9 November 2019

The Hypocritical War by the Jewish Chronicle and the Jewish Establishment on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party

Ten Years Ago Stephen Pollard, the JC's Editor DEFENDED antisemitic Polish MEP, Michal Kaminski, because he was pro-Israel

John Bercow, the former Speaker, denies that there is any trace of antiSemitism about Jeremy Corbyn

‘Anti-Semitism’ has become one of the key weapons in the Establishment’s war on Corbyn and the Labour Party, as I predicted in a letter to The Independent over 3 years ago. I wrote that:
Incidents of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party have been shown to be mainly froth without substance. It is time to end the weaponisation of anti-Semitism. The only people who benefit from this are real anti-Semites. It is the “boy cried wolf” syndrome.
If only Corbyn had listened to me rather than the idiot Seamus Milne then all could have been different!
Events unfortunately have proven me correct.  A series of anti-racist figures in the Labour Party – from Ken Livingstone to Jackie Walker to Chris Williamson have been targeted by the supporters of Zionism and Israel.  All in the name of the fight against ‘anti-Semitism’.
Today the Jewish Chronicle is in full throttle.  It is literally becoming hysterical as the Tory campaign flounders.  Last week Stephen Pollard wrote to his readers:
‘Over the next 6 weeks we will discover whether the British public are prepared to put an anti-Semite into No. 10.’
The Jewish Chronicle's hysterical front page this week
And he wasn’t talking about Boris Johnson or Jo Swinson! This week it has gone further.  In a front page editorial entitled ‘To All Our Fellow British Citizens’ it informs us that
‘The vast majority of British Jews consider Jeremy Corbyn to be an antisemite. In the most recent poll, last month, the figure was 87 per cent.’
As I wrote yesterday on this blog
‘If as the Jewish Chronicle claims 87% of British Jews consider Jeremy Corbyn an anti-Semite then British Jews are amongst the most stupid people on this planet.’
Of course British Jews have had a 4 year barrage of propaganda designed to make them fearful, telling them that Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-Semite  and that the Gestapo is around the corner.

However that doesn’t excuse their inability to work out what is happening nor does it excuse the utter stupidity of Labour leaders, prime amongst them Jennie Formby and Corbyn himself, who have proceeded on the basis that if they did everything their accusers told them to do then all would be alright.
Ironically UNITE leader Len McLuskey got it right when he wrote in the Huff Post that ‘Jewish Community Leaders Are Refusing To Take 'Yes' For An Answer’. Unfortunately Len didn’t draw the obvious conclusions which was that the Zionists, which is what they are, weren’t interested in answers.  They wanted Corbyn’s head and until they got it they would proceed with their campaign. 
Week after week the same message - Corbyn is a racist
But Corbyn and his advisors should have worked that out a long time ago too. The first thing that Corbyn should do if he gains office is to give Seamus Milne, his useless advisor the sack. Milne should have put two and two together and then proceeded to devise a strategy for standing up these petty businessmen.
It doesn’t take much to work out that supporters of Donald Trump and Netanyahu are unlikely to really believe in fighting anti-Semitism. Did Corbyn not know that the Board of Deputies has never fought fascist anti-Semitism always advising the Jewish community to keep its head down?
Pollard Gets Around - The paper that supported Hitler, opposed Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany coming in and employed Katie Hopkins opposes 'antisemitism'
When 29 Orthodox Jewish rabbis wrote supporting Corbyn and attacking the Board of Deputies Corbyn should have thanked them and then utilised that support. Despite the pathetic attempt of Pollard to suggest that the letter wasn’t genuine.
Only this week John Bercow, one of the few principled members of the parliamentary establishment, stated outright that there wasn’t a whiff of anti-Semitism about Jeremy Corbyn.
The Jewish Telegraph doesn't like its columnists thinking for themselves - apparently they think Alderman needed their permission to post the video!
Likewise the foremost historian of the British Jewish community and himself a Zionist, but an honest one (they are few and far between these days) Professor Geoffrey Alderman, in a video and a Spectator article last May, made it clear that Jeremy Corbyn has stood up for his constituents against genuine racists like Margaret Hodge, who was all in favour of demolishing a Jewish cemetery.
As Asa Winstanley revealed in Electronic Intifada the Jewish Labour Movement was refounded in 2015 with the sole aim of getting rid of Corbyn. It had no other purpose.  Asa was almost instantly suspended from the Labour Party for writing this article because, true to the traditions of the Salem Witch Trials, denial of being anti-Semitic or a witch is proof that you are.
The JLM is the overseas wing (or in its works the ‘sister party’ of the almost defunct Israeli Labour Party. Because in Israel there is no space left for ‘Left’ Zionism any longer.  The sole purpose of Labour Zionism is to prettify the State of Israel.
What is truly outrageous is that the JLM has refused to endorse or support Labour’s election campaign and yet it still remains an affiliated socialist society. 
Every time Corbyn promised to do better, to kick the ‘anti-Semites’ out of the party, then their enemies used that to ‘prove’ that Labour was ‘anti-Semitic’.  By accepting their enemies narrative they sharpened the weapon against them. If they had called these shysters out from the start they would have nipped it in the bud. Instead it has grown into a Frankenstein. It cannot be emphasised enough
That is why the Zionists were so insistent in the summer of 2018 that the Labour Party had to adopt the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism. Slated by academic and legal scholars it nevertheless was a crucial weapon in the attack on supporters of Palestinians and anti-Zionists in the Labour Party. Even the person who wrote the damn thing, American academic Kenneth Stern has now accepted that it is ‘chilling’ free speech in his testimony to Congress.
Instead of anti-Semitism being hostility to or prejudice against Jews, the OED definition, it was now defined by hostility to Israel, the ‘new anti-Semitism’ that Zionists have been promoting for over 30 years.  11 illustrations of anti-Semitism accompanied the IHRA, 7 of which relate to Israel. Calling Israel a racist state (or endeavour) was now anti-Semitic even though Israel is a racist state.
Exercising ‘double standards’ when criticising Israel by not criticising every other dictatorship was now ‘anti-Semitic’. This was precisely what apologists for Apartheid in South Africa alleged.  Why criticise us when there are far worse states? 

