6 January 2009

Neo-Nazi British National Party Supports Israeli Attack on Gaza

No don’t adjust your eyesight. You don’t have double vision. That’s right. Yup, that's right. The fascist British National, whose leader believes that the Nazi holocaust is a hoax, is overjoyed at the genocide in Gaza. And why not? They're killing Muslims so it can't be bad.

For all the nonsense about it being ‘anti-Semitic’ to support the Palestinians, it is the Holocaust denying British National Party, founded by devoted Hitler lover, John Tyndall, that has come out most fulsomely in support of the genocidal Israeli attack on Gaza.

Under the title Europes Jews Face Marxist Wrath Over Gaza with a sub-heading ‘Rise In Attacks On Europe's Jews’ we read that:

Attacks on Jews in Britain and Europe are rising as the violence in Gaza continues.’ It quotes the Zionist Community Security Trust, a group of mainly ex-Israeli military dedicated to protecting Jews from the influence of anti-Zionism that ‘there have been 24 incidents in Britain since December 29.

We are told, in horrified tones, that ‘This includes an arson attack on a synagogue in London.’ something the BNP would never have dreamed of doing! The Thurrock Patriot goes on to quote the CST’s Mark Gardner:

There has been a significant rise in the number of anti-Semitic incidents, especially when compared with what is usually a very quiet time of year for racist, anti-Jewish attacks," spokesman Mark Gardner said.... In the attack on the synagogue in Brondesbury north west London, arsonists tried to smash a window.

Fortunately ‘They failed because of the toughened protective glass.’ And it goes on to describe a series of similar attacks, all with suitable disapproval.

We are told of a number of similar incidents across Europe and they quote Lib Dem spokesperson, Chris Hune MP thus:

I am deeply concerned by the evidence in the Community Security Trust's report that the Israeli invasion of Gaza is being used as a pretext for threats against the Jewish community in Britain.

But this is nothing new. On April 10th 2008, the Guardian carried a story ‘BNP seeks to bury antisemitism and gain Jewish votes in Islamophobic campaign’.· Ruth Smeed of the Board of Deputies of British Jews explained that

The BNP website is now one of the most Zionist on the web - it goes further than any of the mainstream parties in its support of Israel.

For those who are still mystified the BNP’s fuhrer, Nick Griffin is more than willing to explain:
When the overwhelming majority of the instinctively patriotic people of our nations feel threatened by an alien force which is self-evidently evil by Christian and democratic secular values alike, to place oneself in the position whereby our political opponents can portray you as an enemy sympathiser, a collaborator, a traitor, is political suicide.

However there are some fools and clowns who haven’t got the message. One is Israel Shamir, a virulent anti-Semite and according to Gilad Atzmon a ‘unique and advanced thinker’. He was most upset with the BNP’s support for Zionism.

I do not feel at ease accusing you and your comrades of betraying the Britons and joining with the Jews, but if I'd keep mum, stones won't. I'd publish your response, and I hope you'll spread mine among your readers and members.

But although the Thurrock Patriot and the grass-roots of the fascists are all in favour of Israel murdering as many Palestinians and Muslims as possible, the BNP’s Chairman Nick Griffin has been slightly more circumspect. In an article Israel and Gaza on 5th January 2009 he purports to take a neutral stance, which in fact is anything but neutral:

We have said nothing, quite simply, because it’s nothing to do with Britain, and therefore nothing to do with the British National Party…. The fighting in Gaza is not a proper concern for a British political party… unless there are clear issues of our own national interest to give us the right, and our government the duty, to interfere....

endless television coverage of dead or injured Palestinian children (the anti-Israeli bias of the leftist BBC is particularly marked) will inflame Islamist extremists against not only Israel but also against other Western states, including the UK and our soldiers currently stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Most of us were under the impression that the BBC had been wholly supportive of the arguments in favour of Israel's attack on Gaza, endlessly repeating the spurious arguments about an Israeli 'reaction' to Hamas's rockets. Griffin continues:

Indeed, the destruction of Israel (which is the generally stated aim of all the far-left and Muslim demonstrators screaming and on occasion rioting outside the Israeli Embassy in London, and the generally unstated aim of the far smaller number of neo-Nazi cranks siding with them on the Internet) would most definitely not placate a single hardline Muslim.

