9 April 2019

Despite Zionist attempts to stoke fears of antisemitism fewer Jews than ever are leaving Britain for Israel

This is proof that despite all the hype there is NO evidence of increasing anti-Semitism


One of the strange things about the fake anti-Semitism campaign is that no evidence is ever produced of its existence. Anti-Semitism is a phenomenon that exists almost wholly inside the heads of people like Tom Watson, Ruth Smeeth and Jon Lansman. Anti-Semitism is a trope for dopes.
The Community Security Trust, which in 2018 received £13.4 million pounds from the Home Office and which works in tandem with Israel’s Mossad (MI6) produces every year an Anti-Semitic Incidents Report.  Every year the Report records an increase in anti-Semitic incidents.

Even the Sun opposes 'antisemitism'
The latest Anti-Semitic Incident Report 2018 is no exception. The Introduction to the Report states:
CST recorded a record high total of 1,652 antisemitic incidents in the UK last year. 2018 was the third year in a row that CST has recorded a record high incident total and means the problem of rising antisemitism in our country continues to grow.
This represented a 16% increase in anti-Semitic incidents compared to the 1,420 incidents in 2017. If true, this represents a worrying increase. But is it true or is it simply the result of increased diligence, reporting and the manipulation of data coupled with the equation of anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism? How many of these 'incidents' are genuine examples of Jew hatred as opposed to hatred of what Israel does expressed in anti-Semitic manner?

After all Israel calls itself a 'Jewish state' despite the fact that there isn't very much that is Jewish about employing snipers to mow down hundreds of unarmed demonstrators.  Nor is torture and child abuse sanctioned in the Torah (at least the last time I read it, which admittedly is about 50 years ago!). Is it any surprise that some people react badly to what Israel does to Palestinians and abuse Jewish people in this country for it?

Is that anti-Semitism? Yes it is but the cause of that anti-Semitism is Israel and their Zionist cheerleaders in this country.  People like Dave Rich, the Deputy Director of the CST. This anti-Semitism is not however the visceral anti-Semitism that still exists in parts of Eastern Europe where Jews are believed to represent the evils of capitalism and engaged in secret conspiracies to undermine their national existence.

If the CST and the rest of the Zionist chorus were seriously concerned about anti-Semitism they would be going their best to distance British Jews from what Israel does and to make it crystal clear that Israel's claims to act as a Jewish state are false.  What the CST and the Board of Deputies does is the exact opposite.  Instead of opposing Israel's crimes they justify them. Last May the BOD justified Israel's murder of unarmed Palestinians in Gaza.  The wonder is not that a few people react in an inappropriate way but that more don't do so.

What is rarely mentioned is the number of Israeli Jews living outside Israel - estimated as at least 1 million.
One of the things that even the CST can’t do is to invent physical attacks on Jews, not least because these can be checked against Police records. One would therefore expect a concomitant 16% increase in violent attacks. The strange thing though is that ‘CST recorded a 17 per cent decrease in the number of violent antisemitic assaults, from 149 in 2017 to 123 in 2018.’
And whereas violent incidents usually comprise about one-third of overall hate incidents, in the case of anti-Semitism the percentage is just 7.5%.
This has not prevented the idea gaining ground that anti-Semitism is on an ever increasing upward spiral. The principal group propagating this myth is the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, an overtly Zionist group.
In 2015 the CAA brought out a survey which found that 54% of British Jews fear that Jews have no future in Great Britain and a quarter of British Jews have considered leaving. Even more astounding the CAA survey of 2,230 British Jews found that 56% felt that antisemitism in Britain had some echoes with the 1930's.
As Anshel Pfeffer of Ha’aretz observed this poll, if true, ‘shows a disconnect bordering on hysteria’ Pfeffer goes on to savage those who trade in such comparisons:
If the majority of British Jews and the authors of the CAA report actually believe that, then it’s hard to take anything they say about contemporary anti-Semitism in their home country seriously. If they honestly think that the situation in Britain today echoes the 1930s when Jews were still banned from a wide variety of clubs and associations, when a popular fascist party, supported by members of the nobility and popular newspapers, were marching in support of Hitler, when large parts of the British establishment were appeasing Nazi Germany and the government was resolutely opposed to allowing Jewish refugees of Nazism in to Britain, finally relenting in 1938 to allow 10,000 children to arrive — but not their parents who were to die in the Holocaust (that shameful aspect of the Kindertransport that is seldom mentioned) — and when the situation of Jews in other European countries at the time was so much worse, then not only are they woefully ignorant of recent Jewish history but have little concept of what real anti-Semitism is beyond the type they see online.
This nonsense about an ever encroaching anti-Semitism has been used to suggest that one-third of British Jews are thinking of leaving Britain. According to the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism’s Barometer1 in 3 British Jews have considered leaving Britain in the past two years due to antisemitism’ which works out as over 80,000 Jews.
The Jewish Telegraph Agency led with a similar story: 1 in 3 British Jews have considered emigrating over anti-Semitism, survey finds
Unsurprisingly Sky News gave uncritical coverage of the CAA’s survey in its report ‘More British Jews considering move abroad as anti-Semitism fears grow - poll.’
Tamara Cohen reported uncritically that
Almost one in three British Jews has considered moving abroad in the past two years, a survey has found.
The findings come from a large-scale study by the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism which surveyed nearly 4,000 members of the community during 2016 and 2017.
They found that 31% of British Jews had considered moving abroad, a rise from 28% during their last survey two years ago.’
What Sky and the JTA didn’t report was that the CAA poll was garbage, completely unscientific and not worth the paper it was written on.

