26 January 2009

DON'T PAY THE BBC TAX - Donate your Licence Fee to the Gaza Appeal

The BBC was born in the womb of the British establishment. Those with an eye to history will know that during the General Strike in Britain in 1926 the BBC refused to broadcast an appeal by the Archbishop of Canterbury appealing for an amicable settlement. The Government was determined to smash the strikers and Lord Reith, the BBC Chairman, was fully behind the Tory Government.

As we have shown in a previous article the BBC decision over the Disaster Emergency Appeal for Gaza and the refusal to show a humanitarian appeal for Gaza's civilians is that the BBC has merely confirmed its unremitting bias throughout the invasion and attack on Gaza. Its refusal to contextualise Israeli bombings, to refer to Israel’s own breaking of the ceasefire on November 4th when 6 Palestinians were killed, its starvation siege of Gaza in breach of the ceasefire agreement, its firing on fishing boats and ramming of boats carrying humanitarian aid etc. None of this has made its way past the BBC censors.

We therefore ask you to follow the lead of David Soul.

This is a regressive tax on people anyway. The poor pay as much as the rich and there is no reason why we should fund Thompson’s £800,000 a year salary, plus chauffer driven car and free air travel, in order that he can perpetuate the starvation and suffering of Gaza’s people.

A clue to what lies behind this is the BBC decision to appease Israel in 2005 when Thompson visited Israel’s Prime Minister and mass murderer, Ariel Sharon in 2005. As Guy Adams of The Independent reported at the time (29.11.05.) ‘BBC chief holds peace talks in Jerusalem with Ariel Sharon’

"Not many people know this, but Mark is actually a deeply religious man. He's a Catholic, but his wife is Jewish, and he has a far greater regard for the Israeli cause than some of his predecessors."

The cat is out of the bag and as Tony Benn said in his wonderful interview with the Today programme, the BBC and Mark Thompson and his adjutant, Caroline Thomson in particular, have blood on their hands. Thompson talks of ‘balance’ but when the IRA was planting bombs in Britain there was no balance. Why are phosphorous bombs dropped on UN schools any different? There's no 'balance' on Iraq between British troops and the insurgents or in Afghanistan, why this so-called 'balance' which in effect amounts to unremitting support for Israel?


UPDATE: More than 100 students from Britain's Cambridge University – including five Israelis, as well as Palestinians, Britons and residents of other countries – have been staging a sit-in at the prestigious university's law faculty since Friday in protest of the Israeli activity in the Gaza Strip.
There is an excellent article on Craig Murry's blog (he was the Ambassador to Uzbekhistan before complaining too much about things like torture there) where he does a quick analysis of BBC coverage of the Gaza conflict. I post it below to demonstrate their bias:
Biased Broadcasting Corporation

I am hopeful the public outcry caused by the BBC's refusal to broadcast the joint appeal for Gaza, will open more eyes to the immense bias in the BBC's News coverage.

As it has slipped off the front page, I think it is worth reproducing this from my blog for 6 January:What is Really Happening

I watched BBC World News for a timed hour yesterday. In that time I saw:
Pro-Israeli (including US government) speakers - 17
Pro-Palestinian speakers - 2

Mentions of Hamas Rockets as reason for war - 37
Mentions of illegal Israeli settlements - 0
Mentions of Palestinians killed by Israel during "ceasefire" - 2
Mentions of Sderot - 12
Mentions Sderot used to be Palestinian - 0

If you don't believe me, try it yourself.



  1. Mark Thompson subjected himself to a two fingers up humiliation on BBC Breakfast this morning when the journalists showed him exactly what they thought by beaming the appeal up behind him whilst he was explaining exactly why the BBC would never show it. You can see it here: www.duckrabbit.info/blog

  2. yes brilliant! It seems an amazing piece of irony!! We have a picket of the local BBC offices in Brighton later this week!

    Tried posting something on the blog under comments but it didn't seem to accept it!


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