Sunday, 27 December 2015

Tories Propose to Prevent Councils Boycotting Repressive Regimes

Boycott of Israel and Saudi Arabia outlawed as local authorities must follow Tory foreign policy

Jewish Communities throughout the world boycotted Nazi Ger many - only the Zionists traded with them
Under pressure from Zionist and similar right-wing bodies in this country, the Tories are intending to introduce regulations which prevent them from boycotting Israeli goods or firms that operate in Israel or the Occupied Territories.
The Tories Opposed the Boycott of Apartheid South Africa and supported 'constructive engagement' with Apartheid
Matthew Hancock - Tory Scumbag Who Supports Israel's Occupation and Repression in Palestine
Of course from the Zionist point of view this is quite logical or consistent.  Whereas 99% of Jewry in the 1930’s supported an economic and cultural boycott of Nazi Germany, the Zionists negotiated a trade agreement, Ha'avara, with the Nazis which resulted in 60% of capital investment in the Jewish economy in Palestine between 1933 and 1939 coming from Nazi Germany! [David Rosenthall, Jewish Frontier, Vol. LXV, No. 3 (632) MAY/JUNE 1998] Israel literally owes its foundation to Hitler. Even the bourgeois Jewish Chronicle condemned Ha'avara as an ‘unclean thing’.
The Sodastream Shop in Brighton Succumbed to the Boycott - We were helped in our campaign by local Zionist campaigners who created more disruption than us!
Boycott has been the traditional weapon of the oppressed – from the boycott of slave grown sugar in the West Indies to the Boycott of Nazi Germany and the boycott of Apartheid in South Africa.
All of these expressions of solidarity with the oppressed have been opposed by the Conservatives in their time.  It is no wonder that they oppose a boycott of Israeli goods today alongside their Zionist friends.
The Response of the Jewish Community in the 1930's was to  Boycott Nazi Germany - only the Zionists and the Jewish bourgeoisie objected
We should demand that Councils ignore these regulations as they are in breach of international law and provide aid and succour  some of the world’s foulest and most repressive regimes, Israel and Saudia Arabia included.
The first known Boycott was the boycott of slave-grown sugar - naturally the Tories opposed this too as the plantation owners were Tories!  The Zionists weren't yet in existence
Yesterday South Africa, today Israel
Perhaps Albert Einstein summed it up best in comments directed against Wilhelm Furtwangler, the world famous conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.  Einstein stated that 'If the organisation of German musical life may be compared to military organisation, Furtwangler plays the part of a commander-in-chief...'

The Jewish Chronicle advocating the Cultural Boycott - in the 1930's!  Under Editor Stephen Pollard, the JC opposes all anti-racist boycotts
The Daily Express is owned today by Zionist pornographer Richard Desmond - in the 1930's it supported Hitler and twisting truth on its head portrayed the Boycott of Nazi Germany, not as a defensive weapon, but as a declaration of war against Hitler!  Today the Express opposes the Boycott of Apartheid Israel

US actors call for the boycott of Nazi Germany-1938
See also A History of the Boycott – The Weapon of the Oppressed

Tony Greenstein

The Guardian 3.10.15.

Government plans to prevent procurement campaigns that conflict with national policy – such as those against Israel and UK arms companies.
Jewish Chronicle article on the world famous conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Dr Furtwangler and Einstein's comments on  his role
There was a time when the Jewish Chronicle supported a Boycott against racist states
Councils and local authorities are to be blocked from boycotting Israeli products or pursuing other foreign policy goals that conflict with the government.
Massive Jewish Boycott Meeting in Madison Square Gardens, New York
Conservative aides said the measure was a response to growing concern about the “militant actions of leftwing councils” that they claimed was spurred on by the Labour leadership.
The Jewish Chronicle condemned the Zionist collaborators for making a trade agreement with the Nazis when everyone else was boycotting them - it called Haa'vara an 'unclean thing'
The Successful Boycott of Sodastream in Brighton, Sussex
The Jewish Chronicle's attitude to the Boycott of Sodastream was the same as that of the Daily Mail towards the Boycott of Nazi Germany 

The new rules will stop politically motivated boycott and divestment campaigns by town halls against UK defence companies and against Israel.
Even the Women's Shopping League supported the Boycott of Nazi Germany
The Cabinet Office minister, Matthew Hancock, said the action was intended to prevent “playground politics” from councils.
The Boycott of Slave Grown Sugar
Even in Latvia there was a large Boycott campaign
The government will amend pension legislation to make clear that using pensions and procurement policies to pursue boycotts, divestments and sanctions campaigns against other countries and the UK defence industry are inappropriate, unless they are in line with action on a national level.

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