A few of this week's Jewish Chronicle headlines - it's all go to stop Hitler Corbyn

The irony in all this is that the person who has led the charge, former Express editor Stephen Pollard is himself is a virulent racist. He is a founding signatory of the Henry Jackson Society, the Associate Director of which is none other than Douglas Murray, a man who even the Tory Front Bench cut their links with such was his racism. Statements such as
There are certain things in Britain about which it is impossible to speak frankly. The birth rate of the Muslim population is a prime subject
Former Tory MP Paul Goodman in an article explaining why the Tory  frontbench broke off relations with Murray on the Conservative Home website cited how in 2006 Murray made a speech in the Dutch Parliament arguing that
"Conditions for Muslims in Europe must be made harder across the board: Europe must look like a less attractive proposition". 
Suggestions as to how this might be achieved included ‘demolishing mosques in certain circumstances.’ and that "all immigration into Europe from Muslim countries must stop" The Trump remedy. This is the kind of person Pollard finds congenial company.
Not once has the Jewish Chronicle campaigned against genuine racism such as Windrush. Indeed Pollard had the audacity to berate Corbyn for not having shown the same ‘passion you have shown over the Windrush scandal?’ for anti-Semitism. The JC has never once concerned itself with racism against Black and Muslim people. Not surprisingly since it acts as a mouthpiece for the Israeli state.
What is even worse though is that Pollard is unconcerned about genuine anti-Semitism, hatred or hostility to Jews as Jews. His only condition is that they should support Israel. The JC has no criticism of Viktor Orban, the anti-Semitic Prime Minister of Hungary who is rehabilitating Admiral Horthy, the pro-Nazi ruler of Hungary during the war, who presided over the deportation of half a million Jews to Auschwitz in 1944.  In Orban’s view Horthy was an ‘exceptional statesman’.  Orban was an honoured guest in Israel last summer and Netanyahu was a guest the year before.
Even worse was the scandal that arose in 2009. The Tories left the mainstream European Peoples’ Party in the European Parliament for the European Conservative Reform Group. The ECR contains a host of anti-Semitic and racist parties such as Poland’s Law and Justice Party, the Latvian LNNK/Fatherland and Freedom Party, the Danish People’s Party and the Swedish Democrats.
The Law & Justice Party which is deeply anti-Semitic also had as its leader in the European parliament one Michal Kaminski, who had been a member of a neo-Nazi group.  Kaminski was the MP for Jedwabne, a village where in 1941 up to 1,600  Jews were herded into a barn which was then set alight.  Not by the SS but local Poles, supporters of the Nationalist Party. When in 2001 the Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski.  offered a formal apology and a memorial was erected in Jedwabne on the 60th anniversary of the massacre Kaminski was heading the Committee to Establish the Good Name of Jedwabne.
When Vivien Wineman, then President of the Board of Deputies raised the issue, he was attacked bitterly by the same people who are now part of the anti-Semitism smears. Dean Godson of the Policy Exchange think tank, attacked Wineman’s intervention at a meeting of the Holocaust Educational Trust one of the organisations that is a signed up member of the anti-Semitism smear campaigns.  Wineman came under sustained attack and in the end backed off.  Genuine anti-Semitism was of no concern to these people.
