Sunday, 13 December 2015

How Cute – Israeli Soldiers Risk Their Lives to Rescue Al-Qaeda Fighters

Since Al-Qaeda=ISIS=Hamas=Hezbollah – When is Israel Going to tend to the Wounded of Hamas and Hezbollah?

According to Netanyahu - Hamas, al-Qaeda and IS are all the same
Indeed.  Why are Israeli commandos risking their lives for Al Qaeda militants?  Pure humanitarianism of course!!
Unconscious: A wounded Syrian Islamic militant receives urgent medical treatment from Israeli troops at the Syrian border. The commandos are seen administering 'tracheal intubation' by forcing a tube down the man's throat to prevent asphyxiation
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You will forgive me if I sound slightly confused.  But according to Benjamin Netanyahu who, as we all know, always speaks the unvarnished truth, Hamas & Hezbollah are the same as ISIS and Al Qaeda.  They are all Islamic and therefore, by definition, equal to each other. 
Safe: The stabilised casualty is stretchered out of the vehicle outside the hospital, where he will be handed over to the surgical team
In much the same way as Nazi ideology held that all Jews were much the same, regardless of their ideological differences, which were just a pretence for the benefit of the goyim (non-Jews) so it is with Islamists.
Emergency: The militant is very close to death and requires expert medical attention from the team, including a complex blood transfusion

Nervous: A treated Syrian militant is wheeled out of a civilian ambulance a mile from the Syrian border in order to be taken back to Syria

Wounded: The commandos must stabilise the casualty as soon as possible and rush him to hospital so that his wounds can be treated

Mission accomplished: The armoured car, filled with heavily armed commandos and the patched-up militant, leaves for the Syrian border

Of course there are no doubt cynics who will suggest that Israel is doing this for its own motives but I refuse to believe it.  I am sure that Israel is acting out of the best humanitarian motives.  That is why the Jewish State is a ‘light unto the nations’.  Only a few Palestinian enemies, who speak no good of anyone, would cast doubt upon the motives of the Israeli state and Bibi.
So maybe someone can answer the following question.  If Israel takes in al-Nusra fighters, who are al-Qaeda’s group in Syria, and other Islamists too, why is it that Israel doesn’t provide similar facilities for members of Hamas and Hezbollah?  Instead of murdering and imprisoning Hamas and Hezbollah militants, perhaps we will see Israel offering the best hospital care that Israel can provide and then returning them, gun in hand, to Gaza in order that they can resume the struggle!
Danger: Israeli commandos are carrying out similar rescues every night - but their government's motive for authorising the extraordinary missions is unclear

Recovering: Mohammed, 20, a Syrian militant, receives medical care in Israel after his leg was almost destroyed by heavy machine gun fire

Of course if anyone can answer explain all this to me I shall be immensely grateful.

Tony Greenstein 
Transfer: The militant is taken on a stretcher to the waiting armoured vehicle for the short journey back to Syria, where he will be collected

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