Monday, 16 April 2018

A Weekend of Solidarity with the Palestinians in Brighton

A message of endorsement for our campaign from the heart of Brighton Pier 

Our message to HSBC – stop financing sales of arms to Israel

Below are some photos of the range of activities that took place in Brighton, a city on the South coast of England this weekend in support of the Palestinians.

Our focus was on Israel’s wanton murder of unarmed demonstators in Gaza using the same feeble excuses of ‘self-defence’.  

It is to be noticed that according to a report in today’s Ha’aretz Israeli Settlers Attack Soldiers Arriving to Evacuate West Bank Outpost Israeli  soldiers used tear gas and fired in the air to disperse a group of stone throwing violent settlers.  They didn’t fire directly at them.  Of course the reason why is that the settlers were Jewish.

Among our activities was marching from the Clocktower in British where we held the Gaza demonstration and where we have a stall each Saturday to HSBC which is financing arms sales to Israel.  We then went to the Palace Pier, which was crowded with tourists and hung a massive banner from the side of it!

Tony Greenstein

Stone throwing settlers on the West Bank were treated with kid gloves - being Jewish of course

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