17 February 2017

Caroline Lucas, Brighton's Green MP Speaks at Brighton Defend NHS Meeting on STP

Hove 'Labour' MP Peter Kyle Refuses to Speak at NHS Meeting 
Peter Kyle MP - Hove's Tory Labour MP - ignored invitation to speak to meeting 

As the photos below show it was a packed meeting at Brighton Kemptown's St. George's Church.  Over 300 people attended to listen to a range of speakers including local MP Caroline Lucas and a range of local speakers, including local A&E consultant Rob Graham and a local GP.

The subject of the meeting was the government's Sustainability and Transformation Plans (or slash, trash and plunder).  These plans are aimed are attempting to make massive cuts, close hospitals and increase the level of private involvement in the NHS with a view to introducing US style insurance.

Once again local Progress 'Labour' MP Peter Kyle was conspicuous by his absence.  Kyle, who supports the involvement of the private sector, has refused to attend any meeting opposed to the governments attacks on the NHS.  Even local councillor, Daniel Yates, who has responsibility for the STP in Brighton and Hove and is on the right of the Labour Party, spoke but Kyle didn't have the guts after being heckled at a similar meeting last year in Hove.

All the suspensions and attempts to fiddle the outcomes of elections in Brighton and Hove Labour Party over the last year have one object in mind - to try and preserve Kyle against being deselected. 

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