21 April 2018

Dear Peter Kyle, What a Sickening Racist You Are

Only Hove’s ‘Labour’ MP could attack the dead for having ‘provoked’ their killers

If Kyle is not reselected then, if Labour gains a majority, Kyle is likely to refuse to support a Labour government under Corbyn
Whatever else you can accuse Peter Kyle, Progress’s  Labour MP for Hove of, it isn’t a sense of humour failure.  Who else could blame the dead for having deliberately gone out of their way to get themselves killed whilst exonerating their killers of all blame? 
According to Kyle this 13 year old boy must have been a terrorist too
As most people will be aware, the situation in Gaza after 11 years of Israel’s siege is a humanitarian disaster. 95% of the water is unfit to drink, because Israel has stolen their water.  Food is in short supply since Israel took care to attack chicken farms and its navy regularly uses Gaza’s fishing boats as target practice.  Suffice to say exports of Gaza’s produce is forbidden and exit is made extremely difficult for medical patients, many of whom have died trying to leave Gaza.
Palestinian Return demonstrators
Suffice to say that the population being at the end of their tether resorted for the past 3 weeks to large ‘Return’ demonstrations near Israel’s security fence.  Their demand is quite simple – since Israel has made their living conditions unbearable and since they come from what is now Israel, having been expelled in 1947-8, they demand the right of return.  However according to Israel’s propagandists, of which Kyle is one, those demonstrating were forced to by Hamas, who like all groups Israel comes into conflict are demonised as genocidal Nazis.

Of course the idea of Palestinian refugees returning home to Palestine is unthinkable to Israel’s racist regime which only allows Jews to ‘return’ despite them never having lived there.
Peter Kyle in the House of Commons
As the ‘only democracy in the Middle East’ Israel could not tolerate peaceful demonstrations on its borders.  So it employed 100 army snipers to take pot shots at those who were demonstrating.  The result is at least 36 demonstrators shot dead and over a thousand wounded.

Unsurprisingly Peter Kyle’s constituents have contacted him to ask that their MP express their concern and fury over Israel’s war crimes.  Peter however had different ideas.  Not for nothing is Peter known as a walking  mouthpiece for whatever hasbara (propaganda) Israel has on offer.
Luke Akehurst - arms salesman and Israeli propagandist
After the shooting of the first batch of Gaza’s demonstrators on Good Friday Luke Akehurst, an employee of Stand by Israel and a stalwart of the Labour Right, went into overdrive.  He put out an ‘Urgent Call to Action - email your MP to ask them to condemn Hamas for provoking violence on the Gaza border’.  He titled this OPERATION DEFEND ISRAEL.
Turning things on their head is not unknown in politics see the above Express headline
Lukey also has a well developed sense of humour.  Who else would call the shooting dead of 19 unarmed Palestinians ‘Operation Defend Israel’.  If only Luke  had been around in the second world war then he could have termed the Nazi invasion of Poland ‘Operation Defend Germany’ or the establishment of concentration camps as ‘Operation Defend Jewry’.  Come to think of it the Daily Express did exactly this.  When Jews declared a boycott of Germany the Daily Express ran with a headline on 24th March 1933 ‘Judea Declares War on Germany’. 

Thus when his constituents contacted Kyle they were treated to a long lecture about the evils of Hamas, the group that runs Gaza whereas he signally fails to utter even a single word of criticism of Israel for having murdered what is now 36 unarmed protestors.  

Kyle it is only fair to say is only taking his lead from  Akehurst who wrote that ‘On Good Friday the terror group HAMAS ordered men, women and children to provoke a dispute with Israel.  You see, it wasn’t Israel’s fault at all.  It was all Hamas’s fault for having  provoked’ a dispute with Israel.
Peter Kyle has adopted the above apologia for Israel's war crimes wholesale
One of the criticism that Zionists often make of their opponents is that we believe in conspiracy theories.  Could there be any bigger conspiracy theory than the idea that thousands of Palestinians were ordered to demonstrate and risk their lives because Hamas forced them to?  

Akehurst tells us how many ‘rioters’ were killed (Akehurst has no doubt that all those killed, including those shot in the back, were rioters).  Indeed they ‘were identified as Palestinian terrorists.’  And who did the identification?  Why of course their murderers.

I therefore decided to write to my dear friend Kyle 

Letter I sent to Peter Kyle 20.4.18.

