18 February 2017

VICTORY as the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism Fails to Intimidate Change.org into Taking Down Petition

CAA is Running Scared – It Knows It is a Bogus Charity & Zionist Propaganda Outfit 

Change.org notify us of their refusal to take down the petition without a court order

Last Thursday I received notice that the CAA was trying to take down the petition calling for the Charity Commission to deregister them
On February 9th I got a message from Change.org saying that the Petition I had put up calling for the Charity Commission to deregister this bogus ‘Charity’ was the subject of a Notice of Complaint by the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism. Their NOC showed every sign of being rushed and a product of panic. See  In particular:

·                They list 6 points, fail to number the 1st point and they then repeat the 1st point in the 6th point! 

·                They can’t spell ‘documented’ and their grammar is extremely poor throughout. 

·                They say their ‘charitable activities are recognised by the Charity Commission and the Inland Revenue’ which begs the question that the point of the petition is to get them derecognised because they aren’t charitable.

·                They say their charity is ‘scrupulously non partisan’.  So scrupulous that they can’t mention the Labour Party without putting the adjective ‘Racist’ as an adjectival prefix.  They compliment Theresa May and have 73 articles attacking Jeremy Corbyn having tried to invoke the Labour Party’s disciplinary procedures against Corbyn.

·                They say that ‘Charities are not allowed to be political organisations’ and therefore ‘the clear intention of this petition is to defame our charity to the Charity Commission.’  Clearly the CAA have never heard of a non-sequitur.  Yes charities are not allowed to be political organisations, but what we are saying is that the CAA is breaking charity law.  That is not defamation that is fact.  But if the CAA seriously believes they have been defamed then I challenge them to sue me!

·                Their final point 6, which repeats unnumbered point 1 is that ‘our charity does not libel opponents of Israel’.  Presumably that is why CAA put up a post accusing Jackie Walker of saying that Hitler was not responsible for the Holocaust and also saying that she ‘left open the possibility’ that the Holocaust was justified.  In other words that Jackie Walker was worse than a holocaust denier – she was a Holocaust justifier.  A more serious accusation could not be imagined.  Yet the quote which the CAA used was a quote from David Ben Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel.  Surely they weren’t saying that Ben Gurion was a holocaust denier?!!  The post was subsequently taken down from the CAA site but no apology or explanation has been offered by CAA to Jackie Walker.

The CAA clearly have a sense of humour when they say their aim is 'to promote racial harmony'

I was required to give a mailing address so that CAA can sue me - so far nothing has arrived!

My response to the CAA can be read here

After submitting a response, I had to supply a mailing address so that CAA had somewhere to sue.  However CAA have refused to supply me with their address!

Finally today the good news that change.org have refused the attempt by CAA to censor our petition and unless the CAA get a court order, then they will refuse to take it down.

That is good news but we want you to spread the news far and wide.  Get everyone you know to sign, sign yourself and SHARE and TWEET.  This is the best answer to the censors and libel merchants of the Zionist lobby.

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