In Analysis: British Jewry and a feeling of insecurity Jonathan Boyd, Executive Director of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research described the CAA’s findings as being ‘based on a survey with little, if any, methodological credibility.’  It described the finding that 45% of British people were anti-Semitic as a ‘deeply flawed read of the data’. The IJPR found the CAA's survey to be 'littered with flaws' and 'irresponsible'. Due to 'quite basic methodological flaws and weaknesses', its poll of British Jews had 'very limited capacity' to assess the representativeness of its sample.

Of course you would not expect Britain's mainstream media to report these failings because not only does the story that one-third of British Jews leaving make a good story but it also fits into their anti-Corbyn narrative. It is one more stick to beat the Labour Left with.
This is the context for the hype that up to one-third of British Jews are considering emigrating to Israel. Yet what are the facts?
In an article at the beginning of March the Jewish Chronicle reported that ‘Aliyah [emigration of Jews to Israel] from Britain has dropped for a third year in succession, according to figures from the Jewish Agency. The number of UK Jews who left for a new life in Israel in 2018 was 534, slightly down from 550 in 2017 and considerably fewer than the 729 in 2016 and 770 in 2015.’
Which is really strange because one would have thought that with all those reports about the rule of the Gestapo in the Labour Party that the opposite would be the case. Jews should have been flocking to get out.  El Al, Israel's national airline should be booked for months ahead.  Instead it seems that barely one airplane was needed to take the whole bevy of British emigrants to Israel.  

Indeed it is likely, if France is anything to go by, that more Jews originating in Britain came back from Israel.  Because having dreamed of Israel for 2,000 years, according to Zionist folklore, Jews in Israel can't wait to leave this racist hothouse. That is why thousands of Jews in Israel today take out a German or Western passport as a safeguard against the country going completely lunatic.
Commenting on the numbers of Jews emigrating to Israel the Jerusalem Post informed its readers that  Jewish immigration to Israel fell slightly in the first eight months of 2018 over the corresponding period last year, despite a 35 percent increase from Russia.’ Why was this? Although the number of immigrants from Russia saw a ‘dramatic rise’  this was, as was admitted, due to economic factors.

It should be added that though these Russian Jews, because of economic factors, are emigrating to Israel, when they get there most of them won't be considered Jewish by the Rabbis and thus can only marry their own kind. They are considered mamzers (bastards) and can only marry other mamzers. Such is life in a state based on race since there is no civil marriage in Israel.
The focus has been on Europe and France in particular yet the number of Jewish immigrants to Israel in 2018 fell by 31 percent compared to the 2017. Just 1,862 French Jews emigrated to Israel between Jan. 1 and Sept. 1. Likewise the number of Jews from the United States fell by 17 percent with just 2,066 U.S. Jews emigrating to Israel compared to 2,483 in 2017.
The Jerusalem Post, which referred to the first 8 months of 2018 only reported that emigration from the United Kingdom rose by 7 percent to 371. However it could not help but report that ‘Many Jews are contemplating leaving there in light of the prospect of the Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour Party, with its antisemitism problem, reaching power.’
Opinion becomes fact in the twinkle of the eye.  Ha’aretz also reported that ‘According to recent reports, many British Jews are considering leaving their country because of anti-Semitism.’ Whilst observing that ‘If so, Israel does not as yet appear to be their preferred destination.’ Immigration figures for United States Jews showed a drop of 9 percent, to total 500.
The Times of Israel put a different emphasis on the immigration numbers. It was all due to a ‘Spike from Russia’  which had led to an increase of 5% in the number of Jews emigrating to Israel. The Times also reported a 25% drop from France and at 330 , a 4% drop from the United Kingdom.
None of this prevented that station of record, CNN reporting that ‘Anti-Semitism is so bad in Britain that some Jews are planning to leave’ and who did they quote?  Why Mark Lewis. The ‘famed libel and privacy lawyer, is leaving Britain. Worn down by years of anti-Semitic abuse and death threats, he has decided enough is enough.’ No mention is made of the fact that he and his partner, Mandy Blumenthal, are also founder members of far-Right Zionist group, British Herut..
Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, the previous Chief Rabbi, an outright Islamaphobe and a religious Zionist also repeated the same clichés that ‘Labour antisemitism causing British Jews to consider leaving country, says leading rabbi’.
One should bear in mind that when the CAA’s flawed poll revealing that one-third of British Jews were thinking of emigrating, the Jewish Chronicle ran their own poll: JC poll reveals 88 per cent of British Jews have not considered leaving UK  As the JC reported ‘the reliability of the CAA data has been questioned. Social scientist Dr Keith Kahn-Harris said that it was “methodologically invalid. There can be no confidence in its representativeness”.
The reality is that despite the Zionist propaganda about ever increasing anti-Semitism leading to a mass emigration of British Jews, the actual figures show both a drop in anti-Semitic attacks and a drop in the emigration of British Jews.  Increasing Jewish emigration from Britain to Israel is wishful thinking, a Zionist wet dream.  A fantasy gone wrong!
Strange that!
Tony Greenstein

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