4 February 2017

Contrast the Eviction of a Jewish Settlement and the Demolition of the Arab village of Umm al-Hiran

The Eviction of Amona is a form of Zionist Street Theatre

racist Israeli Jewish youth help the Amona settlers defy a court order - if they were Palestinians they would have been dispersed with the utmost violence
What a contrast between the eviction of the illegal West Bank settlement of Amona and the destruction of the Palestinian village of Umm al-Hiran, which is inside Israel.  The Guardian reported that when the illegal settlement of Amona was evicted, 'At least 13 police officers were injured in sporadic clashes with the settlers as teenagers set fires, threw objects and scuffled with officers as they swamped the outpost.'  
Settlers are treated with kid gloves because they are Jewish
Israel's Police fire a rubber bullet at the leader of the Palestinian Joint List in the Knesset - hatred of elected Arabs is strong amongst Israeli state forces in the world's 'only democracy'
And just in this sentence you see the racism of the Israeli state.  When Palestinians throw stones the Police open fire.  They open fire, as we saw in the eviction of Umm al-Hiran recently, even when there is nothing thrown, at a moving car.

In Amona the Police went out of their way not to violently assault what were violent settlers.  In Umm al-Hiran the Police shot, without warning, a rubber bullet directly at the leader of the Joint List, Aymen Odeh, injuring him in the back and then lying about what they did.

Aymen Odeh MK injured by racist Israeli police

Israel's Police claim that this was a stone - whereas it is clear it is a blunt injury caused by a rubber bullet
 Of course the BBC's coverage of the eviction focused on the 'trauma' caused by evicting fellow Jews and how this demonstrates how democratic Israel is.  In fact this is one of the very few examples of the eviction of Jewish settlers in the West Bank.  The case was blatant because the settlement was on private Palestinian land that the State had not yet confiscated.  As a result of this 'trauma' another 3,000 settlement units have been agreed - all on  'confiscated' land.

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