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Zionist Racism at its Finest – Only the Killers of Jews are Terrorists

The Murderers of the Dawabsheh family Are not Terrorist According to Betzalel Smotrich – Jewish Home MK

Family photos lie in the remains of the Dawabsha home in the West Bank village of Duma, after it was firebombed by suspected Jewish extremists on July 31, 2015. The family’s 18-month-old baby was killed in the attack and his father died of his injuries eight days later, on August 8, 2015. 
According to Betzalel ‘Beelzebub’ Smotrich MK, the murderers of the Dawabsheh family on July 31st, when settlers threw a firebomb in the house, killing 18 month old Ali and his parents, with just Ahmed, who is 4 years old, surviving. 
Betzalel Smotrich MK - anti-gay bigot and settler racist
Smotrich is of the opinion that 

“Terror is exclusively violence by an enemy as part of a war against us [us being Jews - TG], and only this justifies the harsh steps taken [by the security forces] that would not be used in a normal situation. All the rest are serious crimes, loathsome crimes, nationalistic crimes, but not terror,” 

According to The Times of Israel, Smotrich said that Shin Bet “crossed all red lines” in recent weeks, in an apparent reference to the Duma investigation. Smotrich lamented that settlers and others could be punished for association with suspects, with police measures used against Palestinians also being meted out against Jews.  Note the impeccable ‘logic’ which  Smotrich employs.

“If ‘price tag’ attacks are ‘terror,’ then the families of the suspects are ‘the families of terrorists’ and the residents of their settlements and officials there are ‘a terror-supporting population,'”  Smotrich continued. Therefore, “you can hold youths in detention for over two weeks without letting them meet their lawyers, or even seeing a judge to extend their remand. You can prevent them from putting on their phylacteries, praying or lighting Hannukah candles.”
Naftali Bennett
Smotrich accused the government of “demonizing” the population of Israeli settlers, maintained it was violating the rights of the suspects to exact a confession by force, and appeared to insinuate that the government was driving the perpetrators to commit anti-Arab attacks. 
Saad and Riham Dawabsha, with baby Ali. All three died when the Dawabsha home in the West Bank village of Duma was firebombed, by suspected Jewish extremists, on July 31, 2015 (Channel 2 screenshot)
According to  Smotrich, a government that “treats the most moral population in the State of Israel as a terror-supporting population loses its right to exist.” “When you push an entire community up against the wall, treat its [members] like terrorists, demonize it, trample on its rights, it ultimately explodes. Let no one be surprised when this should happen, when more and more people will be pushed, against their will, to carry out actions that are forbidden.”

“A system that does not make this simple and especially moral distinction between enemy and and citizen — even if he is a criminal — raises questions about the justification to give it so much power and authority, with so little oversight and supervision, even if in most cases it uses its powers correctly against terror.”

But we should not condemn Smotrich.  He says aloud what others say behind closed doors.  Mr ‘Beelzebub’ Smotrich is a member of the far-right settler party, Habayit Hayehudi.  When he says that it’s no big deal to set fire to Arabs what difference is there between him and his party leader Naftali Bennett who also boasts of killing  Arabs.  ‘I’ve killed lots of Arabs in my life – and there’s no problem with that.”  

After all, wasn’t it Defence Minister Yalon who said that the security forces knew who had set fire to the Dawabsheh’s home but that in order to ‘protect sources’ they couldn’t prosecute?    Didn’t it take judicial review applications by Joint List MKs before the announcement of prosecutions?

The Israeli state has always differentiated between Zionist and Arab terror.  It is, after all, a state born in terror, from Deir Yassin and the bombing of the King David Hotel to the use of barrel bombs in Jaffa etc. etc.  The Hagannah even killed 270 Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany in November 1940 (the Patria Affair) in order to prevent people being sent to Mauritius.

But let us understand the real meaning of Beelzebub’s comments.  He is denying that what happened is terrorism because this is not as serious a crime as a Palestinian attack on a Jew.  That is his meaning.  And he is right.  In Zionist terms of course it’s not as serious a crime.  The Talmud is explicit that Jewish life is worth more than non-Jewish life, hence why capital punishment is reserved only for the taking of Jewish not non-Jewish life.  Or as that well-know rabbinical sage, the Chief Rabbi of the settlers, Dov Lior once said, ‘A Jewish fingernail is worth a thousand non-Jewish lives.’

Contrast this with the treatment meted out to Haneen Zoabi, the Balad MK.  When 3 Jewish settler youth were killed last year, she said it wasn’t necessarily an act of terrorism.  By that she meant that it may have been the act of a criminal rather than someone with political motivation.  Nonetheless the Zionist world came down upon her and she ended up suspended from the Knesset for 6 months.  No prizes for guessing that Belzeebub Smotrich will face no such penalty and why?  Because he’s Jewish silly.

The Northern Islamic League, a mass organisation of Palestinian Israelis, which has said nothing remotely racist as Belzeebub or his mentor, Naftali Bennett, has been made illegal at a stroke of Netanyahu’s pen.  Nothing will happen to Jewish Home because they are a good Zionist party.

Sheikh Raed Salah has been sentenced to 11 months imprisonment for incitement to racial hatred.  A trumped up charge if ever there was one.  He was acquitted at the original Jerusalem magistrates court but convicted on appeal by the District Court.  In other words there is extreme doubt that what he said even referred to Jews.  He claims the ‘’blood libel’ remarks were directed at the practices of the Spanish Inquisition.  But he will go to prison but open Zionist racists will never do so.  That is what a Jewish state is about.

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