Tuesday, 1 December 2015

An interview with Netanyahu's brother-in-law Hagi Ben-Artzi

Netanyahu's gormless brother-in-law tells the truth about Bibi's belief in a 2 state solution

Interview conducted in Beit El, West Bank, with Hagi Ben-Artzi, a leading figurein the settler movement, whose sister is marriedto Netanyahu.  

@ 6:22

Hagi Ben-Artzi: Unfortunately, the Israeli government, including my brother-in-law Benjamin Netanyahu, they unfortunately, I am sad to say that, agreed to the 2-state-solution. And here I must say that I have read very carefully, I have also taken part with my brother-in-law in writing his book, and in his famous book "A Place Among the Nations", he writes very clearly against the establishment of a Palestinian state. What I feel is that he made a manoeuvre,  some kind of tactics: "I say that I agree, but I will act against it." I don't think that it's a good move, although it's regarded (as) sophisticated. But I have said, I have told him several times: You have to be sincere. And I believe, and I know in his heart and in his mind he is against a Palestinian state.

Reporter: So, what you are saying is that your brother-in-law, Prime Minister Netanyahu, is essentially lying to the world when he says he believes in the two states, that he doesn't believe in two states at all and certainly doesn't believe in an independent Palestinian state

Hagi Ben-Artzi: I think that what he is trying to do is to say "I agree", but to set conditions that he believes will be absolutely unacceptable to the Palestinian side. And as a result "I will be good, the international community will say: Oh, he's supporting peace because he's in favour of a Palestinian state." But in fact it won't happen, because he sets so many conditions that it makes it impossible, practically speaking.  So it's not really lying. He's saying "I'm in favour". For example, I'm in favour of flying in the air. But on condition that you give me a plane. You're not going to give me a plane so I won't fly in the air. Something like this. But my dispute with him is that I think that it makes bad pubic relations; it's a bad propaganda. You have to be sincere and authentic and you can say clearly what you really believe. That the Palestinian state is not justified on historical basis, on religious, national and also strategic and economic, whatever... " 

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