Friday, 12 April 2019

Israeli Spacecraft Crashes into the Moon

The question everyone is asking - is God Anti-Semitic?

As they say, every cloud has a silver lining. ‘Small country, big dreams’ read the slogan on their spacecraft. The Zionist state could not resist trying to exploit its venture into space for propaganda purposes.  The state which fails to supply clean water for the millions of Palestinians whose land it occupies, can nonetheless spend £70 million on crashing a machine into the moon.
It is hard not to gloat at the latest hasbara failure given the way that Israel’s computer technology is used as a justification for how wonderful Israel’s racist state is.  As it was a privately funded mission one can afford a double gloat.  This is a metaphor for privatisation!
I understand that Margaret Hodge and Luciana Berger have issued a statement on behalf of the Jewish Labour Movement accusing God of being anti-Semitic. It was clearly within his power to avoid this calamity!
In a week that saw the triumph of Israel’s ultra-right in its General Election and the virtual death of the Zionist left, this is an appropriate answer!
Tony Greenstein

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