Dear Peter Kyle,

In response to a constituent's concern regarding Israel's shooting dead of over 30 unarmed demonstrators  in Gaza over the past 3 weeks and the wounding of over one thousand more, you wrote a letter criticising Hamas but saying nothing about a state that shoots peaceful protestors.

Your sickening hypocrisy is best demonstrated by your sentence:

'We recognise the plight of the people of Gaza and the dire humanitarian situation they face.'

This is from someone who is on record as supporting the very siege of Gaza, now over 11 years old, that has led to this 'dire humanitarian situation'.

You 'condemn Hamas’ ongoing rearmament, tunnel construction and attempts to launch rocket and terrorist attacks.'  I can only presume you would have condemned the tunnel construction and the attempt to arm of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising? 
Since there have been no rocket attacks by Hamas in recent years, unlike the regular shootings, missile attacks and tank fire by Israel, you have to employ a form of weasel words as in 'attempts to...'

Perhaps you might inform us if you have an opinion on the regular shooting of Palestinian fishermen in Gaza's territorial waters, despite agreements to allow fishing up to 6 kilometers?

 You say that you 'deplore Hamas’ repeated violation of the human rights of the citizens of Gaza' presumably you don't consider the right to clean water, which is a direct consequences of Israeli action in depleting the water table and bombing water purification plants a violation of human rights?  Or the right to live with a roof over one's head, since Israel leveled thousands of homes in Operation Protective Edge? 

I also presume that you don't consider the shooting of unarmed demonstrators to be a breach of human rights either?

I would be interested to know what it is that prevents you ever condemning the actions of the aggressor.  Israel possesses an overwhelming military might.  It is a first world nuclear power, yet you condemn the puny and pathetic response of those living under Israel's daily occupation? 

Yes I know that there are no Israeli military forces in Gaza but when you control its borders, preventing access by sea, land and air in addition to controlling who goes in and out and the population register then you are in occupation.

Your concern for LGBT Palestinians is touching though I am not aware that Hamas is persecuting Palestinian gays in the same way that Israel's friends in Syria, al-Nusra, Jaish al Islam and other jihadist groups are doing. 

Or perhaps you believe that LGBT Palestinians don't drink water or eat food or want to work?  Your pinkwashing is nothing but a disgusting attempt to use the oppression of one group in order to justify Israel's racist and murderous policies which are directed at all Palestinians, gay and straight.

Perhaps you might be so kind as to inform me just what has caused a Labour politician to become such a despicable racist and an apologist for the only Apartheid state in the world.  On seconds thought don't bother.  I think I understand.

Tony Greenstein
This is the propaganda organisation that Luke Akehurst fronts
Dear XXX,
Thank you for your email.
I am absolutely horrified by this situation and fully support the calls by the UN Secretary General, and the EU’s Foreign Affairs representative for an independent international investigation.
The only solution is two states for two peoples and the only path to peace is through negotiation without preconditions. As Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry MP has said, we need “both sides – and the international community as a whole – to now come together as a matter of urgency, end the blockade and humanitarian crisis inside Gaza, end the illegal occupation of Palestinian lands, and end this senseless cycle of violence by working towards the two-state solution we all want to see, with a secure Israel living in peace alongside a secure and viable state of Palestine.”

As a Labour MP I am proud to have signed the Pledge for Gaza:
-           We recognise the plight of the people of Gaza and the dire humanitarian situation they face;
-           We condemn Hamas’ ongoing rearmament, tunnel construction and attempts to launch rocket and terrorist attacks in Israel and urge respect for the Oslo Accords which stipulate the demilitarisation of the Palestinian territories;
-           We deplore Hamas’ repeated violation of the human rights of the citizens of Gaza, in particular its treatment of women and LGBT Palestinians;
-           We call upon the international community to honour the reconstruction pledges made at the Cairo conference in 2014;
-           We urge the Israeli government to assist with the economic revitalisation of Gaza including supporting Labor MK Omer Bar-Lev’s plans for the construction of a seaport.
I will always do everything in my power to advocate for peace and to promote a negotiated two state solution for two peoples; with Israel safe, secure and recognised within its borders; living alongside a democratic, independent Palestinian state.
I hope this is helpful. Thank you once again for contacting me.
All the best,
Peter Kyle MP 

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