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Grovel Dead – Good Riddance to a Man without a Single Redeeming Feature

Janner's Death Cheats his Victims of Justice
It’s normal to be kind to the departed of this world, even if you couldn’t stand the sight of them whilst they were alive.  Such are the accepted proprieties of capitalism.  This was why the BBC and bourgeois opinion was so horrified when people celebrated Thatcher’s demise and when a single, margaret thatcherdies ding dong the witch is dead topped the charts, Brixton held a party  and the former actress Glenda Jackson MP paid a notable tribute to her much to the outrage of Tory MPs.
Greville Janner - a Serial Child Abuser
As The Independent reports concerning Janner's demise:

 ‘Liz Dux, a specialist abuse lawyer at Slater and Gordon, who represented six of Lord Janner’s alleged victims, said: “[His victims] have waited so long for his case to get to court … The opportunities to bring him to justice when he was younger were well documented.” However, she said a civil case seeking compensation from Lord Janner’s estate would now proceed.

Ms Dux believed that the allegations against the peer were of the “utmost severity”. She said: “He abused his position of trust as a local MP and preyed on those who were the most vulnerable. They were all boys from Leicestershire care home who’d had very, very disturbed and difficult live. He behaved in a sadistic and cruel manner, exploiting children at their most vulnerable.”
An article in the  Brighton Argus concerning the late Bishop of Gloucester, George Bell
His family believes he will be missed.  They are wrong.  Greville Janner was a worthless man about whom it is impossible to find a single good thing to say.  I say this advisedly.  When it was reported that the Church of England had paid compensation to someone that the late Bishop George Bell had allegedly molested I wrote a Comment piece in the local Brighton Argus saying that he should not just be remembered for this but also his anti-Nazi activities.  There are very few people of whom it can be said that they have done nothing good or worthwhile in their life.

Greville Janner however is one such person.  He spent most of his life defending the indefensible, namely the State of Israel.  No matter how many Palestinians it killed or made into refugees, no matter how great the injustice, in Janner's eyes it could do no wrong.

Janner also, as we were to find out later, had an arrangement with Frank Beck, the manager of a  children's home in Leicester,  which enabled him to rape and sadistically abuse unknown numbers of children.  The fact that 9 separate people were going to come forward in a trial of the facts, which unfortunately will not now happen, speaks volumes.  In fact there were far more children who were abused but who weren't going to be called to give evidence, who would have said that they were abused in their childhood.  The mere fact that so many people were willing to relive their traumas and come forward is convincing proof that Janner was guilty as he should have been charged.
Janner with a child he didn't abuse
Janner cheated a court of law by virtue of senile dementia however he won't cheat the judgement of history.  This former President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews is someone that the even the Zionist movement will prefer to forget.

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