20 November 2019

John Hagee, President of Christians United 4 Israel on How Hitler was God's Hunter sent to drive the Jews to Israel

John Hagee's Antisemitism Didn't Stop Him Opening the United States Embassy in Jerusalem 

Who better than Pastor Hagee to open the US Embassy in Jerusalem?

John Hagee is not just any old crazy American pastor. He is President of Christians United for Israel, a 1 million plus organisation. He is, as you would expect, a very rich man.

He is also anti-Semitic, which is quite normal for Zionists, especially non-Jewish Zionists.

Some years ago he gave a lecture to his gullible followers, sorry the faithful, and he told them that Hitler, far from being a bad man like those Palestinians, was an agent of god. He was a Hunter and he quoted Jeremiah to prove that Hitler was. 
John Hagee with David Friedman, US Ambassador, at the opening of the Embassy in Jerusalem
Hitler was sent by God to drive 'his people' the Jews to Israel so that the Rapture could happen when all those nice Christians would Rapture themselves to heaven and all those heathen Jews (except the ones who agreed to convert to Christianity) would burn in the fires of Armaggedon.

Of course when this lecture made the rounds Hagee became embarrassed. So embarassed that in 2008 Senator John McCain, who was the Republican candidate was forced to disown the backing of Hagee.

Since then Hagee was done what any god fearing preacher does when faced with a little difficulty. He has tried to scoop up all copies which are on the Internet and thus prevent people from seeing them.

Unfortunately for Hagee I got hold of a copy first and I am happy to share it with you. As it's on my hard disk there is nothing bar a miracle that Hagee can do to stop it!!

Tony Greenstein

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