Monday, 14 December 2015

A Tragic Accident – Israeli Settler Stone Throwers Hit Jewish Car by Mistake

Jewish rock-throwers who injured Jewish toddler released

Police say suspects admitted to targeting Palestinian cars along West Bank highway, hitting Israeli car by mistake

A terrible mistake which is quite easy to make - the stone throwers hit an Israeli Jewish car instead of an Arab one
Car whose window was shattered
 It was a tragic accident.  It’s easily done.  Settler youth were happily throwing stones at Palestinian cars when they hit an Israeli Jewish car by mistake and injured a Jewish child.  Fortunately he was alright and it was so obviously a case of mistaken identity that it is understandable that the rock throwers were released within a day.  No doubt with a warning to be more careful in the future.  If they were going to throw a stone make sure that it’s a Palestinian who’s in the car.
Fortunately it wasn't a terrorist incident - just a tragic accident.  Perhaps the Israeli court will sentence them to a mandatory course where they can improve their  stone throwing aim?
Of course this poses a problem.  How can you be absolutely sure that you don't injure a settler or a Jew?  Of course you could mount a roadblock, check the identity of the driver and then throw the stone if it is an Arab, but the stone wouldn’t have the same impact as hitting a moving car and in any case there would be less chance of the car crashing.
Of course Palestinians can face up to a decade and more in prison
One can only hope that the Israeli scientific genius will come up with a handheld machine which can tell in an instant whether the car is Jewish or Palestinian.  It should not be too difficult.  After all Arabs and Jews carry different ID cards so it should be possible to insert a micro chip in the Arab ID card which could tell a stone thrower instantly, by emitting a bleep, that the driver is a Palestinian and then they can throw the stone.

Of course some of you will be asking why it is that Jewish stone-throwers aren’t handed out minimum 3 year prison sentences for throwing stones.  But you don't understand.  Arabs who throw stones hate us, they are terrorists and deserve all they get, including a bullet.  Whereas Jewish stone throwers are defending the state and lobbing stones at potential terrorists.  It's just not the same and it would be terrible to confuse the two.

As Adam Chandler explained The Atlantic, Tossing the Book at Palestinian Stone-Throwers, 
'Israel has imposed mandatory prison sentences in an effort to stem a wave of rock-throwing'.

December 13, 2015) reported that 

'Two Israeli Jewish teens who inadvertently injured a 4-year-old Jewish toddler in a rock throwing attack aimed at Palestinian cars, were released from IDF custody Sunday morning after testifying to their involvement in the attack near the West Bank city of Hebron Saturday night.

Israel Police spokesperson Luba Samri said the initial investigation identified the attackers as residents of the nearby settlement of Kiryat Arba who, prior to the attack, were holding a demonstration near Route 60, a major West Bank thoroughfare.

Samri said the investigation into the incident is ongoing, but police expect to make a number of arrests in connection to the attack.

The teenagers were arrested hours after the attack by IDF soldiers whom they told they had sought to stone Palestinian cars.’

The 4-year-old boy sustained light injuries by glass shards from the car’s shattered window.’

Of course, if they were Palestinian stone throwers they would have been detained indefinitely, beaten up and tortured into making confessions.  They would be looking at possibly a decade in prison since they injured a Jewish child.  But as it was a Jewish stone thrower it clearly wasn’t a crime of terrorism but one of mistaken identity and possible negligence.

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