9 January 2009

The Child Victims of the 'War on Terror' - The Pictures the BBC Won't Show

Again, I make no apologies for these utterly horrific pictures of dead children and in one case a mother. They are the pictures the BBC won't show. They need to be show because what we get on BBC are pictures from cockpits with precision bombing and automatic guidance systems. The reality is of course different.
Tony Greenstein

The pictures are taken from the sites below:

Caption reads: Gaza - A girl's head and debris-covered body, after the Israeli bombing that destroyed her home in Al- Zeitoun neighborhood, yesterday (AFP)
Caption reads: The body of a child under the rubble of a home bombed by Israeli forces in Al-Zeitoun neighborhood (AFP)
Caption reads: A child and women under the rubble of Al-Fakhurah School, run by UNRWA, which was targeted by the occupation's warplanes, yesterday (No Photo Credit Listed)


  1. B'H

    Mr greenstein
    The pictures ARE horrific.
    I was one of the Israeli soldiers in Lebanon in the 1980's.
    Personally prevented the MISTAKEN killing of 4 UN soliders and 50-60 Lebanese villagers.
    And I ma still a ZIONIST - if it means reclaiming the right of Jews to live in their ROBBED country in SECURITY and DIGNITY.

    You however DO seem to make excuses - because there are PLENTY of EQUALLY HORRIFIC PICTURES on the JEWISH VICITM side, which you conveniently avoid showing.
    You also avoid dealing with the FACTS:
    1. The Arabs have responded to two peace attempts by Israel with extreme violence:
    the 2nd Intifada since the 2000 Clinton peace attempt, and the THOUSANDS of mortars since 2005 Gush Katif unilaterral Israeli retreat.
    2. In a DEMPCRATIC election, Hamas - who calls for the ANNIHILATION of ISRAEL - has won a whopping 67% victory. There are the PARENTS of THESE poor children who voted this way.
    3. Listen to what a BRAVE ARAB CHILD has to say on Utube: ?v=fLIdxF-GHWw
    4. If you were REALLT CONCERNED about human life - WHY are you SILENT about:
    Darfur : 400,000 to 600,000 genocide / Iran: flagrant human rights violations + MILITARY NUCLREAR AGGRESSION / North Korea / Iraq TODAY (NOT killing by Americans) / and the list goes On and on...
    5. Do you think you will APPEASE FANATIC ISLAM by throwing Israel to the wolves??
    THE ONLY THING on EARTH that PREVENTS WORLD JIHAD upon your head - is the fact that 400,000,000 Hostile Muslims in RICH ARAB COUNTRIES CANNOT annihilate 5,500,000 Jews in tiny pretty-broke Israel... this completely UNDERMINES their confidence to take on their REAL TAEGET: The WORLD.
    THAT is why MAD-dinejad has called to "erase Israel/zionism" off the map. Israel is PRETECTING THE WORLD - literally.
    Hear them say their intentions themselves (three Utube addresses):

    And so you feel a little
    "less guilty as a Jew":

    Peace (and you'll find desire for it mostly on the Israeli side)
    Hillel Elkayam

  2. If our media did their job, we'd see these.

    People have no idea the reality of what our taxes are paying for.

    Anonymous is apparently blind to the atrocities commited by his side.


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