13 November 2019

Guardian Refuses to Print Letters From Jewish Opponents of the false allegations of Labour Antisemitism Criticising Freedland’s Racist Tirade

The Guardian Has Also Refused to Allow Any Reply to Freedland on its Comment Pages  

The letter the Guardian refused to print

Fresh from making false accusations on his Twitter account about Majid Mahmood, a Labour candidate in Birmingham, Jonathan Freedland set about Jeremy Corbyn (again) with his Many Jews want Boris Johnson out. But how can we vote for Jeremy Corbyn? 
Freedland accepts any gossip or rumour if it means doing down Black people
If Freedland were at all honest it might be entitled 'We don't vote Labour Because It's Not in Our Interests but Anti-Semitism Will Do as an Excuse!'
Freedland’s ‘explanation’ for his 'mistake' is almost interesting as his choice of target.  He says his source was ‘previously reliable’ which almost certainly means it’s one of the scabbing Labour staffers who are the residue from McNicol’s era and who should have been sacked as soon as Jennie Formby came into office.
There is little doubt that Freedland and others in the press have been fed a diet of internal Labour Party information since Corbyn was elected. The refusal to do what Blair did and ensure that the staff were loyal has contributed to Corbyn’s many difficulties.
The Guardian's 3 tepid letters critical of Freedland
Of course the ‘dilemma’ that Freedland talks of with regard to British Jews is no dilemma at all since 68% of Jews say they will vote Conservative today, which has barely changed from 2015 when 69% of Jews said they would vote Tory. The only switch is that support for the Lib Dems is up from 5% at the last election to 20% today.
In any event it is irrelevant. The Jewish community is only 250,000 strong nationally. Most of them have always voted Tory and the Jewish Labour Movement, which for some reason is affiliated to the Labour Party doesn’t even support Labour’s general election campaign.
However Freedland can rest easy because the Guardian Letters page has now taken to fall into line and protecting the Guardian from criticism. Since the departure of Letters Editor Nigel Wilmott and the appointment of Rory Foster the letters page has become increasingly hostile to Jewish anti-Zionists and pro-Palestinian opinion.
Foster has imposed a new condition on letters containing more than 1 signature.  Now everyone has to supply their phone number.  Since they didn’t announce this change, two lists of Jewish supporters criticising Freedland’s ‘anti-Semitism’ nonsense were not printed.
The pretext for this was a letter earlier this year from Jewish signatories supporting Chris Williamson. Two of the signatories had included after their names organisations with which they were involved – Hope not Hate and the JLM. 
The Board of Deputies complained and the Guardian jumped
Obviously the JLM didn’t like the fact that one of their members supported Chris Williamson but he didn’t make any claim to speak on behalf of the group.  Likewise with HnH.  The person was involved with them and presumably thought that an anti-fascist organisation would also be anti-racist.  The Canary covered this in some depth.
So on Monday there were 6 letters, 3 supportive of Freedland and 3 vaguely critical.  However none of the critical letters challenged the core of  Freedland’s 3 specific allegations as to why Corbyn was anti-Semitic. 

Freedland's 3 reasons were the banker mural, the allegation that British Zionists don’t possess a sense of irony and most importantly the false and lying allegations against Palestinian cleric Raed Salah.
The latter allegation was particularly disgusting since Raed Salah was cleared of all the things that Freedland alleged by the High Court.
I am therefore putting up the letter that I circulated and which garnered 37 signatures under the banner of Jewish Network for Peace.
An 'exclusive' interview between one racist and another racist - no 'antisemitism' here of course
It is noticeable that Freedland’s concern over ‘anti-Semitism’ is not matched by any concern over the Jewish Chronicle’s repeated flirting with Nigel Farage.  In 2013 the JC's far-right editor Stephen Pollard hosted Farage at an ‘exclusive readers’ event.’ Pollard had already made a name for himself as a racist bigot and associate of the Henry Jackson Society’s Douglas Murray. 
Racist birds of a feather - Britain's stupid Jewish community are oblivious to who they are in effect supporting
Farage whose racism was already known subsequently gave his support to the German far-Right Alternative for Germany party at the 2017 German Elections in which they gained 13% of the vote. The AfD is openly anti-Muslim and contains a large number of neo-Nazis and anti-Semites. It is however pro-Israel so all is forgiven as far as Pollard is concerned.
AfD's neo-Nazi leader Gauland is also pro-Zionist
Its deputy leader Alexander Gauland described the Holocaust as a ‘small bird dropping in over 1,000 years’ which recalls Jean Marie Le Pen’s infamous comment about the Holocaust being a detail in history.
The Jewish Chronicle backs a racist against Corbyn
None of this stopped the Jewish Chronicle’s  Political Editor, Liar Lee Harpin, reporting approvingly that a Brexit Party candidate was going to challenge Jeremy Corbyn in a stand against ‘anti-Semitism’. Only the Jewish Chronicle could support a racist as part of their campaign against 'anti-Semitism!
I have also submitted a response to Freedland's article to what is laughably known as Comment is Free.  Suffice to say I haven't had an acknowledgement.  Freedland and his ilk can only exist in a criticism free environment.  It will be printed elsewhere and on this blog in due course.
Which is one more reason to Boycott the Guardian

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