The destruction of Israel would not send Islam back into a peaceful slumber, but would merely inspire and radicalise a whole new generation of Jihadist fanatics with the idea that the hour of their final triumph against the ‘Crusaders’ had been signalled by the collapse of the latter’s ‘Zionist outpost’ on the eastern edge of the Mediterranean.

And Griffin proceeds to outline the horrific scenarios that might result, including a Muslim India and the colonisation of the United States!

While Israel’s no-holds barred self-defence undoubtedly gives Islamist recruiters good material with which to radicalise some of their less motivated brethren, Israel’s extinction would provide them with even stronger arguments in favour of Jihad. The most elementary study of their rhetoric shows that they do not regard Israel as the great enemy, merely as the catspaw of Christendom….

Thus while we would oppose any move to entangle Britain in war on behalf of Israel, it is in our clear national interest that it should survive. Whether that survival is made any more or less likely by responding on such a scale to the cynical provocations by Hamas is another matter, but that judgement is for Israelis to make at the ballot box, and not for us….. Our people must understand that Islam is not a mutated version of Christianity with a pacifist core in which the Meek will inherit the earth; it’s a creed of War and the Sword.... Nor is it about guerrilla warfare successes of the kind seen in Afghanistan and Lebanon, which may yet emerge in Gaza.

But in June 2006 Lee Barnes, the BNP's head of legal affairs wrote on the party's website:
As a Nationalist I can say that I support Israel 100% in their dispute with Hizbullah. In fact, I hope they wipe Hizbullah off the Lebanese map and bomb them until they leave large greasy craters in the cities where their Islamic extremist cantons of terror once stood. [the link was http://www.bnp.org.uk/columnists/brimstone2.php?leeId=80 but the article has been removed].

So despite all the nonsense from the Zionists and their echo chambers in the press it is quite clear. The main fascist and neo-Nazi party in Britain supports Israel's attack on Gaza! So much for anti-Semitism.
Tony Greenstein


  1. Maybe the neo-nazis will turn out this Sunday to show how deep their support is for Israel!

    Board of Depuities of British Jews
    The Voice of British Jewry since 1760
    07 Jan 2009

    – A rally in London’s Trafalgar Square is to be held on Sunday morning, which will be the culmination of five days of intensive advocacy for Israel. The period of activity will reflect the support for Israel felt by the British Jewish community, and concern for the people of Israel and Gaza suffering as a result of Hamas’s policy of terror.

  2. Apologies for another post so quickly,
    but I just want to let TBG know this blog post is cited in -
    Neo-Nazi British National Party supports Israeli attack on Gaza
    Islamophobia Watch
    07 Jan 2008

    all the best!

  3. That the BMP has become ultra-Zionist and are supporting the Israeli attack on Gaza is a sure sign of the decrepit and moronic state of British society. This is why British radical politics of Left and Right are total rubbish.

    What do the BMP think they are playing at?

    1. The British working class, even the ‘decaying white heartlands of labour’, have never been anti-Semitic in any serious way – but they have never been pro-Jewish or pro-Israel either. I guess that the kind of working class person that is attracted by BMP politics thinks that what is going on in Gaza is a quarrel between wogs that has nothing to do with him. The prospects of cohering a working class following by supporting Israel are zero. Indeed, defections and a split in the BMP is more likely.

    The pro-Israeli stance actually robs the BMP of one of it main attractions for the working class: recreational fascism. The British love Nazism as pantomime: Nazi uniforms, ceremonial daggers, NSDP lapel bottoms, lurid stories of what happened in the concentration camps, fake Iron Crosses, SS trooper bike helmets, models of Panzer tanks, etc. What could be more good-naturedly British than half a dozen drunk men in green fatigues trying to sing the Horst Wessel song in a pub in Basildon? Belonging to the BMP makes you part of all this vicarious glory – without the danger of being sent to the Eastern Front.

    The BMP’s recent ‘denazification’ has robbed the British working class of one of its enduring harmless pleasures. They are trying to destroy the soul of the working man and they will me made to pay for it!

    2. If the BMP hope to recruit middle class supporters they are on a spectacular hiding to nothing. Israel is about as attractive today as a used tampon.

    Perhaps they are seeking to recruit more Jews!

