1 February 2017

Sign the Petition - Call on Corbyn to sever all ties with Labour Friends of Apartheid Israel

Please sign the petition calling for the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn to sever all links with the Labour Friends of Israel, which supports Israeli apartheid and its colonial occupation of Palestinian lands

Joan Ryan MP, Chair of LFI is worried that the cash she applied for has not been forthcoming.  Joan likes 'expenses' she was the winner in 2005 out of all MPs, when she claimed the most.  Next year, 2006 she was only runner up!

Joan Ryan is informed that £1m+ slush fund has been made available in order to defame and harass opponents
Israeli agent Shai  Masot says he hasn't actually got the cash yet
Joan Ryan MP, Chair of LFI is so delighted at the £1m+ slush fund she has been given that she makes a joke
Those tropes get everywhere

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