1 November 2019

The Ghost of Tony Blair and Neil Kinnock is once again Stalking Labour's Southside HQ

Reinstate Chris Williamson NOW & Reinstate Jo Bird to the Riverside List of Candidates and Disaffiliate the Scab Jewish Labour Movement

Twenty two years ago Louise Ellman was parachuted into Liverpool Riverside constituency. Riverside includes the Liverpool 8 area of Liverpool. With high deprivation, poverty and a large Black population it deserves a socialist candidate not another Labour right-wing careerist.
Former Director of Labour Friends of Israel Berger specialises in inventing allegations of antisemitism
 In 2010 Luciana Berger was parachuted by New Labour into the Liverpool Wavertree constituency. In both cases these white ladies had nothing in common with their constituents. In both cases they were Zionists and supporters of the Israeli state. Ellman is President of the Jewish Labour Movement and Berger was Director of Labour Friends of Israel.
Louise Ellman - a supporter of Israeli child abuse
Ellman distinguished herself in Parliament by her support of the Israeli Military’s abuse of Palestinian children. Unfortunately she was not disciplined whereas I was expelled for calling her out.
This year both have left the Labour Party, Berger to join the Lib-Dems, Ellman to go to hell. Neither of them were ever socialists and it is good they have gone.
Both constituencies have been desperate to have an MP who represented their working class constituents. Riverside wished to select Jo Bird, a Jewish councillor from across the water in The Wirral.
Labour’s National Executive Council has instead decided to impose ‘long lists’ mainly made up of right-wing nonentities – not just in Liverpool but in Joan Ryan’s old seat of Enfield North and elsewhere in the country.
Jo Bird, of course, being an anti-Zionist Jew was immediately the target of the Jewish Labour Movement.  The same Jewish Labour Movement which is refusing to support Labour in the General Election. See The Riverside Scandal.
The obvious question to ask is why the hell is the Israeli government’s representative in the Labour Party allowed to stay as an affiliated socialist society when
a.     It doesn’t support Labour’s election campaign
b.    It opposes the elected leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn
The racism of Tom Watson has been deliberately ignored
Once upon a time when Momentum was on the left, the NEC was narrowly controlled by the Left.  Today that has gone  Lansman and Tom Watson have joined hands together.  Watson’s racist record is forgotten and forgiven by the racist leader of Momentum, Jon Lansman.
Meanwhile another anti-racist, this time an existing Labour MP Chris Williamson remains suspended on the most ludicrous of charges. Amongst its allegations was:
Undermining the Party's ability to campaign effectively against antisemitism by publicly characterising the disciplinary processes of the Party in relation to cases of alleged racism as politically motivated and/or not genuine.
In other words, Chris has suggested that allegations of anti-Semitism are not genuine but politically motivated. Where can he have possibly got this idea from?  Well one answer might be this week’s Jewish Chronicle.  I am ‘fortunate’ in that every week I get a letter from the Editor, right-wing sloth-bag Stephen Pollard.  This week he informs me that
Dear Reader,
Over the next six weeks we will discover if the British public are prepared to put an antisemite into Number Ten. The polling evidence to date suggests not. But that’s all it is – polls. And as we know from 2017, real voting can be very different.
No he wasn’t referring to Boris Johnson either. Since accusing people of  making false accusations of anti-Semitism is itself apparently an example of ‘anti-Semitism’ and therefore a disciplinary offence why has Jeremy Corbyn not been suspended? Every day the Zionists openly state that he is anti-Semitic.  Logic dictates that Corbyn should be suspended. This is the Alice in Wonderland logic of the Zionists.  Deny an accusation and you are guilty.
Equally reprehensible is the reappearance of the old Blair-Kinnock trick of nationally imposed candidates.  Once upon a time this was unknown.  Local parties were responsible for their own selections.  Corbyn was a long standing advocate of this and if the NEC had done this in his time he would not have been an MP.
It is an utter disgrace that Momentum’s scab leader Jon Lansman and others have gone along with this.
The Jewish Chronicle and the Zionists ran their usual vitriolic scare stories about Jo Bird, Labour line up 'Jew process' councillor as Dame Louise Ellman replacement and the NEC jumped. Jo Bird’s candidacy should go ahead and it should be for the members of Riverside not Jon Lansman or other right-wing Zionists on Labour’s NEC to decide.
Jo Bird is an excellent Jewish councillor.  An anti-racist and anti-Zionist. The racist Jewish Labour Movement don’t like her.  Good. That is more reason for Riverside to be given the chance to select her.
Corbyn by staying silent is making another rod for his own back. It is guaranteeing that regardless of the election result we will lose as there will be a hostile anti-Corbyn majority on the back benches.
Momentum itself has lost all reason for its existence.  It believes it can repeat what it did in 2017 in the General Election.  Unfortunately it believes its own propaganda. It wasn’t Momentum but the mood engendered by a radical manifesto that won it for Corbyn.
Today the mood is very different and Momentum’s shift to the Right is helping that climate of reaction.
We should demand that local parties be able both to deselect and select who they wish to without interference from the NEC.  It is clear that trigger ballots have been an utter failure if the racist supporter of child abuse that is Margaret Hodge has been reselected in Barking, once the constituency of that left-wing icon, Jo Richardson.
What is happening internally in the Labour Party is ominous and suggests that large sections of the Left have given up all hope of change still less victory.
There are some people who believe that in the middle of a General Election we should keep quiet and say nothing but if the MPs who are elected are all right-wing clones of Tom Watson Jeremy Corbyn will not be Prime Minister.  It is as simple as that and people like McDonnell, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Laura Pidcock and yes Dennis Skinner who go along with that are betraying socialists inside and outside the Labour Party and the working class itself.
The decision of the NEC to reject socialist candidates in Enfield North to replace the detested Joan Ryan is equally reprehensible.
It is therefore a great pity that the Labour Representation Committee should have chosen this of all times to choose to split from the Labour Left Alliance thus weakening the left in the Labour Party at a time when the Right is in the ascendancy. I have posted a statement of my own making it clear what I think about what has happened.
Tony Greenstein

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