism confused with people who oppose the racist Israeli state and Zionism, both of which Falter supports.
Neither do we wish to close down his ‘charity’.  It’s just we preferred that political organisations were honest and didn’t try to dishonestly obtain tax and financial advantages by pretending to be what they are not.

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