15 January 2009

Jews for Genocide Demonstration Flops - Lone Jewish Heckler Physically Attacked by CST

Lone Jewish heckler with red megaphone has objects thrown at him (see white object near him)

Zionists react with horror then fury as a lone Jewish heckler challenges their lies

Many of us remember demonstrations similar to that organised last Sunday 11th January 2009 by the Board of Deputies of British Jews, in 1982 and 2006, when up to 25,000 people filled Trafalgar Square to support Israel’s latest war against Arab peoples.

By way of contrast the BBC put the figures in Trafalgar Square at 4,000. Less than 1,000 demonstrated in Manchester, home to Britain’s second largest Jewish community. Those at the London counter demonstration estimate that no more than 2,000 hardline Zionists, mouthing ‘peace’ but determined to support war, gathered. Trafalgar Square looked and felt empty as the Zionists resorted to repeating their slogans to compensate for the sense of isolation felt by those attending.

Opposing them was a demonstration of 200 Jews and another 200 non-Jews organised by Independent Jewish Voices, Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods and Jews for Justice for the Palestinians.

There has been a steady erosion in the past two weeks of support in the Jewish community for the current war, despite the fervent efforts of the Jewish Chronicle, now edited by the ex-editor of the Daily Express, Stephen Pollard.

Even those Jews who believe that the Israeli State is the nearest thing to godliness (& some believe it is god) have baulked at supporting a military campaign against the defenceless Gazan people which has so far claimed the lives of 1,000 civilians, including over 300 children. A War against Children, even when it’s in the name of Peace, is not a very attractive prospect to all but the most lunatic and fascist inclined Zionists.

Following the BNP’s open support for Israel’s war of genocide, there were also some BNP supporters among the happy throng of Zionist demonstrators. The BBC of course, true to its record throughout the current war, gave lavish coverage to the 2,000 strong Jews 4 Genocide demonstration and ignored the 100,000+ demonstration against the war the previous day. That’s balance for you BBC style!

But what the demonstration lacked in numbers it made up in chutzpah. All the speeches, especially that of the universally ridiculed Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks were about ‘peace’. As the account below demonstrates, when a lone Jewish heckler produced a megaphone during the racist rabbi’s rant, he had objects thrown at him, was attacked by the crowd and manhandled by the CST (of course!) before being arrested by the bovver boys in blue (or nowadays yellow jackets). No doubt this is what they mean by peace!

All the posters talked of Hamas terror as if the children killed in the war had been killed by Hamas rather than Israel. What this demonstrates is that the only terror the hardline racists in the crowd recognise is that directed at Israelis – Palestinian casualties count for nought. The ‘peace’ they talk about is the peace of the graveyard.

Ironically, despite the BBC and other media organisations following the Zionist-American fable that Hamas broke the ceasefire, in fact the Israeli Government has now admitted that it was they who broke it. Hamas has always stated that between June 2008 and November 2008 they did not fire a single rocket into Israel . In a recent interview given to Channel 4 News, the Israeli Government’s official spokesman Mark Regev finally admitted that Hamas did not break the ceasefire.

Young Jew Sings Protest to Chief Rabbi, Gets Arrested
Dovid 11.01.2009 20:27
LONDON - A young Jewish man was arrested today after singing at the Chief Rabbi of GB, Jonathan Sacks, during his speech at today's End Hamas Terror (pro-Israel) rally.
Dovid Von Neumann stood up on the ridge of a Trafalgar Square fountain and sung the well known child's Chanukah song 'Sevivon sov sov sov.' [Spinning-top, spin spin spin] He was pushed into the iced fountain by members of the demonstration and was wrestled into police custody by special Jewish security guards.

Whilst the ongoing Israeli bombing of Gaza began during the festival of Chanukah, Jewish children around the world received the traditional gift of a four sided spinning-top (sevivon in Hebrew, driedel in Yiddish). Jewish children play a betting game on whichever side the sevivon should land on. Today these are mostly made from plastic; once upon a time they were cast in lead - hence Operation Cast Lead, the name given by Israel to its current Gaza incursion.

