Monday, 19 January 2009

Photograph Comparisons Between Zionist and Nazi Murderers

These photographs, which of course aren't an exact comparison, show the fact that in terms of methodology, there isn't much to choose between the Nazi and Zionist attitude to Palestinian children.


  1. Tony, you should just stop and think about what you are doing here with these photos.

    Manipulating photos to equate Zionism and Nazism, just for the sake of insulting as many Jews as possible is low and churlish. It is obvious that you care more about the delegitimisation of Israel than the Palestinian people. It appears that this is just a dirty political game for you. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  2. I haven't manipulated any photographs. These are comparisions between yesterday and today. Why should Jews be insulted unless you are saying that Jews, because they are Jews support the war criminals and their actions in Gaza?

    Many Jews, indeed possibly a majority in Britain judging by the poor turnout at demonstrations, are unhappy or oppose what happened in Gaza.

    And if some Jews do support what is happening they should be ashamed of themselves and take a look at the photos and think back to when their relatives were victims of a criminal regime.

    As far as I'm concerned Israel, as a settler colonial Zionist state is illegitimate. Period.

  3. Tony - I think the comparison of nazis and zionists is apt on ideological and not just behavioural grounds.

    I see from the anonymous comment the zionists want to play this as if the zio-nazi analogy is hurtful to jews in general but when the comparison was first raised it was by jews. the wider non-jewish anti-zionist movement seems to have picked up on the comparison through exasperation with israel calling all of its enemies (including arafat) nazis. they might want to look at themselves if they want to stop inappropriate analogies.

    this move to outlaw the zio-nazi comparison is the thin end of the wedge. if they get any part of the former EUMC's working "definition" of antisemitism adopted as law it will be an outrage. every form of legitimate criticism of israel will be illegal unless you criticise other states for whatever it is you criticise israel for. that's impossible given that the worse things about israel - on-going colonial settlement and ethnic cleansing - are unique to israel. i know of no other state that mobilises people from abroad to come and live there whilst denying that right to people that actually come from there.

    i think there needs to be a specific campaign around this issue. through the so-called working definition the eu is now effectively interchanging/equating the jewish people with the state of israel. if they (or member states) go ahead and legislate around that then there will be explicitly antisemitic legislation on the european statute books, ironically, for the first time since the nazis were in power. and it's all because there is no case for israel so they have to outlaw expression of the case against it.

    btw antony lerman has an article in comment is free against the banning of the zio-nazi comparison. In the comments someone referred to Denis MacShane as Denis the Menace and Matt Seaton intervened to describe MacShane as a "sound democrat" and went on to say that he would invite him to respond to Lerman which he now has. The strange thing is that there are at least two responses to Seaton's bizarre but unsurprising intervention for a zionist but his intervention seems to have disappeared. Like the great Dr Hirsh, our Mr Seaton seems to have censored himself for a change!

  4. Mark,

    I agree. There are many comparisons between Zionism and Nazism on ideological grounds - worship of the state for one.

    Again I agree with you that the Zionists, having compared all their foes to the Nazis are now complaining that they are being included in the comparisons!

    If this proposal is adopted, and I don't think it will be at least in the form proposed at the moment - how do you define a Jew etc - then it will be outrageous because it is putting into law what is a political opinion or rather outlawing one. So it's fine to argue for the deportation of Blacks but not fine to argue that Zionists behave like Nazis.

    yes I've scanned Lerman's article. If I have time I'll post a comment which is bound to be deleted. Nice to see that Seaton is censoring himself. What a munchkin!

    Yes if the proposals get carried forward we must campaign vigorously against it, including being prepared to be arrested.


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