28 February 2017

Sussex Friends of Israel – Our Code of Conduct is based on the Principles of Respect, Responsibility and Integrity

SFI Pays Tribute on its Facebook page to 

Gerald Kaufman as only it knows how

this is an example of 'engaging meaningfully with those working towards a peaceful, just, democratic and lasting resolution of the conflict'
As the British political world and many of his friends throughout paid tribute to a great British parliamentarian, Gerald Kaufman, the Father of the House of Commons, there was one exception.  Sussex Friends of Israel.  Whereas the world mourned, SFI celebrated in their own unique way - with an orgy of hate and vitriol.  Here we see the true face of our Friends of Israel.  Yet people like our local Brighton Councillor Penn still frequent these bigots and racists.

On their About Section Sussex Friends of Israel says it is 'dedicated to developing greater support, awareness and understanding of Israel through education, communication and community partnership.'  They promise to engage meaningfully with those working towards a peaceful, just, democratic and lasting resolution of the conflict between Israel and its neighbours.’  They have a whole section on ‘Respect, Responsibility and Integrity’  SFI ‘respects the opinions, knowledge, insight, experience and expertise of all members of the general public.’ 

It is heady stuff.   We are told that ‘Supporters should be willing and able to explain the basis of personal ethical decision-making.’  In particular they wish to avoid ‘unwelcome verbal, offensive, abusive or physical behavior – especially whensuch conduct interferes with another person or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment..’
these comments must be seen in the 'British eclectic tradition'
Clearly a bunch of liberal do-gooders

After all ‘The underlying philosophical approach in this code is part of the ‘British eclectic tradition’.   Although of course it is difficult to live up to such principles, SFI ‘seeks to ensure that moral principles and codes function act as guidelines for thinking about all decisions that need to be made.’ And they emphasise again that ‘Respect, responsibility and integrity are the collective responsibility of everyone associating with Sussex Friends of Israel.’

Under ‘Editorial Guidelines’ we are told that ‘SFI is committed to delivering the highest editorial and ethical standards when disseminating on-line content across all communications platforms including, but not limited to, the SFI website, Facebook and Twitter.’  And the Facebook discussion that they had after the sad death of Gerald Kaufman MP was a splendid example of the 'highest editorial and ethical standards' SFI set themselves!
An ethical Jew, even if he is a Zionist, which Kaufman was, is anathema for these bigots
In particular ‘SFI strives to be fair and open-minded, explore a range of points of view, objective in its approach and even handed in its judgements.’  This latter-day manifesto of universal human rights goes on to say that ‘SFI respects the fundamental human right to exerise freedom of thought, conscience and religion. SFI’s duty is to avoid unjustified offense or likely harm. It seeks to achieve this by providing an on-line forum for constructive comment – even when opinions become contentious – without denigrating others’ beliefs.’

The only question I have to ask is how such delicate flowers would survive in the hot house atmosphere of Israel where racism and intolerance is the norm.  One wonders whether their Zionism could even survive a trip to the Promised Land.

Without denigrating others beliefs’ they again emphasise that ‘Respect, responsibility and integrity are the collective responsibility of everyone associating with Sussex Friends of Israel.’
I think readers have to agree that this is such a good example of 'an on-line forum for constructive comment – even when opinions become contentious – without denigrating others’ beliefs.'
One has to confess that any group of people would have difficulty living up to such noble standards.  It is true that this manifesto slightly differs from their behaviour outside the Sodastream shop when Shaike (an Israeli) used to shout 'primitive' in the face of a Palestinian, still not everyone can follow such codes.

So how you might ask do SFI treat the late and much respected Gerald Kaufman, Father of the House of Commons, someone who fervently believed in peace and a two states solution?  Well here are a few of the kind, caring, concerned etc. comments of contributors about Gerald Kaufman:  Indeed we are spoilt for choice:
unlike SFI who talk about 2 States, Gerald Kaufman actually meant it hence why he met with Arafat
There is Sylvia Landman whose tribute consists of ‘Good riddance to bad rubbish’

And in a similar spirit of tolerance, once Julian KrugerI'm sorry good riddance.These Jews are the worst of the worst’.  Rob Levy tells us, using a picture of Yasser Arafat of the PLO and Kaufman that we should ‘Judge a man by the company he keeps...’.  I suspect Rob didn’t mean that in the sense most of us might understand it.

