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The Great Return March ‘Celebrates’ Its First Anniversary with hundreds of dead and thousands maimed as we remember Razan al-Najar

Razan is the Symbol of Israel's Murder of the Innocents 

One year ago the Great Return March began in Gaza.  It was born from the despair of the 2 million people in Gaza who refused to accept living in an open air prison with polluted water, little food, destroyed and bombed homes, hospitals barely coping, no electricity and Israel's shooting at their fishermen and anyone else who dared approach Gaza.
One of the most amazing things about Labour's 'antisemitism' campaign is how Luke Akehurst, a prominent Labour Rightwinger justifies Israel's war crimes without any penalty being imposed
The thousands of ordinary Palestinians mobilised despite the wishes of Hamas, the rulers of Gaza whose movement Israel originally helped create as a bulwark against secular Palestinian nationalism.  Israeli lies about Hamas's orchestration of the protests are a conspiracy theory beloved of the Zionists and racists. It is a denial of Palestinian agency.
The Guardian banned this cartoon from Steve Bell
The Great Return march expressed the hope of all Palestinians that they would one day return to their lands . As such it touched a raw nerve among the Zionists.  Israel is founded on the dispossession of the Palestinians and that means there is no Return for the indigenous population. Return is only allowed for Jewish people who have never been there in the first place. It is strange how some people can pretend that this is not racism.
Brighton PSC Street Theatre  recreates what has happened in the past year in Gaza
Forget the lies and dissembling about Palestinian refugees voluntarily leaving in 1948.  Israel could not have been formed but for the expulsion of the Palestinians.  Israel did not want to be like Apartheid South Africa.  It didn’t want to exploit the labour power of the Palestinians so much as to replace it.  South Africa Apartheid was exploitative, Zionist Apartheid was exclusionary.
The Israeli military have lost no time in trying to denigrate Razan's reputation
The threat to return to their lands posed a challenge to the very foundations of Zionism. Forget the lies about a threat to the lives of Israelis.  The real threat was to the idea that Israel is a Jewish majority state. Whilst Israel can entertain unlimited numbers of Jewish immigrants it does its best to eliminate and reduce the numbers of Palestinians and non-Jews.
The Board of Deputies supported Israel's murder of unarmed Palestinians
As Netanyahu exclaimed in respect of Israel’s 40,000 African refugees, ‘This phenomenon is very grave and threatens the social fabric of society, our national security and our national identity."  The very thought that Palestinians from Gaza would cross the fences that imprison them was too much  for the racists of Tel Aviv. One of the virtues of Netanyahu is that he is an open racist and doesn’t hide behind euphemisms, unlike Labour Zionism.
That was why, despite posing no physical danger to Israel, hundreds of snipers were placed on earthworks and given the order to mow down demonstrators.  Over 200 Palestinians have been murdered, four only last Friday. They included 21 year old medic, Razan al-Najar. Thousands more have been injured.
The injuries of those who were wounded are extremely severe since Israel has been using dum dum explosive bullets, outlawed by international law. Many are crippled for life. However Israel does not recognise international law and sees Gaza as a testing ground for its weaponry.
This is the racism that lies behind the murders in Gaza
Raza al-Najar was murdered tending the wounded.  She was shot quite deliberately. Israeli snipers have deliberately targeted medics in the same way as they have targeted journalists.
Contrary to the lies of the Zionists Hamas have not been compelling people to attend the demonstrations.  Quite the reverse.  Israel has made the most of Hamas’s idiot spokesman Salah al-Bardaweel who claimed that 50 of the first 58 murdered by Israel were Hamas members. The reasons Salah made this claim was a sectarian one – he wanted Hamas to be seen to be leading the Palestinian masses. It was a crude attempt by a reactionary Islamic group to bolster its own image in the eyes of its Arab funders. However his statement was a lie which was food for the Zionist PR machine and their supporters in the Western media.
However even if the demonstrators were members of Hamas their deaths would have been completely unjustified.  To mow down unarmed demonstrators, whatever organisation and none they are a member of, is a war crime.
Labour Friends of Israel were forced to retract this tweet because of the uproar
Israel’s supporters in this country, like prominent Labour right-winger Luke Akehurst, have been to the forefront in justifying Israel’s murder.  Labour Friends of Israel and the Board of Deputies have also supported Israel’s murder of Palestinians. However the New York Times, quite exceptionally for it, conducted a forensic examination of what did happen on the day that Razan was murdered and conclusively found that Israeli snipers had deliberately targeted a group of medics and demonstrators, none of whom posed any threat to it. See New York Times Article Demonstrates Beyond Any Doubt that Israeli Snipers Deliberately Targeted Palestinian Medics and The Martyrdom of Razan al-Najar – Israel’s Callous Murder of a Young Woman
It has according to the Times of Israel forced Israel’s military to conduct an investigation although it is highly unlikely that this will be anything other than an attempt to discredit the NYT investigation. Israel has already created a doctored video of Raza including doctored quotes.
Razan in her death has become a symbol of Israel’s infinite cruelty and wanton disregard of Palestinian life.  There will undoubtedly be more Razans before Zionism is eventually defeated.

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