30 November 2019

This is Zionism and this is what Ephraim Mirvis is Defending – Jewish Racism in a Jewish State

Zionism is not a ‘euphemism’ for Jews – it is a Synonym for an Apartheid Society based on Jewish Supremacy & Systematic Racial Discrimination

One of the quainter customs which Israel has inherited from its European past is the pogrom. A pogrom is where members of the majority community organise a riot and attack members of the minority. In Czarist Russia these were common and thousands of Jews died until the Bolsheviks made it a capital offence. The name of Kishinev was infamous until the Nazi atrocities dwarfed it. It is one of the reasons that there are 300,000 and not 50,000 Jews in Britain.
In South Tel Aviv where the majority of Israel’s 40,000 Black African refugees live there is a constant war of attrition from the ‘poor White’ Misrahi Jews that live there. In 2012 ‘Culture’ Minister Miri Regev and her far-Right friends entered for a racist rally against asylum seekers and provoked a pogrom with their incitement. For this of course they have never been punished.
Raed Salah however, leader of the now banned Northern Muslim League has been repeatedly gaoled for ‘racial incitement’. Israel’s ‘anti-racist’ laws are only ever used against the victims of racism. There have been numerous other attacks such as the murder of a lone Eritrean refugee in the Beer Sheva bus depot for which his attackers were given community service. You see his attackers thought he was an Arab terrorist (he wasn’t White) which in Israel is an understandable mistake to make. Or there are the attacks by the government funded Lehava on Arabs suspected of the crime of dating Jewish women in Jerusalem.