Alex Ian helpfully commented that ‘every dog has his day’ whilst Sylvia Landman, clearly a woman of few words and even fewer thoughts could only contribute one word ‘Traitor’.  Lizbeth Ruffman informed us that there is ‘Nothing worse than an anti Semitic Jew.’  Who ‘will not rest in peace’

I realise that the anti-Semites who read this post will misinterpret phrases like every dog has his day’ Traitorand the bit about Kaufman 'will not rest in peace’ but they are all well meant

Peter Inskip was more profound altogether May he finally find the peace his comments would not let others find while he lived.’ Whilst ‘Michelle Albagli’ expressed the ‘Hope he is now where he belongswhich I suspect doesn’t mean what most of us would hope it meant. Reuven Magnes could only muster a ‘what a repulsive man he was’ which was echoed by Leslie Ann Rose who agreed Repulsive ..... a great adjective to describe Kaufman!  For Stephen Packter he was ‘A Jew who brought legitimacy to being anti Semitic’ whilst Ros Ellis pined that ‘Some days are better than others. ....’  Philosophical meanderings at a time of  tragedy no less!  

Tony Lynas was angry that ‘The Labour Council will be splashing the cash on the Muslim voter to buy the vote in the by-election just like in Oldham’ wherea Rob Levy wondered whether whether we can anybody find a positive reference to Israel made by Kaufman at any stage in his life?’  At least Peta Stockton decided to keep shtum ‘On the basis that you shouldn't speak ill of the dead, I'll say nothing’ 

As you can see Sussex Friends of Israel does its best to live up to its high ideals

Devorah Rosner Marcus however didn't agree:  ‘I know it's in poor taste to speak ill of the dead,’  yes Devorah it is, but why waste an opportunity like this before going on to say that ‘this man stirred up so much hate and dissension not only within his party but throughout the country, that I think it's safe to say that no good hearted, moral conscienced decent human being will miss this embarrassment of a human being. May g-d have mercy on his soul.’  For a minute I saw a hanging judge with that funny cap on pronouncing sentence.  Melvyn Wiseglass demonstrated how easy it is for people to be the exact opposite of their names when he said ‘Good riddence to this evil evil man who calls himslf Jewish.’ and in the process demonstrated that spelling wasn’t his penchant.

Daniel Leons-Marder, whilst agreeing that Kaufman was a thoroughly disreputable type, had to emphasise the question of race.  ‘A Jew you don't like is still a Jew.’  Certainly one of the more profound statements to come out of SFI.  But Melvyn Wiseglass was having none of this:  ‘True’ he replied ‘but that type of Jew reminds me of the Jews that helped the nazis to exterminate there fellow Jews.’  Robert Wolf feels compelled to respond to this:  ‘Melvyn Wiseglass I do not know much about Kaufman but please do not judge the Kappos , you were not there , they tried to stay alive , their lives were at risk , Kaufman is far worse , his life was never in danger , he was just a nothing , a total waste of space .

The last comment is the most interesting.  He starts off by saying he knows nothing about Kaufman, makes some sensible comments about the orderlies in the extermination camps (‘kapos’ is the ritual abuse of non or anti-Zionist Jews) and then ends up saying Kaufman ‘is far worse... he was just a nothing, a total waste of space’ which is quite rich since Kaufman achieved far more in a single day than these snakes will manage in a decade of Sabbaths. 

Eddie Goldberg contributed on of the more meaningful comments:  ‘Looked like E.T, behaved like a Nazi. Glad he lived to see the Donald in power before he died.’ Zionists like The Donald.  To which Irene Michlin had to insist that oh well, even a nasty Jew is a Jew.which again is one of the more thoughtful statements of SFI, not a group exactly overendowed with brain.  Before saying a blessing.ילנה מייקפר informed the collective that The most dangerous are leftwing Jews with money. Traitors.’  Traitors to what he never said.  Alon Kazakevitch is made of sterner stuff.  ‘Palestinian grief is my pleasure.  It's nasty but i have no reason to have any sympathy for my enemies.’  You can just imagine him in a Black uniform with a swastika or two protruding.  
Hamish Mackenzie observed that ‘This politician could make inflammatory remarks about the sitting govt and visit Israel and not live in fear of a fatwa’  Sylvia Landman’s tribute was short and sour:  ‘Good riddance to bad rubbish’  whereas for Barry Ziderman there was the dichotomy that he was a ‘Good Labour politician - Lousy Jew’  Julian Kruger Didn’t beat around the bush ‘I'm sorry good riddance.These Jews are the worst of the worst’ whereas Maurice Klein was of the opinion that there was ‘One less kapo germ to worry about’

But we should be grateful for SFI  because when they are talking to themselves and not putting on a PR show for others then they show what a group of small minded, nasty little bigots they are - racists to the core
One of SFI's ethically integrity laced discussions - respect being the key word

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