Dovid explains:

"I wished to highlight the insidiousness of how the current Israeli invasion into Gaza was named after a child's toy made from a highly toxic material, lead, and how Palestinian children have been at the mercy of such randomly falling deathly devices. Hundreds of children in Gaza have been killed by indirect attack, like flying shrapnel or inadequate medical resources, whilst many have died through direct attack. It's as if Israel had the lead sevivon in mind as a metaphorical present to Palestinian children."

Through his red megaphone, Dovid also accused Rabbi Sacks of being unrepresentative of the Jewish community in his claims that British Jews supported Israel's current military action.

As he was being grabbed by a Jewish security guard inside the semi-frozen Trafalgar Square fountain, Dovid was seen kissing the guard on each cheek, a traditional way of greeting another Jew. Nevertheless the guard snapped his megaphone in half and pulled him to the crowd, who assisted to drag him to the pavement. Dovid was screaming "Ani gam Yehudi! "[I'm also Jewish] but he was nevertheless handcuffed and carried away by Police. The on looking crowd, mostly Jewish and Hebrew speaking, was left quite shocked. Dovid, 25, was held for a number of hours by Metropolitan Police until the day's other demonstrations were over. He was released without charge.



  1. The time-honoured method of accurately measuring the number of participants at a Demonstration is to add the number The Police state to the number the Demo organisors state & then divide by half :

    The Police said 4000

    The Rally Organisors said 35,000

    4000 + 35 , 000 divided by 50% =

    19,500 .

    Even if both Police estimates were low & Organisor estimates were high , We can safely assume that there were about 15,000 Demonstators in Trafalgar Square -which is significantly higher than the number that Tony is suggesting .

  2. It may be 'time honoured' Ian but there's nothing scientific in your method and it assumes that the Police are a value-free organisation that under-estimates the numbers on every demonstration. There we disagree.

    The CST works closely with the Met. The Met. works with the Jewish establishment and follows the concensus of our rulers that Palestinians = Islam = terrorist etc. In other words politically they are hostile from the start. Hence why our demonstrations are attacked not pro-Israeli ones.

    So if the Police say that 4,000 attended your demonstration then I'm inclined to think they are overestimating. If you look at the photos, which of course only give a snapshot, it is quite clear that the Square was not exactly teeming. I can see quite large spaces and I know TS pretty well. 20,000 will fill it and there'll be an overspill. Clearly there wasn't.

    I would suggest another time honoured method. Police say 4,000, I say 2,000. We'll compromise at 3,000 and that's probably being generous.

    But think of it like this. Isn't 3,000 Jews 4 Genocide better than 19,500? Surely there aren't that many blood thirsty killers or their slavish adherents among the Jewish community?

  3. Unpublished letter to the Guardian:

    Dear Guardian Letters’ Editor,

    Neither your report (Thousands of Jews rally against Hamas, 12 January) nor the subsequent letters (We Jews cannot be silent bystanders while this terror goes on, Letters, 13 January) nor Brian Klug’s Comment is Free (A crisis in Judaism, 15 January) mention that the demonstration opposing the pro-Israel rally was called and responded to by Palestinians, Jews, Muslims and other people of conscience.

    The police divided the counter-demonstration by placing Muslim and Jewish people behind separate metal barriers. United by our outrage and grief over the siege on the Palestinian people in Gaza , many of us refused to be divided. We moved the barriers aside and chanted together: “Judaism Yes, Zionism No” and “We are all Palestinians.” The Palestinian flag which the Islamic Human Rights Commission had brought was attached to the banner of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, and alongside Neturei Karta’s placards

    Muslims and Jews used to live together in Palestine before Zionism divided us. We are now organising together, taking our direction from the Palestinian resistance, thus undermining apartheid, ethnic cleansing and the divisions among us which are used to justify the slaughter of the innocents. For all of us there is only one side – the side of justice.


    Massoud Shadjareh (Chair)
    Islamic Human Rights Commission

    Michael Kalmanovitz
    International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network


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