But it’s not simply individual Israelis who are guilty of racism.  It is the Israeli state that sets the example. Ha’aretz reported that the Israeli state, having deducted 2.5% from Palestinian workers to pay for a Sick Fund, rarely if ever paid the monies out.
Kav La’oved, a non-Zionist workers organisation obtained an injunction forbidding the Israeli state simply giving the money back to the employer.  As even Histadrut, the Zionist union said,
 “The workers are entitled to some of the accumulated funds, because although they were insured with the sick pay fund, in fact it was almost impossible for them to receive any sick pay,” the Histadrut said.
Ha’aretz reported that:
Until the beginning of 2019 employers automatically set aside 2.5 percent of their Palestinian workers’ wages for a “sick pay fund,” run by Israel's Population and Immigration Authority. But the process of receiving sick pay is much longer and more complicated for Palestinians than for their Israeli counterparts. The requests are usually filed only for serious diseases and injuries and require an intricate labyrinth of administrative and medical permits. Only rarely is the sum paid in full.
This is, of course, the reality of a system whereby workers living under Occupation have no rights whatsoever.  Arbitrary deductions are made from their wages for a sick fund that never pays out. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.
Ha’aretz reports that the Ein Hanya spring was recently opened in Southern Jerusalem however the Police stipulated that it was only ‘on the explicit condition that Palestinians not be allowed to enter the site.’ And course this is completely reasonable you may think. After all what is a Jewish state for if it can’t even keep Arabs out of swimming pools and natural springs.
So the Spring was kept under heavy guard by the police and Border Police, who even closed the road leading to Palestinian towns. Hundreds of Israelis visited the site. Previously residents of the neighboring Palestinian village of Al-Walaja regularly visited it, thus it was enjoyed by both Israelis and Palestinians for years before Israel decided to turn it into an official park.
The spring was officially inaugurated as a tourism site two years ago, but its opening has been repeatedly delayed, for two reasons. One was a dispute over whether entry fees should be charged. The other was the police’s demand that Palestinians not be allowed to enter.
What kind of democracy is it, you may ask, where the Police can stipulate that one section of the population is barred from a social and recreational facility?  Does anywhere come to mind?
Ha’aretz also reported that
‘Police have also demanded that the Ein Yael checkpoint be moved farther south, so that it would separate Palestinian towns from the spring. The estimated cost of moving the checkpoint is 12 million shekels ($3.4 million).’
A small price you might think for making the spring Arabrein (after the Nazi Judenrein).
Now as readers will be aware, in a state based on racial supremacy it is vital that a strict demarcation line be drawn between the Herrenvolk (master race) and the Untermenschen (lower races). Fortunately, despite the ability of non-Jews to convert to Judaism, Israel’s Conversion Authority have wisely decided to exclude Palestinians.
Yes I know some of you may feel squeamish about this and even call it racist, but it really isn’t. In Hungary and Slovakia during the war, we had the phenomenon of Jews queuing up to convert to Christianity and thus thwart the efforts of the regime to classify them as Jews fit for deportation.  Unfortunately it rarely worked as the Nazis, like the Israeli regime, were not fooled by Jews suddenly wishing to become Christians.  Likewise Israel’s authorities are not fooled by Palestinians wishing to become Jews.  They are fully aware of the real reasons behind such religious ardour.
It is therefore  gratifying to learn that Rabbi Yitzhak Peretz, director of the Israeli government’s Conversion Authority explained that
‘Israel’s authority handling conversions to Judaism rejects Palestinian applicants without review because of their ethnic origin, its head said.’
during a discussion at the State Control Committee of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament. Foreigners have to apply to the Special Cases Panel of the Conversion Authority.
“The threshold requirements are that applicants be sincere and that they are not foreign workers; infiltrators; Palestinian or illegally in the country.”
Now dear reader, you probably believe that there is no mention in the Talmud or the Torah of these exceptions.  Of course historically as long as the individual was honest and sincere and willing to undergo he conversion process, s/he would be accepted as Jewish.
But in Israel things are not so simple. Being Jewish is not a religious but a racial characteristic, much like it was in Nazi Germany. And in Nazi Germany, once a Jew always a Jew, so someone whose parents had converted freely to Christianity 50 years previously was still a Jew or a Mishlinge (half or quarter Jew).  Hence in Germany and in Hungary you had the phenomenon of Christian Jews – Jewish by race, Christian by religion.
Similarly in Israel. If you are a foreign worker, brought into the country to perform menial labour, then you must understand you have no rights however long you are in the country. Why? Because you are living in a Jewish state. 
Of course there is always a temptation to convert amongst the Palestinians given all those privileges that you are entitled to if you are Jewish.  But if every Palestinian could convert where would Israel be?  It would have no one to discriminate against. Before long we would have an equal society and that would mean no ‘Jewish’ State.
Obviously your immigration status must have a bearing on your motive in wanting to convert. For example your children will be able to have a good education in a Jewish school rather than an under funded Arab one. You will be able to live in hundreds of Jewish communities if you are Jewish. Quite rightly Rabbi Peretz has seen through all of this.
And as if to prove what I say is true, Ha’aretz reports that an Indian born couple, Tina and Minin Lopez, who came to Israel 12 years ago to work as nurses, were detained alongside their 7-year-old daughter Eliana and their one-year-old baby. You see it is irrelevant if you were born in Israel. Unlike many countries being born in Israel confers no rights on you. What matters is your ethnicity – being Jewish.
Ha’aretz reports that Immigration Authority inspectors broke into the home of the Lopez family in south Tel Aviv and detained them along with their seven-year-old daughter Eliana, who attends school in Tel Aviv, and their one-year-old toddler.
Yes I know some of you will be saying that at least the toddler is innocent but that really is besides the point.  The fact is that he is not Jewish and he along with his sister are trying to stay in a land reserved for Jews.
We are told that the arrest comes amid a ‘wide crackdown on migrant workers throughout Israel.’ Now you know why Theresa May, with her ‘hostile environment policy’ had such a fondness for Israel.
People have to understand that Israel is no ordinary country.  It is a Jewish ethnic state and no matter how long you have lived and worked in the country you are not Jewish. Apparently the Immigration Authority came under fire in recent weeks for arresting two Filipino, Israeli-born children as they prepared to go to school.
Thirteen-year-old Gena Antigo and 10-year-old Ralph Harel were released on a $8,510 bail each after an appeals court ruled that their arrests and the decision to deport them and their mothers were wrong because the minors' welfare was not taken into consideration. Just as in Britain, sometimes the courts are too soft-hearted for their own goods.  However you will be happy to know that ‘Justice Minister’ Ayelet Shaked has instituted a crackdown on do gooder judges and slowly the Supreme Court is being stacked with settler judges like Noam Sohlberg who will have no truck with this liberal nonsense about human rights.
As Ayelet has often reminded people, when there is a conflict between national i.e. Zionist considerations and universal concepts of human rights then the latter must give way. Or as the Jewish National Fund once put it, Jewish people haven’t dreamed of a democratic state but a Jewish state for 2,000 years.
The court also ruled that minors under the age of 12 should receive a hearing before a decision is made to deport them. 1,000 students, teachers and parents demonstrated outside of Givon Prison against the detention Antigo and Harel. This makes you want to despair.  Clearly some Israelis don’t understand that a Jewish state can’t afford to just let any old non-Jew stay in the state.
Demonstrators held signs reading: "We won't let them deport Gena," "They're children just like us" and "No evil in our schools."  I can imagine the despair on Ayelet and Netanyahu’s faces.  No their children are not just like us.  For one they are not Jewish.  They don’t even have Jewish souls, which is a very important factor in the after life. As Eli Dahan, the former Deputy Minister of Defence said, even gay Jews have higher souls than non-Jews.
Of course there are some racists and anti-Semites like that Corbyn fellow who oppose the world’s only Jewish state.  These kind of people would probably have opposed the world’s only Aryan state or the world’s only White Christian state (South Africa). Clearly they are nothing more than degenerate left-wingers and communists.
Fortunately the BBC’s Tory Laura Kuensberg and the rest of the media recognise a racist when they see one and no, I was not referring to Boris Johnson.
Tony Greenstein

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