    What accounts for this type of loony politics? Well, the same thing that leads to loony politics on the Left: immense frustration. Despite all the problems with society the BMP, like the Left, cannot make any progress with its radicalism. The British popular classes are dead-heads. Nothing will budge them from their narrowness, self-centerdness, addition to shopping and crap entertainment, egotism and conservativism.

    Just think about it. You have been a dedicated member of the radical Left or Right for 40 year. You have given up all your spare time to the cause. You cannot remember the times you have stood in the rain, selling newspapers or giving out leaflets, and getting soaked to the bone. Your wife has left you or has learnt to ignore you. Your branch evening are her bingo nights. You stand on the pavement outside Tesco, with your pathetic little stall, trying to save the world by explaining how it really works, people look at you like a nutter.

    And what have you to show for it? Your organization has fewer members than it had 40 years ago. You branch meetings contain the same people who joined with you in 1975 – except they are all grey hairs (those that still have some).

    It’s enough to make you want to lob a grenade in a shopping mall just to get a reaction.

    Susil Gupta - lozellslaw[at]btinternet.com

  4. If you've been a radical leftist for 40 years, you'll have been politically active through the post-1968 pseudo golden age, the upsurge in industrial struggle in the 1970s, the Miners Strike in the 1980s, and thus perfectly well aware that along with long periods of deadening boredom the masses are occasionally prone to outbursts of radical struggle. If you are an activist for the BNP right now, you're probably pretty chuffed with how you're doing, although precisely what that has to do with Israel is unclear.

  5. Yes Jim I well remember the Miners strike, Grunwicks etc. And yes the BNP probably does feel chuffed, despite its internal problems, amongst others.

    But what has Israel got to do with it? Well the BNP picks up on the predominant form of racism in society and today that is in particular anti-Muslim racism. Zionism is adept at painting their struggle as one against Islamic fanaticism. Indeed they were doing so long before it became fashionable.

    For the BNP, anti-semitism has no power to mobilise their intended constituency. There is no base for anti-Semitism in this country whereas clearly anti-Muslim racism is a potent force. Hence why the BNP is happy to pay lip-service to Zionism's anti-Muslim politics.

    They also, like their friends the UDA and UVF in northern Ireland, see Israel as a bastion of the opposition to 'terrorism'.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Here is some classic BBC propaganda -
    Gaza 'could motivate UK extremists'
    By Frank Gardner
    08 Jan 2008

    Amongst other nuggets of corporate journalist fantasy by Frank Goebbels (a Craig Murray-ism) is this -
    Meanwhile a spokesman for the Community Security Trust (CST), a self-protection group for British Jews, told the BBC it was on heightened alert after threats were made to Jews worldwide.

    Frank Goebbels makes no mention of BNP support and it being motivated by racist Israeli violence.

    all the best TBG!

  8. Rival protesters clash with police as Gaza demonstration descends into violence
    Daily Hate Mail
    08 Jan 2009

    See 4th photo down for Union Jacks incorporating Israeli symbolism.

    I don't suppose there is any point telling these BNP-UDA-UVF types about zionist terrorist attacks on the British in former Mandate Palestine.

    Mark Elf is going to use the image in a post.
    For more info, see -
    jews sans frontiere

    all the best!

    Craig Murray pointed out this letter today in The Guardian from STWC -

  9. Ah, the "elegant" simplicity of racism:

    1. Duh Sun & duh Hate Mail follows duh NeoCOns bullshit about how duh Arabs are all terrorists, so duh BNP demographic must be against duh Arabs...

    2. Duh lefties love duh Arabs, so daht must mean we love duh Jews now!

    Though it must give the more lucid NeoNazis an acid gut trying to resolve that with 'Mein Kampf'...

    No, doubt there is a notion of opportunism going on and Jews are just filed at the back of the drawer for now, while they appeal to the state-vilified minority of the moment.

    The scariest thing is that people actually get out of bed, get their mum to tie their shoes and walk to the polling station for these morons!

  10. Dear Tony,
    Just read some articles on your blog, absolutely amazing. I am a student at SOAS (university of London), we are organizing a talk on Gaza and looking for a speaker. I would love it if you could come and give a little talk.

    My name is [personal details deleted]

    If you are interested please get in contact with me and I will tell you details of the talk.

    Wish you all the best

    08 January 2009 11:23

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