Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Russian Military Provide Proof of Turkey’s Involvement in the ISIS Oil Trade

Erdogan denies proven oil links with Isis

As Cameron & Benn Know – Turkey prefers ISIS to the Kurds

Yesterday in response to the allegation of Vladimir Putin that Turkey was actively complicit in buying oil from ISIS President Erdogan challenged him to prove it and if he couldn’t to stand down.  
The ISIS - Turkey oil route
In turn Erdogan promised to stand down if Putin could prove it.  
I suspect neither will resign but the evidence is quite clear.  Below is the response of the Russian Government  to the challenge thrown down by Erdogan.

Tony Greenstein
Erdogan keeps out the oil

The relationship hinted at by Russian leader after warplane was shot down is a complex one, and includes links between senior Isis figures and Turkish officials
Bilal Erdogan - in charge of the oil trade with ISIS
Since the earliest months of the Syrian war, Turkey has had more direct involvement and more at stake than any of the regional states lined up against Bashar al-Assad.

Turkish borders have been the primary thoroughfare for fighters of all kinds to enter Syria. Its military bases have been used to distribute weapons and to train rebel fighters. And its frontier towns and villages have taken in almost one million refugees.

Turkey’s international airports have also been busy. Many, if not most, of the estimated 15,000-20,000 foreign fighters to have joined Islamic State (Isis) have first flown into Istanbul or Adana, or arrived by ferry along its Mediterranean coast.

The influx has offered fertile ground to allies of Assad who, well before a Turkish jet shot down a Russian fighter on Tuesday, had claimed Turkey had enabled or even supported Isis. Vladimir Putin’s reference to Turkey as “accomplices of terrorists” is likely to resonate even among some of Ankara’s backers.

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