David Miliband as Foreign Secretary attacked the Tories over these links and Jonathan Freedland, the Guardian columnist found it too much. He wrote that Once no self-respecting politician would have gone near people such as Kaminski.’  Pollard replied two days later ‘
‘Poland's Kaminski is not an antisemite: he's a friend to Jews’. And what was the basis of his friendship?Kaminski is... one of the greatest friends to the Jews in a town where antisemitism and a visceral loathing of Israel are rife.’
In other words if you support Israel, as many fascists (Tommy Robinson, Richard Spencer, Steven Bannon) do then that cancels out Jew hate. Kaminski had argued that Poles should not apologise for what they did [at Jedwabne] until Jews apologised to them for their actions which had included "murdering Poles".
The Tories Got Into Bed With This Man and Pollard Supported It
Pollard even defended Latvia’s MEP Roberts Zile: ‘I can think of no source for evidence against Zile other than those who so disgracefully besmirch Kaminski.’ Well the evidence was there in abundance. Every year Zile marched with the veterans of the Latvian Waffen SS, which was the most decorated out of all the SS divisions.
In an open letter to the Latvian parliament Monika Lowenberg described how they had taken part in the murder of her brother in the Riga Ghetto in 1941. She wrote of her
‘deep concern that British Conservative MEPs in the European Parliament work with the Latvian MEP Roberts Zile and have made an unholy alliance with the party to which he is connected.’
So how do we square Pollard’s defence of genuine anti-Semites with  the Pollard who runs, week after week, editorials denouncing ‘anti-Semitism’ in the Labour Party. The only answer is Zionism and Israel.
These facts are known in abundance and it is perplexing that Corbyn and his advisors haven’t once had the guts or the gumption to respond to Pollard and the Board of Deputies over their nauseating hypocrisy.  
The only concerns of the Board of Deputies are the Israeli state.  When Israel began murdering unarmed protestors last year at the Gaza fence, the Board of Deputies defended the Israeli military. That is their only concern yet Formby believes that if she expels a few more Palestinian supporters everything will be right.
There is one lesson that should have been learnt, even by the most stupid member of Corbyn’s entourage and that is that if you appease an aggressor they only become stronger. Instead of standing up to the Zionist lobby they have been appeased and every time they have been appeased they have grown stronger.
Now we face a full-on broadside from racists like Pollard and what is Lansman and Momentum’s response?  To throw Chris Williamson, the only MP who had the guts to call out these racists for what they are, under the bus. That is why my position is very simple. 
Full Support for Chris Williamson
I am giving my full support to Chris Williamson as an Independent Socialist candidate in the Derby North by-election. I understand that the Labour Party nationally have imposed a Blairite on the constituency. Those, like Lara MacNeill, a Lansman toerag who suggest that Chris is splitting the vote are looking at the world upside down! It is her boss who engineered the NEC vote that refused to endorse Chris as a sitting MP.  If anyone is splitting the vote it is Lansman and the NEC.  Unlike the imposed Blairite, he will support Jeremy Corbyn if and when he is elected.
I am pleased to see that the Morning Star has run an article today from Chris.  It is well worth reading.

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